Pretty lady -
The most epic photoboom in the univers -
True -
everybody is protesting these days -
My brother asked if these went together -
My favorite gif ever -
Silence is Golden -
How i type -
Is it normal -
I can't either - -
I\'m Stupid! - Utter texting fail! Next time re-read your text :)
no swiming in bacon. -
epic fail..i thought u save at walmart on prices lol - wow i thought it was low prices at walmart i guess not lol..
Relationship status -
I would not fuck with this kangaroo -
low battery -
Fuck everyone -
meanwhile in china -
Fuck everything about this -
I would have -
awesome stupid bitch -
Look out -
Thank you for keeping us informed -
Evil Mastermind -
I was nominated for Homecoming Queen and this is what I wore. -
The shite i have to deal with as a retail employee -
An Australian Treasure -
How to tell if you have made a bad business decisino -
Onions -
Power washing in Manhatten -
This is how i found my cat after a day of work -
Proof that Karam Exists -
Pope Vadar -
Duct Tape -
A+ Material Right Here -
Meanwhile in Egypt -
This will be me in two hours... -
Troll Baby -
If you dream it you can be it -
The hall is full -
Macarena -
Meaning of Life -
Be afraid, very afraid.. -
Ying Yang Kitty -
Really -
You are -
Mosquitoes meet your maker -
The answer to ChopSticks -
Oh look -
I see what you did ther -
I don't have stupid friends friends on facebook, i have people like this.. -
That awkward moment -
It's a double parents TRAP -
What -
I know this is old, but still makes me cry everytime. -
Michael Scott on Love -
Joke about female hygeine are totally inappropriate -
T-Rex Hates Push ups -
Disciprin. A powerful thing -
Dad, No., -
Fcuk -
That's a pretty good answer -
Top 7 worst website names -
Taxi! -
So I finally decided to order those free business cards... -
I said shut up -
Best friends -
Oh Clowns -
What kind of construction do you do -
How could this day possibly get any worse -
Fight Club -
In this economy father knows best -
Dog sticking his head out of the car like a boss -
Crazy Facebook Mom -
One of the best comstumes i've seen yet -
Do something awesome -
If abortion is murder -
The worst thing -
Bad Dream -
Grow old with you -
Tickle Time -
Minute Length -
Not sure if I'm really smart -
Little cum on my hair -
Haters gonna hate -
A what burger -
Boring Class -
That is familiar -
Wanna Play -
Relationship tip no 1. -
Haters gonna hate and... -
A true patriot -
Old email address -
WHY?! -
BRB. Someone’s at the door. -
Adventures in Babysitting -
If vampires can't be seen in a mirror then how does Edward.... -
Stackable huskies -
I don't even know what... Oreo.. -
I have a color blind friend I do the blue one -
The Fck.. -
Lifes too short for the wrong job -
Never said better -
Fishy Suicide -
My little brother's 11th birthday is in two days -
My mother is really supportive of my brother... -
In case of fire -
Level of maturity -
Whoa Badass Gamer Chick - We got ourselves one badass gamer chick out of the kitchen.
Loyal to the end -
Meanwhile in Brazil -
Real Music -
Mike first time on LSD -
Facebook Surprise (I'm a monster ) -
John Lennon Snorting Coke -
Justice, READ or GTFO -
Awesomeness -
The Most Adorable Battle Ever -
Real Friendship Test - This is sooo <strong>true<strong>.
Dude, Find him yourself! -
Practicing for Bella - The bush is her stand-in! -
All day happy hour pay for two and get one! - Only in russia haha
It's Life, Sh*t Happens! -
WTF! -
How to get fired on facebook! - Most awesome facebook fail of all time!
F*ck on first dates! - Well if he gets a date i guess!
Duck Scam Hustle - These little guys work together to hustle you
MC WTF?! - Somebody please tell me what this child is doing...
Japanese Eye Test - This one works for sure!
Stupid Shit - I mean if that plug tilts these owes are all toast!
WTF, Are you doing?! - Picture perfect moment.
Facebook Status Fail - I love these
Alcohol - Makes you do silly stuff sometimes!
Break up letter - So cute haha poor girl or boy
Stupid Terrorists - Come on now lets be serious
A bit of photoshop can turn a Real Fail into an Epic Fail! - Ouchi
Good Placement - Condoms right next to the baby food haha
Where's my Milk?! - Shame now his sad
Google Search Suggestion! - When you see it you will crack your self!
How ice cream is made! - Genius!
$200 for Car and Motorbike - Bargain of the year!
Better then a Snuggle - How big is his fluffy dog!
Ninja Traing in Basements - I'm loving all these new ninja training rip offs!
Hardcore Gaming - Take one for the team dude!
Sexist Dinosaur - Don't take it to heart ladies! - xoxoxo
Read The Picture - Mind Games hahahaha
Oh hi we upgraded your Ram! - Cute kittens!
Go home your drunk! - It's about his mom
Main difference between USA and Europe - Nice
Hippies, No Need for Soap! - Wrong on so many levels..
Accidentally hit your car! - Nice Details
Hover Cat - Space Exploration
Old Lady Photobomb, Nice one Grandma! - Cooolnes!
Pleae don't touch! - Monkeys Pet
Cats are just so entertaining! - I'm sure this one is on drugs lol
Philosophy Timeline - From Shakespeare to Lil John
Ghetto Insurance - Guess this works!
I Am, What I Am! - Love cats!
Ladies Love It! - Biggest tattoo fail of all time..
Men are Indispensable! - I agree!
Finish Him! - Love these animals
Married Life Sucks - Hahahahaha
Keep off the Ice! - Don't listen see what happens china
Original Coffee Cup Holder... - Now this is creativty at its best again..
Love Sucks - It will get you killed...
Hooters! - Nice meter, how do you measure up!
Women Driving?? Ya Right... - Look at the Results
You look tasty! - Yum Yum
Vuvuzela! - And this is how you blow it!
Cute Cat Drving - Machine Cat
#1 Dad - Dad Vs Dad
How to please a women with 3 Inches. - This one is a Classic.
If i done your mom, would that make us enemies?! - Nice lunch time conversation
Sink Holes, This one is quite deep i guess! - Very very deep...
Hands Up! - good kitty
Have you ever seen a birds toilet?! - Unlucky Car..
Bruce Waynes Golf Cart - Imagine rolling in one of these bad owes!
Iron Man, His doing it right! - nice one for marvel.
A + B = C - And here is the Proof.
Date Stamp, At least you don't have to ask if she's old Enough - hmmmm
Asshole, Now you know how one looks like! - Lol
I officially have the Worst Job! - Or so you thought.
The Real Spider Man - Ya Baby
Somethings are just un-explainable... - Don't believe me try explain this photo
I Hope that is Batman - hahaha Gold Fish
Chatroullette Fail! - Dad?!
They see me rollin, They Hatin... -
Warning: Facebook - You are about to view your ex's profile.
Anatomy of a thug - Pretty much an x-ray
Epic Tattoo Failure - How do you fix something like this.
Teamwork! - Share Victory, Share Defeat.. - Go Boys
When you see it, never mind he beat you to it! - Lol
Washing your car in the rain?! - Does this make any sense?
His making that face again isn't he?! - Cute Owls
Husband of the Year - He definately gets the award hey
Just.... Just Stop. The more you talk the stupider you sound! - I love this photo
We want porn in iraq! - Haha nice protest
Source of Mexico Drug Violence, US Drug Demand! - True?!
Iraqi Missle Launcher - Ouchi!
Penguin Gets Owned - Looser
Downloading.... For Blondes - Only a Women.
Little Johnny - Finally We captured him...
Stupidity, Will be delt with Accordingly! - Unlucky look sore
Latest toyota model! - Only in Africa :)
USA vs UK - Oil Spill Revenge!
Free Vuvuzela, Blow Here....... - Lol Creative shirt once again..
Thats not how you make a sandwhich! - Girls always get it don' they!
Twlights biggest Fan - How do you do this to your self?
Proof of Evolution - Thats cute
It's either a dress up party, or he knows the cop, - No 2 ways about it.
Old couple fighting - Quite funny
When i grow up, Letter to teacher Fail! - Kids can make me laugh
The real reason dinosaurs are extinct! - Hmmm
Creative Drinking - I'm sure this will get you tanked!
Heirachy at the Work Place - So true!
Bart Simpsons VS Facebook - Nice one bart!
Homeless Dog - Shame women always get shut down
Lochness Monster Revealed! - Nice cover up
The internet, look hard enough and you will find your mom naked! - True
Hat Fail - Why wear a hat then?
Jumping Panda! - Cuteness
2 Second Memory.. - Don't you hate it.
Homless Mans Creative Bathtub - well it works doesn't it?!
My Amazonian Relative - Wow, She's Big!
What kind of toothpaste are you?! - Nice, one.
Behold the miracle of Cardboard and Maskingtape - Wow nice mod
Racist Sign - Is it really?!!
About to get owned! - Do you get in trouble for this?!
Essay writing use of Time... - Absolutely true..
World Cup Ref - hahahahahaha
Sometimes all you need is Bacon! - Yum yum yum
What would McGyver do?! - Or what would you do? haha
Cat Assassin - Smart Cat hey
President Obama - No action for you tonight!
The Faces of Tennies - Why so serious?!
Problem Solving Flowsheet - This is by far the funniest pic i have ever seen!
Condom Sponsors - And their meanings!
Best Divorce Lawyer Advertising - Can you get anymore creative?!
Offsides rule explained to women! - Hahahahahhahahahahahaha
The smoothest guy ever! - get owned on a flight of stairs and still walk away with a smile!
Rude Awakening....... - In 1, 2, 3....
Justin Bieber - New Album
United We Stand - Female friendship VS Male friendship
Dey Seez me rollin, Dey Hatin. - lol cats
How to get Fired on Facebook - Awesomness
Life Sucks - You'll understand after reading this!
Super Cat - Be right back fluffers!
Aussie Centre Fold - Wanna get a drink baby?!
OMG WTF! - Kitten is in shock
Invisible Bike - Vroom Vroom
Tali-Tubbe - Is it a terrorist? hahaha
Caution: Special Dad - hahahahahahaha
Smart Women Trap - It's a trap!
When two metal Fans meet. - Ironic hey
You've been a very bad boy! - Its those picture perfect moments
You're not my real mom! - Bla bla bla
Typing 'LOL' without 'Laughing out Loud' - No more of that
My dog ate your Exam! Teachers Revenge. - No more of that 'My Dog ate your Homework' Haha
Wii Fit for Cats - You're doing it wrong dude!
In Russia Prostitutes Pay You! - Nice, Low. Just a bit low.
Female Body Language Explained! - So true!
Winnie the Pooh - Not always the best diet
Shit Happens, Sometimes you wish it would happen to someone else! - De-Motivational
Parking, you're doing it wrong! - Drunk or Woman
15 Things you Should Know about Caffeine! - Infogram
Your Girl Friend is Pregnant! - Choose your option
Free at last Cake - So people actually do have divorce celebrations
It's Mah Birthday - And i'm tanked!
Bwaiiiiinz - Cuties
Funnel Fail - It's meant to go in your mouth damnit
Funny Exam Suicide - Hahahaha
Beer Holder - One more good use for B00BS
Average Height of Athletes! - Nice to know
Vuvuzela Photo Bomb! - These Vuvuzela's are Really Going Viral!
I'm With Stupid - And yes, he is my pilot.
Cats During Emergencies - Around the time you wish you had a cat!
Another Theory.... - On Dinosaur extinction
Brave or Stupid?! - Maybe a little drunk actually... Haha
Kid Sherlock - Lol nobody is as smart as this man!
I take it this rat only has a 5 second memory! - Completely proved in this GIF
Evolution of Man - Good theory actually...
Your Place or Mine?! - Come on lady...
How to cause trouble!! - If any one does this in reality... And its true? post a video. I'll give you a Prize...
Luckiest Day of His Life - Quick thinking,, Don't you think?!
If it looks stupid but works, then it ain't stupid! - Good Point
This is Sparta! - It's possible with the guys!
You Funny Kid! - Laughing Dog!
Owned! - Anyone explain why this man is in this comp?
Advantages of being a Women! - Sometimes you wish you had Tits :)
Town Planning at it's Best! - Luckily this dumbass didn't design any of our cities
Softest Pillow - Anyone disagree?!
Germany VS England New Goal Lines - Or isn't it?!
Mans Visual Guide To HandShakes - I like the bump it one
Seal or Walrus?! - We both know it!
Make me unseeee it!! - Please...
Hitching a Ride?! - Dog on Bike..
Dance Dance Dance - Just make sure no one captures the moment
Optical illusions - England V Germany rip-off - Nice One!
Lifes a Beach - Yah!
There is Truth in Books! - I guess there is!
Vuvuzela Hell! - More vuvuzella rip offs!
How Chuck Norris Uses a Computer - epic
Terminator is Back - You're our last hope...
Humpty Dumpty - Ok this is confusing
Return to the Labs - Gangsta stuff
Leaving sunroof open during snow storm?! - Thats when you realise oh sh*t
Coolest Dog in the World! - Really he is
Batman is too busy with the World Cup - Hahahaha
Professor what does it mean?! - I love these comics!
No Cats Allowed - Poor kitty!
USA Soccer - Might work
What do you mean you drank my pepsi?! - Lol Dogs
You are being monitored! - Mind the irony!
Pug Horse - Lol this looks so cool
Steal from the Riches - Good Dog
Sandy - Ye Ye Ye
twilight alternative ending - should have gone this way!
My Parents are an Idiot! - Lol
Twilight WIN! - Epic
Funniest Warning Board - Pretty cool.
I hate all you People! - Funniest cat ever!
Seasme Seed vs Twilight! - this would be an interesting scene...
Space to Drive - How come bikes get more space
What girls really think?! - So-True!!
Steve Irwins Daughter!! - Did he have an offspring?!
Tricks to teach your pet pig! - Nice
Where is the sense of humor?! - Teachers don't have them
Press Buttons for Complaints! - Press me
Biggest bear, don't you think?! - Haha
Cool Superman Statue - Ooopsiii
Fat and Lazy - Living the life!
Emo Alpeca - Just do it!
Godzilla must go -
Note to Self -
Is that a kiss?! -
When kareoke happens! -
Be nice to Nerds -
Works every time... -
Photoshop or Real?! - Dirty hey
Music for Babies - Hahaha shame
Keanu Reeves Doesn't Age - This is weird!
Birth Control De-Motivational - Mind the pun
Dancing Fail - Don't u love it when your in this state
Bumps my Fist - lol Cats
Engineer's Description of Women - Epic Epic Epic
Seriously?! - But like seriously?!
Yet another twlight rip-off! - Epic Epic Epic
Epic Test Fail - Genius
It's all going to be ok! - The fat people have arrived!. hahaha
Wannabes - Too many of them
Insignificant - It is true!
Remote Control Hummer - Gone Wrong
Hand on Back Guide - Study it, remember it & master it!
Proof of Beer Goggles! - There we go its Prooved!
Chill, I got this! - hahaha the eagle him self!
I want to keep 200 of these in my car!!!! - Awesome
Reward Humor - Not so funny but ok
So how was your day?! - Or is it about to get worse?!
Twilight Again - I love ripping these guys off...
Bubblegum - This is what happens when you swallow it!
You know you've made it in life if you have an inbox like this... - Any arguments?
Its a birds, Its a plane, Its........ - Take a guess
Trick Fail - Is the dog blind lol
Can you spot the Ninja Cat - It's invisible
This is true just by the way... - Believe it or not..
if you ever poked a cats ear to make it twitch like this - So cute
Man and Women Toilet Instructions - I knew it..
Santa Doesn't Exist - Most awesome shirt ever
Justin Bieber - Nice One
Photo Bombing - I love bomb & fail combos
Somebody please tell me there is a logical explenation for this... - lol
What came first the chicken or the egg? - Classic question hey
Arnold's Love Child - He'll be back
They Found Nemo.... - Shame
Are they gaining on me?! - Poor doggy
Break Dancing Kitty - I want one....
Another Reason to Fear Bears - Druggies
Dead or Alive?! - Result of too much alcohol!
STUPIDITY, sometimes it couldn't be more obvious! - Brave
Well She Wasn't Expecting This - Ownage!!!!
Eminem - When he is the normal one, something has gone terribly wrong!
Retards - We all know one!
Money isn't everything! - Good Explenation..
Why germany lost?! - Lol hectic
CSI v Star-Trek - Funniest little strip, if you don't laugh your EMO!
Why women cry?! - hahahah EPIC
And... We Have Lift Off - lol
Professional Photo Bomber - Now that is talent
Awesomeness - give me some fists
Brilliant and Creative Advertising - Hahaha
Sup - I'm cool
Cat at Work - Cute
Mind Blowing Picture - this one took alot of work to set up for sure
Self Defense Pro Tip - Lol gonna try this one tonight
I hate this game.... - I love these comix...
What is the capital of thailand?! - Don't answer that! hahaha
Carmen and Titsengolf - Epic!
England Team Gets New Sponsors - This would make sense hey!
Don't do the robot - lol
Farmville Gadget for Wii - Title says it all!
Geek Patrol - Lol
Special Kind of Stupid - Ay
Alcohol - Why oh why
True Zombie Hunting Squad - Explain please....
Dinosaurs - Very Creative GIF
Skater Failing - Thats about to be sore
A Trillion Dollars - Ever wondered how it would look?!
Sup Dog Driving - Love this guy
Just Admit It! - It would scare you shitless man
Justin Bieber Video - Hahaha Poor Guy
Thanks Dad - Lol Epic Dad
Great Roomate - Wouldn't you want one like him?!
Cool Bear Condoms - Only in Japan
Stack a Little More - Why not!
How technology has changed bed time stories! - Lol Epic Dad
Dad would be Mad Angry - One word for this girl?!
I Sell Drugs - Nice Shirt!
25 things to know your an Adult! - Keep Reading
I wanna be cool! - cute kitty
How to hug a Baby - Ahhh i want a dog now!
Make you Talk - There are ways Paulie!
Most Epic Twilight Ripoff - Hahahaha Epic!
Definition of Bravery! - Ya cool dog
Cup of Coffee - To start the week!
Duct Tape - You Should try some!
The Glass - Different views from different people
Fishing Pandas - More fun then catching fish i guess
Are you a facebook addict?! - Then you'll probably own some of these.
Inevitibality - Just read on.
WTF, is that?! - Really!
My Balls - Scratch them!
Super Nut Shot - Why oh why?!
Fat Kid Ownage - Shame Ouch!
What girlfriends have to deal with?! - Wow i'd break up with him right away hahahaha
This is... Sparta!!! - Funny Animated GIF!
And this is permenant! - Tattoo Fail
New Spanish Flag - Guess they put paul on the flag!
Fat Iron Man - Isn't he meant to be a role model?!
A Brief History of Break-Ups! - Epic from past to future!
Super Punch - Ouchi
Internet Self Portrait - By Gender Lol - Epic
Falcon Kick - New Rules in Soccer
Gotcha B*tch - Epic Shark!
Hungover Cat - Looks like he had a blast!
Chuck Norris - Read Label Closely - Epic!!!
Batman seems to lack a Sense of Humor - Epic the Joker!
Super Mario Explained! - Magic Mushrooms Makes alot of sense i guess!
Un'altra bella giornata in spiaggia - ha ha
Daily Facebook Addicts Routine! - Insome cases probably true hey!
Real Gangsta - Lol a big gangsta look alike on ....?!
Iron Women - From the guys who brought you Iron Man!
Spongebob on Drugs - Never knew their were so many different types of drugs
Ninnja Cat Attack - Animated GIF
Evolution of the game Controller - Love the last one
If Browsers were Methods of Transportation - Firefox all the way!
Parents then VS now! - Sooooo true!!!
All Hell Has Been Unleashed - Vuvuzela CD
If you do it for loot! - Just do it
Smell Fail - So can you?!
This will cheer you up! - Don't you think!
How to Mix an Exploding Drink - Awesome!
I can't Stop Watching This! - Animated GIF
Perfect Stair Slide - This man has skills!
Differences Glasses Can Make - Yup, it can make you look sexy!
Realistic Wedding Cake - This is how they should be!
Just Scroll Down! - Hmmmm
Dick Move - This girl must have been in tears lol
Super Human Experience - I rate you get a big thrill!
Massive Melons Tiny Ass - Lol
Solve it know it! - lol
Sorry, there was a bear in the way! - Exam Fail
Yeah thats what i thought! - Creative GIF
Hierarchy of a Mans Attention Span - It's obvious ain't it!
Zombie Outbreak Solution - Epic Solution
How to eat a Watermelon - Animated GIF
Flowchart to find out if you going to get laid on your Date! - Hahahahaha
I just want to Sleeve! - Animated GIF - LolCats
Work VS Home - Hahaha Catch 22
Hole in the Road - Imagine that was your Car
9 Deadly Words Used by a Women - Ye ye ye
Please stop breaking into my car! - I'm watching u hahah
Office Professionalism - Epic Font Fail
Funny story told by Road Signs - Very Creative!
Everyday Blues - Funniest comic ever!
Waiting for the Toaster - What to do!
Where the tetris pieces come from?! - Well here is the answer!
Cat Bat! - Batmans Pet!
This is my kind of multiple choice! - Hahaha
I'm an actual real house cat! - Cat on Drugs!:)
Funniest Break Up Ever! - And this is true!
Drunk Kiss - Nom Nom Nom
Insanity Wood - Don't touch it this wood makes people.....
The Real Spider Man or should i say Women! - Lol animated gif Amazing Sh*t
Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes - Hahahaha
Breakdancer VS Cat - Lets just say this doesn't end well!
Bad Kittehs Bad Kittehs - What you gonna do when they come for you!
What would make twilight better?! - Lol
No, no you're doing it wrong! - Watch & Learn
Say Cheese - Don't tell anyone!
Stevie Says..... - Stevie Wonder Now Has Twitter!
Large Hadron Collider: Explained! - Animated GIF
Why Spelling is Important - Especially for Kids!
History of the Beetles - By hairstyle!
Insane Waterslide - Damn, I wanna go on this one!
Badass Human - Even a bear won't play with him
Smarnk - I want one of these bad owes!
Ever Feel Like Your The Only One Working - Ya thought so...
Friendship is Important - Don't you think
Dude... Wait, What? - Confused Kitty
Just another day in the Park - Animated GIF
I <3 Beer! - Effects of Beer
Afghanistan Terrorist School - Adding humor to terrorism lol
Epic Paradox - Mind Fu*k of the Day!
Companies with a Sense of Humor - You gotta love it!
Simple Logic - Twilight - Another Epic Rip-off
Barbies VS Twilight - This one takes the cake!
Excuse Me - Yeh Move Shark
Where and How?! - Un-believable
I'm Still a Dog! - Hahaha Epic Dog
Legalize Cannabis - Act Quick
Complaints Department - Anyone?!
Social Networks for Dummies - Lol
Pumped Facebook Fail - You gotta love facebook fails
Happy Gangsta - Keeping it Real
Army VS Navy - Which one would you join?!
Creative Drinking - Any of you ever tried this?!
Cassette Tape Fossil Found - Has it been that long already?
Lochness Monster Explained - Epic Explenation
Green Man Ownage - Animated GIF
You look beautiful today dear! - Epic Fail!
Unfortunately this is True - Problems!
How to break up with your Boyfriend - The third one is the most hectic
I love Sweepeing! - Cute Rat
Park your Cow - Who rides a cow? lol
Why didn't you transform?! - Hahahahahaha
Practise makes perfect - Notice the name of the street - Girls will be girls
Batman and Robin - Love comics they are great
The Fat Mugger - Fatty
Facebook Comeback Fail - Now these are the best
3 Unlikely Human Achievements - hahahahaha i would love the 3rd one
Stupid Things I've Done For Love - Anyone followed suit?!
Friend vs BestFriend -
Yes i'm Free, Noooooo! - Shame poor turtle
Pooh and Friends - Now we know whats wrong with them haha epic
But dad i am a bit ashamed! - haha nice joke
I renamed my iPhone yesterday - anybody catch?!
A Drinking Problem - hahahahaha
Bitchslap - Watch closely
Epic Fail - Seriously how did you manage this?!
How To: Friendzone to Relationship - Its Obvious
That doesn't look very Fun! - Nice Slide
This is China! - Sparta Kick -> Animated GIF
Infinite Power - all problems solved
How fast are you?! - You need help!
So Tempting - Don't Press the Red Button!
Elevator Trick - Impress your friends with this one
If only she knew! - Hahaha
A Note From Girlfriend - What a nice chick hey
Check out what i saw driving to work this morning - I want one
Facts About Life - Makes you think doesn't it
80s Were Awsome - Gotta love it
Telepathic - Lol Cats
Farts - Finally a useful use for them
I want some of this insurance - All problems resolved epic lol
What every office needs! - Not sponsored by heineken lol
Don't get caught with your pants down - Especially in Russia
True Love - Hahahaha
Men, dogs they all the Same Epic Win! - Hahaha
Think: Plan Ahead - nice one
Mothers Thoughts on Child - Son VS Daughter
BP Ripoff - Hahaha must get me one of those
Heavy Metal Tigers - Ahhhhh
Flipped It - please tell me how you manage that
Now this looks like fun - I rate motion sickness would kick in
Just read it! - Hahahaha best motivational in awhile...
Basketball Star VS Computer Nerd - Who do you think wins!
The Greatest Danger - Now you know!
I've Finally Caught all the Pokemon - Yay!
Oh Bella! - I'll never get you this way....
Kidnap Resistant - It's still funny
Like Father Like Son - Even in Animals
FML - F*ck My Life
Go Dad - Epic letter from son
Job Fail - But like a big job fail!
I Was Here - Cocky hey
FaceFinder - Technology is Epic
A few facts about the human body - Enjoy this one guys
Relaxation - This is how its done
Bootycall Agreement - Keep a couple of this by your bedside
No working burner,... No Problem! - Mcguyver always makes a plan
Why men SHOULD write advice columns... - shame poor lady
Wallmart Moon Walk - Slickest Move Ever - Animated GIF
I Got This! - Boss Kid
Logic is Strong in this One! - ...
Cocky LolCat - Starts fight with dog -> Animated GIF
Side of Building - hopefully nobody was sitting in the lounge
Karate Kick - Proof that anybody can be flexible
Darwin Awards In 1..2...3 - Some people i'l never understand!
Men With Women - you'll never understand them... ever.
Haters Gonna Hate - Look at the Crib Walk
Extreme Examples of Laziness - ...
How to hide booze at work - Which geniuses invented this fake cupboard
Furniture Attacks - I've Suspected it for Years
Congratulations and Sincere Apologies - Don't know how old this one is
Cat Owns This - ...
It's been to long.. - This makes sense
Fake Tan - Sometimes it just doesn't work!
We were curious if you got C's or D's - Epic Super Bad Rip-off
Did It Hurt - From Super Sweet to Super Fail!
The Last Judgement - Epic Comeback
What would you do?! - If you were this guy
Loose the belly in 5 Days - At last something that really does work! As you can see hahahaha
What real friends are for.... - Perfect
The Absolute Greatest Cubicle Ever - I want one
Looking for a Job - Now Hiring!
Free Air Guitar... - Hahaha epic advertising
Everyone deserves to be loved - There is always a catch in these Motivationals
Blowj0b - Saw this license plate yesterday
Falling Behind - Finally cracks explained
Evolution of Cars by Country - Haha only in Russia
Next Time, Get out the way if your bike stalls! - Animated GIF
Seriously, only a blonde! - OG!
Play Out Side - haha ironic
Full Brazillian Wax - Ever wondered what it looked like
Bowl of Stupid - Did you have one for breakfast?!
Static Cling - Wonder how long it took her to realize she had her gstring stuck to her head
Call of Duty - Womans Edition
That Look - You know the one that says....
When your house gets snowed in... - Be Creative
Safety First - Nice Job Ay
Spongebob, was caught staring! - Epic
What a party... - Can anyone say beer!
Can you find the bird in this picture?! - LolCats
The Life Cycle - Perfect
Ok, thats far enough... - Just because we man's bestfriend does't mean we gonna follow your dumbass into the ocean!
It needs moar - cute kitty
Swedish Girls - Making.....
Black and White Facebook Fail - Love these
This is how you brush your teeth.... - very important!
Best Mom tattoo Ever - Lol a permenant f*ck u hahaha
Church sign its not rocket surgery! - Lol epic fail
Elaborate Pot Growing Operation - Now this is what you see in movies!
My butt hurts! What! - ...
Where do you see your self in 5 years?! - Just ask me one more time.
Rollercoaster Caption Contest - Epic nice one..
Dictionary for Women's Personal Ads - Love this one
Gamers Mentality! - Haha pretty clever
This time i'm driving... - Yah!
Typical MySpace Whore - Haha
This dog just watched inception! - Shame looks so scared
Inception Rip Off - It's about time i added one
Look a Like - Cutie!
Pizza Topped with Mini Pizzas - Creative Chef hey
The Internet Made you Stupid - Don't you think?!
What Has Been Seen - What a cute bear!
Meanwhile in Russia - Photoshop, Costume or What?!
Best Fortune Cookie Ever - So whos going to play these numbers lol
Ebay USB Ownages - Eish
Bedtime Story - Ok which brave dads are gonna try this one?!
Give it to your wife - Washing Instructions
You make me feel fat.. - Lol What a creative shirt
Your Portrait! - Aren't you soo cute
Oddest thing is the amount of people who showed up to watch this... - Don't you think?
The truth about playing music for friends! - Hahahaha soooo true
We can repair anything.. - Except our bell
All According to Plan - Cute Otter
Couple Dynamics - How people view couples.. Epic!
Hmmmm this seems a little suspicous - lmfao
Notice the poster on the wall anybody... - True gangsta... Lol
Spider Can - What else could it have been doing haha
OMG, Thats no good! - Ouch
Who doesn't belong here?! - I want dem all
VIP Toilet - Would you use it?
Holy @&$%, It's an Elephant! - Nice site to wake up to in the morning
If you wanted the ball! - Read it!
Who hasn't done this... - Guarantee you have!
Major Car Fail - Really how do you manage that?!
Photshop Fail - Some Guys Hey
Advantages of Being Color Blind - So wrong but yet so funny
Check that smile - Cute and True
The Power of Make Up - Wow! Lol
Apple and Steve Jobs - No Match For Nerds!
Lion, Dog, Wolf -> What is it? - Its Gigantic i want one!
I finally found Garfield! - Cutie Hey
The Most Cat-Astrophic Thing You Will Ever See... - Lol Cat on heat - Animated GIF
Pirated Movies vs Pay Movies - hahaha never realized this
Egg on Dropped on Mouse Trap - Animated GIF
Where is the right cable?! - Now this can cause stress lol
Now the tables have turned - Animated GIF - Store Robbery
Coolest Car Wing - Stylish Hey?!
Gonna buy my girl one of these! - Haha Funny
Any reasonable explenation?! - Somebody please..
In case of emergency... - ya sure because i'm superman
Headlines - What world do we live in haha
Great Photo Bomb - Epic Hey
Farmville Girlfriend Facebook Fail - Funniest one ever!
Wassssupppp Cat - Pimp up your cats and submit
GPS Failure - You wouldn't think so hey
Sheep Wrangler - No matter what you do in the world you will never be as cool as this kid!
Camel Toe VS Moose Knuckle - Epic
Laxatives - You never know
This Stick - Yeh he's a cutie
I'll leave, but you'll have to drag me! - Hahaha
Everybody make this your status... - epic
Cougar Hunting - Lol
Scuba Diving Dog - Where do they get these outfits lol
Bigfoot is a Blonde - Wow never knew that!
Yahoo Answers! - What a dumb question really
Hover Cat - LOL Cats are the Best
Lion Hug! - I want one - Animated GIF
Why do you smile like that?! - Nice one
The Strategy gets harder as you start Drinking! - Lol
Somethings are just a waste of space.. - De-Motivational
The Tables have turned - Just imagine
Opinions - Sometimes they get you in trouble!
How to party like a rockstar! - and thats all dollars or pounds
Craphead - Literally!
Happy Burnsday - Animated GIF - haha X10
Awkward - Ain't it?!
Baby Turtle Feeding - Yum
Nose Ring Fish - Standing out!
Dumbest Forum Question Ever - Come one lets be for real!
OMG WTF CAT - Really let's be serious
Superglue Slippers to Floor - Results: Falling Hard - ANIMATED GIF
Husband of the Year - What you think ladies?!
5 Neat ways to use a Hooker - Epic Creativity
Anti-Smoking Message - Super Creative share with all your smoking buddies!
Free Beer - Read the fine print!
Wedding Cakes - Barbi Sucks
Should i break up with her - Yahoo Answers
Shit Happens - Cow Poop
Man Boobs - Hmmm sexy or not
Mohawk Kitten - Lets make him viral!
Slow Down Grandma - Please
Incase of nothing todo - I'm sure this would come handy
Quick Sand on the Beach - Never seen this
It's Go Time! - Children are all brave
No Drugs, No Bullshit. - And many more
Creative Pentax Ad - Nice one
Your Girlfriend's Actual Seven "Evil Exes" - Hahahaha Share this one with your Girl Friend!
Top 10 "Out of Office" Automatic Replies - Anyone brave enough to try this??
Any resemblance? - Harry Potter VS Power Puff Girls
The Gentleman Zombie - cy & happi
Photobomb - Seriously check her face
Fun Idea: How to get Kids - I dare some one todo this
Now who is the man! - Braveheart
Lost Dog - I'm sensing a wee bit of hostility here!
Don Meowcat - The Godfather of Cats
No wonder all your friends love to come over! - Mr. Popular
No More Paper - LolCat
Sandwhich Porn - Love this type of Humor
Yo Dawg, I head you Like Facebook! - Think they get paid to drive this around?!
Break Dance Dog - Cute
Payphone Snowman - this now on my todo list!
Minor Correction - I'm assuming this is more major!
Things that are Attractive to Men! - And why its not worth! -> For you ladies!
Drink and drive - I got some crazy friends
No Farting.. - Creative Sign for your Car
A different kind of beach wale - It's all in the name of humor!
Super Wedgie - Ouch!
Perfect Gift for Your Wife - Lol
Tetris Humor - I think you can't be slow to find this funny!
Washing hands before eating! - Retard
Do I Look Hungry?! - hahahahaha
Hygiene Tips - 1, 2, 3 & 4!
Rollercoaster Fail! - Sick
You dont have it bad at all! - Trust me!
The Demise of Men - Ya Right!
So came home to my fridge, and my girlfriend left this for me! - Best girl hey haha
House Rules! - Pls don't break them
Ladies Best Friend - I'd like one
Now that is a picnic I want to be part of! - How bout u? hahaha
Just Wink and Wave - Playa Dog
Meanwhile in Kazahkstan - epic
They see me rollin' - Animated GIF
Happy Leo - This looks wrong lol
Go Dog Go - I cant watch this over and over again - Animated GIF
Nooo, It's totally cool! - Trust me..
Lion, Bear or Dog. - How cute
Need Money - At least i'm not bull shitting you!
Where do we go when we die?! - Cy and Happy
Loud Music - Ya ya ya
Doctors and Nurses - Haha Epic
How to make mormon Pron - This is Epic!!
Kissy Face - Expectation vs Reality - Ufta
Grandmas Social Media - Twitter is dead
Crazy Flexability - Nice hey
Make a difference - Everybody can..
Facts about Mark Zuckerberg - Our Best Friend
20 Bizzare Craiglist Posts - Weirdo
Will Ferrel Twitter about Justin Bieber - Nice One!
Shaddup - 3 Little Pigs
Explain this image - Anybody
Damn Shouldn't Have Said That - Hey.....
Homeless Jedi - Eish
Innovation - Dumb Creativity
Any now for my next trick - Lol Cats
Reflection Fail - Photoshop
X-Ray Photobomb - Original
Who doesn't love a parade?! - Sad Keanu, Leo and Little Girl!!
Tough Life - My Kid one day!
And then there were two in my wolf pack! - You will understand this pic if you have seen the hang over!!
Three Bird Smiley - Nature's way of being humorous!
Real Men Use Fists - Old school fool
Hardcore Dogs - Rollin'
Brave Mechanic - Would you ever?!
Get Out! - Cy & Happi
Only in Australia - Really now
Funny Picture Moment - Epic
Don't in Toilet - But really who would?!
Nicholas Cage's New Hair Doo - Hot hey!
Facebook Fail: FML - FML x2
When the taxi is full - Think out side of the box
Taylor Lautner - Rip Off
He's Sexist and I'm trying to be witty! - Yahoo Answers
Tokyo Drift - Barbie Car - Animated GIF
Don't you know anything - Parents VS Teen
Scared of the HIll - Rollercoaster Fail
Celebrity Before and After - Plastic Surgery Sick
If Only - New Highway Signs
Google Being Sexist - Lol
Damn Shadow illusions - Lol
Why Kid hates School - Animated GIF - Epic Funny
Choose Two - This is soooo True!
Frustration - Now this is a true explnation!
This Cat Owns You - Animated GIF
Love me, Biebian. - Another Justin Bieber Rip-Off!
Can of Inspiration - Take one!
Grandad remembering good old days... - Read this its epic
It's a dogs life... - Lol
Kitty Keeping it Real - Nice
Daddy, Are ghosts real? - Cy & Happi
I <3 Bacon - Now what is this guy eyeing out?!
Formula 1 - Hows that for hard work
It may be stupid but its also Dumb - Facebook Fail
Mind Reader - Pick a color
Healthy Users - And the scary part is that this is probably true
The Pug Factory - Now u know how they made
Disaster Split - Ouch...for the floor...
Sad Keanu Simpson - Taking it to the extreme
Beware of the Dog - Read Closely
Touchscreen Haters Club - Annual Meeting Hahahaha
Tilt the Camera - Bear
I'm Watching You - Now what
Inevitability - You will never be as cool as this monkey
Portable Boombox - Boom Boom Boom
The Angry Surfer - Man he looks mad!
Oops - Cheerleader Fail She Looks Blonde
WTF - Pls explain this
Public Restroom Rules - I think this will help alot
Creative Panhandler - Hadn't seen this one yet
Emo and Nerd - Good combo lol
Idea for next Saw - Twilight Rip Off
Make it Go Faster! - Lol she looks scared
Fortune Cookie - Well there is some truth to this one
Have a Heart - For all you vegetarians!
Grew up a Little - Epic Comic
Family Guy is Awesome - Animated GIF
Notice the Shadow - Perfect Timing
Look to your left... - Did you survive?
The future president - scary thought!
What your Facebook Relationship Status Should Really Say - Perfect
Before and After - Lol Cats
Are you drunk? - Lol sometimes true
ATM Graffiti - Creativity at its best
Why Beer is Better - Anyone agree?
Get Off You Weren't Invited - Animated GIF
Don't Sleep At Work - Animated GIF
Undo! - Sometimes you wish you could use it in the real world
Jaycob VS Jacob - Twilight Rip Off
Everything men know about woman - My point
2012, Bring it on. -
Moon your neighbor.. - Simple as that
In the roof Parking - Epic
Catch It! - Well at least try. Animated GIF
Can see google was created by men.. - Lol
Zebra Party - Explains alot
Pie Chart VS Bar Chart - Lol
Dude, did you gain some weight?! - Dry Humor
I Miss College - Don't you
Sweet Talk before and After Marriage Explained - Just read it
Walls - Cy & Happi
The Night Before - Graph Jam
Tire your kids out... - Lol Creative People
Where do you see your self in ten years? - Cy & Happi
Not falling for that one - Bid laden
Having sex with the misses last night - And then
Bat Panda - Cutie
Drug Abuse - In America
Why women live longer then men... - hahaha perfect
What ever you late anyway - Sooo True
Best Circus Ever - I would never, would you
Then and Now - Cute Kitties
3D Art - Wow
Always at work - Or not
Monobrow - Now you know
You gonna fly with us?! - Airline Ad
Chatroulette Rip Off - 5yr old kid
Best Beer Pong Fail - Epic
Bathorse - lol
Crew Neck, V-Neck and... - Lol
A New Meaning for WTF - Nice
Before Jet Ski's - Man people are inventive
12 Inch Snow Fall - Animated GIF
Anatomy of a Zombie - Coming soon...
Attention Dogs - Lol
Pleased to Meat You - Facebook Fail
Home Alone Sexism - hahaha
What they really mean.. - Dating truth..
How Doctors Get Rich - Thought So
Boost - Cy & Happi
And Now.. - That looks scary
A Counter Argument - Irony
Butt Face - Animated GIF
Awesome Gun Tattoo - This is creative
First View difference between guys and girls - Sooo True
Dinner - De-Motivational
Father & Son - Then and Now
Thats my girl - Justin Bieber Rip Off
Warning! - Yeh..
Butt Inspection - Only in the Jungle
Everything is Possable - Tattoo Fail
First Tast of Lemon - Animated GIF
I think you may be onto something here... - Yahoo Answers
How to protect your eggs - BatCat
How you keep a GF - Take notes boy
If i was rich - Ofcause why not
Most Effective Alarm Clock - Would work
Mom I'm Hungry - Yum Yum
If i had two bullets - Lol
Facial Expressions - Says it all
How to make a cheating dice - Infographic
He is definitely very happy - Animated GIF
F*cking Water in my Ears - Nice doggie
Money Isn't Everything - Don't Forget
Mug Shot - Irony
Cat taking it Down - Beer Pong
Caution Don't Drink This Water - Lol
Don't Fall For This - Duh!
Feelings - yahoo Answers
Be Happy - Simple as that
Give up the Food Lady - Now!
Best Way - Twitter Update
Scary Story Book - Love these
Thats a Proper Toast - Shit Happens
Grease The Pigs - Anyone tried this prank?
OMG Tongue Tattoo - Ouch
Don't waste your talent - Ad about Creativity
Free Strips of Paper - Hahaha
Don't Touch Me - Hmm
Take it his bored?! - Dog Riding Bike
Blondes Hmm - Sometimes
Missed It - Ouch Ouch Ouch
How To Make Friends - Lets try it
Hey You Fail - Lol
Coolest Quit Smoking Ad Ever - Its bad hey
Pink is Driving - Facebook Fail
Points of View - This makes sense
Toilet - Cy & happi
For Sale one Totally Useless Cat - Damn i'll even deliver for free
Baby Gaga - Still ugly as..
Minds Difference - Meaningful Quote
Love Tape - Comic Humor
Just Curious - Yahoo Answers
Pacman is on Twitter - Hahaha
xBox Controller - iPhone Fail
It all started with this one picture - Shame...
Math is way too complicated - lol
Keep Trying - Animated GIF
Whack a Kitty - Animated GIF
Not Photoshop - nice hey
My Cat is Missing - Big Reward
Oh Sh*t...... - Damn
Sweden Then and Now - Oh No
Doesn't look too happy hey... - Lol Cats
Now thats an Ice Cream Cone - Impossible to eat
Pakistan VS UK - hmmm
What a Face - Lol Cats
Now this is about to hurt - Ouch
Taylor Lautner - Twilight Rip Off
The Best Use of Post It! - I dare you
How to wear a jacket correctly - Animated GIF
Some True Teamwork - Nice Work Kids
Pig Races - Lol
Polar Bears Explained - Low Ink
Piracy is Enviromentally Friendly - Lol
The Most Complex Evolution - Ever
This is probably what really happened - Lol
Waterslide Fatty - Lol
You Come to Me With This - Priceless
Wifi Network Name Ideas - Just set this up
Motor Cycle Takes off on Curve - Animated GIF
To Infinity - Fly fly fly
Speed Bump of the Future - This is Creative
The Shaving Cycle - Round and Round
What's the difference? - Funniest chat ever
Where is this?! - Most beautiful lake
Whore - ye
CAPS LOCK - Yahoo Answers
I Have Concluded that all Cats are Psychopathic - In Detail!
Pleasant Awakening - Now that might hurt
Purple Stabber - Cy & Happi
Introducing the iPhone 5 - everything but a damn phone
WTF - Teachers new best friend
Godzilla on Chatroulette - Nice one
What you looking at dawg? - Beautiful Creature
Bad Doggie - Guide Dog Fail
This is what happens when you drink and drive - Great illusion
I love this trick - Animated GIF
Sheep Friendly Beach - Lol
Zero Gravity Cup - Awesome
Cutest Puppies Ever - Ahhhh
Know the Difference - Gingers Explained
Lost - Sexist
Budget Cuts - De-Motivational
Different Soccer Styles - True
Badass Home!! - News Fail
Coolest ATM Ever - Treasure Chest
Five Year Old Kid At it Again - Chat Roulette
Boys Dream - Lol
Wtf was that?! - Animated GIF
For once a not so good looking dog - Shame still a cutie
Well are you open or not?! - Come now
Try it your self - Animated GIF
Snowboarding Dog - Epic
Windows Phone - Wouldn't be suprised
Man oh man - Yahoo Answers
Reach for it - now whos bright idea was this
Check His Name - News Fail
Clash of Cultures - Damn
How to look cool riding anything - Epic
Dog Hitching a Ride - First time for everything
Free Chicken Strips - Take one
Whats for Lunch?! - Nom Nom Nom Lol Cats
Slowest Nom Ever - Ahhh
Smart Baby is Smary - Professor!
Meanwhile in Australia - lol
I want you inside of me - Thats Hot
Epic Comb Over - Pimp Daddy
If i was a ninja - read it
Roomate Flow Chart - Which one are yo
How to see in the past - ye
Wrote. Mean. Actually did. - Makes sense
Friendship - Bwahhhh!
Think out side the box - Now you know
Super Smashed Bro - Smashing time
Time Flies - Hey?!
The Secret to Creativity - There is truth to this
Get off the table - Now
Some Days... - I wonder
Worst Fishing Trip Ever - Eish
Cheer Up - De-Motivational
Poo-Lar Bear - Hmm Interesting
Chuck Norris - Ever wondered how he was conceived
Asthmatic Force - Lol
Holding a grudge is like... - Epic Quote
Chances of Man Winning an Argument - Good Graph
New relationship option for Facebook - I think this would be handy...
Cuteness VS Number of Legs - Sooo Accurate
Four Liquids of Life - Anyone beg to differ?!
Young Fat Serbian Magneto - and the Xtra-Chromosome-Men
Opposite Land - Lol Humans VS Lol Cats
$600 What you Say - Easy way to save, do you get it?!
At First I Was Like - North Korea Rip Off
End the Suffering Speak Up - Facebook Fail
Good Plan - Blondes are Seriously Dumb
The Best Joke Ever Told - What you think?!
Best Pick Up Line Ever - Classic
Perfect Position Fail - Epic Pic
Diet - Simpsons Rip Off
Yo Leo - You Cramping My Style
First Time Parkour - Animated GIF
If you like tennis - Then this one is definately for you
I Have a PHD - What you think?!
Lack of People Skills - Funny Chat
There are two Kinds of People - Soooo True
Marker Girl - This calls for a FML!
Dumped on His head Fail - Drinking Fail
Make a Wish Prices - Nice Business Plan
Whats this things called 'Normal' - Motivational
How Rumors Start in the Office - Lol Super Funny
Buying Embarrasing Products Strategy - Microsoft Rip-Off
Looks closely to see how they flipped it - Lol
Corporate Fat Kid - Lol Cats
Ginger Rip Off - Yahoo Answers
Retard - For Real
Ancient Facebook - Epic Facebook Fail
Stop Eating Animals - There is a catch to this one
Why should i care? - Like Seriously
Finally Something Firexfox or Google Chrome Can't Do - IE Rip Off
South Korean Bad Ass Protester - That look on his face wow
Today I'm An Owl - Demotivational
You are Abcdefghijk - Boy to Girl Msg
Submarine in Trouble - And now what
How it Starts and End - Unlucky Ladies
Invisible Shopping Cart - Sometimes I Worry
Turkey Serves the Nation - LOL
Tequila - Lol poor puppy
How to avoid Awkward Moments - Urinals
Dinosaur Office - Shame...
But Beach Chicken Wins - Ok this is different
Hugh Hefner - Demotivational
Are we there yet? - Cutest Puppy Ever
Epic News Paper Head Line - I guess the ex girlfriend was hungry. so she tried to grab a snickers
Something is touching Me - Animated GIF
Legos - Who needs a security system
Of course honey - Dealing with teens! Lol
Unemployed Stuff To Do List - Epic List
Epic Facebook Fail - Haven't seen one like this in a While
Married Life - Now this is true!!
Business Dog - Ahhh How Cute
Pwned - Lol
One New Sms - And then you feel loved
Like Father, Like Son - typical
The Airport - Hahahaha
Latest iPhone Product - Ahh this would be awesome!
Want to go running garfield?! - Laziest flippen cat in the world
Nuts - I like them!
Shar Pei After Face Lift - Cutie
Best Excuse for Prostitue to Use - Now that is Original
What Hell Is - Good Description
Awww Poor Goat - Lol
Top 10 Signs of Alcoholism - Read this
Where's Waldo?! - I think i found him
Why so curious?! - Lol
Almlighty! - Bruce Wayne
Optimus Prime - De-Motivational
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn! - In its true meaning
Homers Night Out - Lol
Thumb War - Cy & Happi
Lavatory Retriever - Epic
There is no such thing as Vegan - Now what...
Mystery Books - Demotivational
Internet Humor Explained - So True
I Love Ruining Jokes - Cy & Happi
This is what my car needs - Lol i want one
Yo Dawg Heard You Like Macs - Xzibit Funny
Yes it is, Philosoraptor. - Yes it is..
Somehow It's True - This is cute
Antoine Dogson - Now thats a Gangsta Dog lol
Dad! Lets goto the night club! - Epic Rip Off
Invisible Measuring Tape - Lol Cats
African Face - Animated GIF
Tom Tom Cat - Demotivational
Irresistible to Women - Lol
Little Dog, Big Heart! - Ahhhhhhhhh
Farmville VS Real Farmer - Infogram
Calm Down Bro - Lol
This is why i don't accept free hugs - hahahaha
Unusual and Fun Date Ideas - Whos gonna try one of these!
Invisible Homeless Man - They get more and more creative hey
Spacebook - Facebook for Planets lol
Defiant Cat - Noooooo is No!
I don't like Suprises - Cy & Happi
Predators - Online Rip Off Super Lol
Total BS Break Up Lines - Epically True
You will never be as cool as this guy - De-Motivational
Stop Hammertime - Creative Graffiti
I am a college student, and i love books! - Lol
I'm on my Way - GraphJam
The use of milk - Cy & Happi
Simpsons - Hmmm no comment
If a women says she is wrong... - Philosaraptor
One line can make a difference - How creative is this
Best Friend Ever - Typical Male
Sick Fearless Bastard - Lol
The Anti Facebook - lol good idea for haterz
I feel his pain everyday - anyone with me on this one
Perfect T-Shit for a Mug Shot - Lol
Billboards Improved by Grafitti - Lol
iPood - Latest Apple Gadget
Weird things found in Airport Security - And this is true!!
Ants on Table - Non Human Marriage lol
Who is the most awesome person today?! - You Are!!
Work out Fail - Animated GIF
iPad vs Telesketch - Perfect Comparison Lol
And thats why they call it.... - Dry Dry Humor
If these two can work together... - There are no excuses
Approprietly Clever - Lol Cats
I'm a what - Adolf Rip Off Lol
Take it Literally - Cy & Happi
Dog has had enough of Cat - Goes to the Don Lol
Walrus at Gym - Animated GIF
Mug Shot Kitten - Lol Cats
Is it worth it - Student VS Lecturer
Bear Hunters Trophy Room - If you've ever watched cartoons you will catch on
Girls Always Posing - See What Happens
How has this not caught on - Saving water creatively
Cat Funny - Lol Cats
Steve Jobs Fighting the Trolls - Apple Rip Off
Fresh Cat Food - Creative
Voldemort you so smart - Twitter Update
I'm Batman - Lol Cats
He sure knows how to compliment a lady - Facebook Fail Lol
We Manged - Comic Humor
Baby Giraffe - Awwwwww
Internet You vs Real You - Sooo true Epic Lol
Trebek, You Bastard. - Hahahahaha
Asiacoptor - Animated GIF
I Just want a Friend - Sharks vs Humans
Really - Cy & Happi
Facts about Halloween - Infogram
A Very Special Feeling - Would you be able to use this toilet
Always Full - Positive Thinking
Can We Eat It - Ok This must be an adrenaline rush
My Boy and the Dog Teamed Up - Ahhh Haloween Teamwork
I'm thinking about it - Lol Cats
Dropping a Deuce - You know this pics that are perfect timing lol
The Best GIF Ever - Thanks Homer Simpson
Halloween Costume Fail - Terrorist??
Post It Man - Hmmm
Reverse Fishing - Well what else would you call it lol
Forever Alone - Is this chair taken?!
.....Cruising - Lol Cats
Mine! - Check how serious she is about the pig
Invisible Cake - Guess its Exists
Getting a Cow Wash - Ahh Cutie
Wedgie Flip Fail - Animated GIF
Fat Joke - Cy & Happi
Cats - De-Motivational
The Japanaese have superior beer can technology! - This would really helpy
Weird Hairy Arm illusion - Wow Weird but Cool
Meanwhile in Britain - Weeee
Goat in his Element - Lol
Its nice to know there are a few honest people left in the world! - Lol, unbelievable.
The Perfect Crime - This one is for the ladies
Check the look on this pooch's face! - Ahhhhhhh
Thunder and Rain - Now you know Lol
Hey guys you know what street i live on! - Coolest street name ever
Something thats irritated me for awhile... - Wow thought i was the only one who felt like this, lol.
Paranoia Fail - FailBlog
A Million Dollars Isn't Cool - Check what the founder of facebook could buy..
Savings of a Life Time - Condom Rip Off
Maths is Sexy isn't It - Ahhhh
Philosoraptor on Politics - His thoughts are the shit!
And my dad throws it in my face... - Sms fail, Super Lol.
Fake Capsizing Boat Trolls High Seas - Now this is an epic creation!
Evacuation Procedure - Hmm, Whats Next.
Shadow WIN - FailBlog
LolSnaps Official Wine - Anyone catch the joke?
Are you on facebook? - Noah VS Dinosaurs
Figurative Sense - Cy & Happi
F#ck Yeah! - I Love Bowling...
Where do astronauts hang out?! - Lol do you get it?!
Zombieman - Supermans Kryptonite!
Research Papers Flow Chart - 1990 vs 2010
OMG Ruok?! - What it really means ;)
Kind of Labs - Cute puppies
FML - Now you know
Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife - Lol
Here's MY kid as Kim Jong Il. I think he really pulls it off! - Ahhhhh
Hey brah, wanna play Ultimate? - Cutest Dog in the World
Mind Fukd - Animated GIF
How to avoid a speeding ticket - this will really work!
Win a free ride in a Police Car - Epic In-Store Ad hahahaha
Put the bilogical clock on snooze! - when to get pregnat :)
Japan is Lovely - Don't know what crazy shit they get up to their!
I'm really busy right now! - Cy & Happi
Common Sense Fail - Dumb
Cool Cat Carrier - Like a sling for cats, hmmm.
Best Splash Mountain Pic Ever - Rollercoaster Gets Owned!
I don't know how i should feel about this... - hmm
Blame Game - Lol
OMG I love This - Man Dog
When Sharks Get Bored - They battle it out!
Nice Image Choice - Thanks CNN
Knockout!!!!! - Animated GIF
Vietnam Flashback - Cy & Happi
Discrimination! - Femals will find any excuse to complain with a male!
Epic Fail - Hmmmm I wonder sometimes
Anarchy - Its as simple as this in the UK
Why does my..... - Google Fail
Smartass Squirell - No Puns
I maintain you see the weirdest things on florida roads - Lol is that a chick?!
Bummer! - I don't get this one..
How would you like it if.. - Save Electricity -- Read this one its dirty!
50 Cent's Big Heart - Twitter Fail
Caution: Deadly Ninja's Ahead - Lol
Meanwhile in America - Yes sometimes you should worry
Are you modest? - This tells you
Shut your mouth Shirt - Animated GIF
Why did the chicken cross the road.. - Finally answered
Philosoraptor - Round Camera Lenses
Mom Fail - Poor kid lol
Tetris is Fun - Math isn't
Twilight saga in a Nutshell - Epic Lol
I want your blog - But you forgot to say...
Someone taking the piss out of Harry Potter - hahahahaha
FACT - You will try it
The only way a woman can... - Sorry ladies, lol...
The Internet in 2010 - Infogram
Come on Tyrone... - Like how dumb can you get lol
I can always make you smile - sweetest pic
If real war was anything like call of duty... - Cy & Happi
Sea Horse - What you have to say doesn't count
The Unborn - Hectic Facebook Fail
Catzilla, so cute and destructive - ahhh
Fat people are... - According to Google.. hahahaha
Rock Paper Scissors - Shit just got real
Mystery Can - Its like don't press the red button hey
Invisible Bongo Drums - Ahhh Cutie
The baby photobomb - baby at work lol
Meanwhile in China - Ya thought so
Will Smith Your Not My Father - Animated GIF
So my pregnat wife sent me a text today... - Women i tell you..
I Just killed my boy friend.. - Lady Gaga Fail
Genius Beer Stacking Idea - I'm going to try it
Forever Alone - Animated GIF
Gender of Cashiers - When buying...........
Duck Lips - Sexy
Vegan vs Carnivore - Lol the had to involve Trex
Deal With It - Animated GIF
Studying = ............ - You'l enjoy this one
Am I Doing this Right - not cool!!! but funny
Battle Shots - Very Creative
Lil Wayne Look a Like - Hahahahahaha
Yo Leo - You Stole my Look
The Triangle Makes So Much more sense now - hmmm
How I See My Self - How others see me
Bar Wars - Hahaha go Vadar
Yearbook Fail - On purpose or dumbass?
My Nap Buddy and Me - Ahhhhh
And a diet pepsi - De-Motivational
Peek-a-boo Fail - Animated Gif
Tits and the male enjoyment of them - Awesome Graph
Soccer Kid Failure - Ouch
The Exercise - exorcist Rip-Off Animated GIF
Blue Ray - If you don't get it you don't get it lol
My Sister Does this All the Time - So do I and You
Nightclub Flowchart - Epic
Maru and Boxes - Animated GIF - Lol CATS
In the amount of time it takes you to read this.. - Very interesting!!!
Most Awesome Kitty - Whassssuuuuppp
Lego Lamborghini - Now that is sweet!
Everybody Chill I Got This - Yeh Just Chill the.....
Can Someone Say Broken Ankle - Ouch
I Must Go - De-Motivational - Hahahahahaha
Test to brighten your day - Tell you, your favorite move... Accurate!
New iPhone Application: Available Girl Locator - I'm gonna develop an app like this one time
Facebook Mail Changes Everything - Epic Twitter Fail hahaha
Haha, Gotcha! - Tilt the screen back
Stalking - It is now socially accepted!!!
CLASSIC: Helmet Fail - Girls i worry about them
C-c-c-c-combo breaker! - Oh, ok.
Hey, Why are you crying? - Cy & Happi
Forever Alone - Do people really use this??? Wow
How twilight fans react when you say you hate the book - Epic Flow Chart
Great College Advice - His got a serious point
Lets Last Forever - Twilight Poster - I'm hoping this is fake!!
Photoshop Fail - Girls will be girls hey.
Zombie Food Pyramid - Now you know
Whats your Lawn Say About you - If you got one check it out
Lego Gangsters - Small Problem...
Who is awesome?! - Yes you know it
Reality is Bitter - Drinking Fail hahahaha shame
Batman Appreciates Humor - Ahhhhh
A little scare... - staged or real? either way it's pretty funny...
Facebook Trolling Guide - I'm sooo gonna try this on my friends
Favorite Trick - Somechicks i tell you
Any one for sushi?! - De-Motivational
Cats during earthquakes - Typical flippen cats
Hyper Awake Hyper Asleep - Lol Dogs
Alcohol Impairs Judgemenet - Just Read It..
Knock Knock Fail - lol gif
Witch! - Check how far he levitates?! GIF
Keep Dreaming Girl - Typical
Meh, Nothing Big.. - Crazy Stunt GIF
Men Women Evolution - Sorry boys and girls
How Gay People Get Married in America - Twitter Fail
Rail Ride Fail - Ouch: Owned!
Virus?! No... LOL - Support FAIL
After seeing this picture I'm kinda worried about Man Kind - Hmm
Profile Pics - You know when a ugly chick.......
Evolution of Men - From Wheel too... Sorry its not to sexist ladies ;)
Christmas is Commming - Ahhh
Soooo thats why no one looks at me - Flirting Flow Chart For Girls
Pilot Fail - How did he manage this
Request I Stop - Guess his not the greatest jazz player in the world
Mannequin Fail - That arm doesn't look healthy
The first rule of pillow fight club - Take notes
Guy who flipped-off Bella from a car - Nice photo bomb
Just Believe - Count on boys to make these type of wishes
To the inventor of this product- FXXK YOU! - like this if you feel the same lol
There is no trust in this relationship - Ahh
drinking water in zero gravity - this is flippen cool
Just sayin... - Phillsoraptor Strikes Again
Harry Puppy - Maybe it's his pet
ellen meets harry - i mean daniel - Leave the kid alone shame
Fotografer - Sorry ladies this one is aimed at you guys once again
Strength I want - Epic demotivational
Top oh sh*t moment of the week - What would you do?!!
Move B*tch Get out the Way - GIF
Wedding Ring Story - Wow how do you get out this one!!
Wedding Bungie - Brave
America - Get It Right Please
haha, you're out of toilet paper!! - Simpsons
Pilot Seat - Look Closely
Damn you autocorrect - Kid almost gets heart attack
Pairs Hilton Doing Community Service - What you think?!
Disgruntled Elf - it's hard to find good help nowa days
Adidas Facebook Superstar Editions - Who wants a pair?
I've got your Back! - Literally
Small Gift - Ladies try this one with your men!
Virginity - Is this like the time...
Bones - Boys try this one, lemme know how it works out...
Do you remember 'penis inspection day' - Yahoo Answers
Me Before December exams - I'm sure we all like this - GIF
Hadouken - Teamwork - GIF
The List - Another Epic iPhone Fail
If monalisa was from pakistan - this is how it would look, lol
Who Am I... - hmmm
Ad Placement FAIL - do you think this was on purpose?
Love the way you Lye - Fight Club Rip Off
And then the TSA touches their balls... - Tickle Tickle lol
Sportsmanship FAIL - Wow some people are sore loosers!
This is Genius - I bet you $5 I can touch your boobs with out using my hands
The Last Romance - Men can be real assh*les sometimes lol
Telepathic Watch..... Smooth - Pick up line, try it....
Not a "Happy Ending" - Lol
Macbook Cat - ahhhh
De-Motivational Poster Costume - Awesomely Creative
Guile in Black - WTF
Little Johhny Name 3 types of Rock for me - yes mam!
If you watch cinderella backwards - pretty true... lol
The Ultimate Watch - Its for Bars
Soccer Sniper - Super Cool GIF
Bitches Love Smiley Faces - It works I guess!
Stop. Start. - Why not?!
Superman Explained - This actually makes sense
One Last Cigarette - Cy & Happi
Is it just me, or do you also think the cameraman is dead?! - Lol Cats
One in a Milion - How did he get this right?!
Coffee Addict - Who isn't
This kid not much of a ninja - ouchi GIF
Calm, down bro. - Sparta!
Flying Sharks - Demotivational
"confucius says" complication - lol
Coke Cat - Sometimes i worry
Stop Singing - Shame boy will be boys...
What is your batman name?! - Now this is great, try it!
Go, Porky! Go! - Ahhhh
Time for a face off - GraphJam
Doing it wrong 101 - Its as easy as that
I'll get that bitch some leaves - Read on
Did you hear? - Cy & Happi
Supervisor Cat - Talk about lazy
Some fun coupons for my girlfriends bday! - Print them, use them!
All I wanted was a Banana - Best Fail of 2010
Epic Fetch - Is a tiger considered a lolCat hahaha
Unusal Toilet Paper - Awesome
Snagged - Poor Monk
Good Year - Just read it
Happy Toad, Toad is Happy - GIF
Not a Toy Kitty - LolCats
If your not supposed to talk to strangers - philosoraptor
Bravery at its Finest - Demotivational
Sign Post Win - Fail GIF
Hey where did you get that cow? - this is wrong on so many levels!!!
Quick, whats the number for 911? - Hmmmm
Creep a Friend on Facebook - And then..
Popcorn - Is it hot outside?
Doug Status Fail - Facebook Fail
No Senior Citizen Discounts - Reasoning behind this is soooo True!
Your Pee is Sparkling - Cy & Happi
Suckerpunch Fail - Gif Bin
F*ck Yeah - Hand Signals Explained
I used to be boring now i have a moustache - For all the Movember Fellas
Like a Boss - Demotivational
How to look gay in 3 Seconds - Justin Bieber
Colleges should apply to me - Supe Ex-Girlfriend Facebook Faily... ouch!!
Success is like a Curve - Epic
Role Models - Read Closely
Worlds Smallest Street Legal Car - Nice
This band is guaranteed to blow you away! - Hahaha
High School - Epic Demotivational
Crossing Dog - Epic GIF
Nobody Move!!! - I dropped my.....
Horse Photobomb - Now this is taking it to another level, lol.
American VS Canadian - Chat Fail: He had to pull out the red card didnt he lol
Cherenkooooooooov! - Facebook Fail
He's Leaving on a Jet Plane - Ironic
Mike Tyson's Hangover - I love it
Kidnapping is such a STRONG word! - I prefer........ :)
Mr. and Mrs. Bear on a Day Out! - This Bear is a pro, read the caption and you'l get it..
Mind F**ck - Ok this just F*ck'd up my whole day, hahaha.
Oh Easy Open Wounds - Graph Jam
Philosraptor Ponders - But once again this is a sexist one, sorry ladies.
All the kids are doing it... - Can anyone spell Justin Bieber, lol.
Wireless - How it effects some!!
I would totally get one of those free hugs!! - Maybe it comes with an added bonus, lol.
Careometer - How much do you care?
Obviously Dumb - Really Dumb Facebook Fail
I am licking your butt out - Another epic iphone fail
Where do you think your going? - Brave Heart
Unimpressed Husky - Doens't look happy lol
Haters Gonna Hate - Pimp Daddy
Good Time - Give them a call next time
Ouch Ouch Ouch Thats a Face Plant Right There - Jump Fail
When your girl friend doesn't fit on a Harley-Davidson! - Lol Good Times
Dating - Explained!!
My brother from another mother - ahhhh
My friends response to the recent facebook trend - Facebook Fail
So i saw this sign at my local grocery store! - I'm so going to call Milk this from now on..
Annoying - Cy & Happi
Challenge Accepted - Epic Facebook Fail
B*tches Love Facebook - Founder Fail
Dumbledore - Harry Potter Rip-Off
Doing it Right? - So am i?
Greyhound Design Fail - FailBlog
How to go from Japan to China - Hahaha Please Test this! Will Make your Day..
If i was a kid i'd want to this room - Once
Jealousy - this one is about your girlfriends lol
Listen here noob.. - No need for a description right
Young Bill Gates - Striking a Pose
Sex Explained Graphically by Pens - Epic Hahahaha
5yr Old Kid on Chat Roulette - Owned!
Everything Will be Ok - Bit of Inspiration
Female IT Experts - Typical
Invisible Man - Can you see him?!!!
Kids Are Quick - Funniest short jokes i've heard in awhile!
The use of a guitar - Cy & Happi
Things to do with one post-it note! - Gonna give it a try
Understand - Most viral pic on the net
Vision Test - Few words of Inspiration
Worlds first graffiti on Ice Bergs - Photoshop or not?
This is Hawkward - That guilty look
Invisible Window Installation - LolCats
"I love you" VS Anal - Autocorrect Fail Spells Trouble
92 and 93 Shouldnt Sit Together - Lol
Becareful what time you get home nowa days! - Gonna try for 4am tonight
Out of f**cking no where! - LolCats
Read it out loud! - You'll be amazed with this one
This is how i feel about the news lately - LolCats
This should be the next Facebook Awareness Campaign - Epic
Welcome to the USA - then vs now
When WTF Doesn't cut it - Hmmm
Digital Girl - Now this is an awesome animation
It's Over!! - I cheated... could have two meanings!! Becareful Boys
At my Office - Gonna print me one of these
Big Foot! - Found Him
Gambling?! - Why don't you have it in Africa..
I get mixed messages here.. - Thanks media
Manatee Glass Fail - Ouchi
Parents take insurance pic incase sun misbehaves in the Future - Smartest Idea Yet
She Should Really Read Her Status Out Loud Befor Posting It - 10 Inches, lol.
Special Powers - Twilight Rip-Off
Call someone... - Once
Classic: Parking Fail - Fail Blog
Finish Him - Animated GIF
History Repeats! - Trust Women
I love getting texts from wrong numbers! - these iphone fails are the best
Like a Boss - Animated GIF
Should you accept your parents facebook friend requests?! - Here is a logical graph
When i See NSFW links at work - Bet you do this too
Hows the elevator business - Hmm
I told him car wash would be fun - doesn't look that way
Nice Bear - Animated GIF
Rooftop Avalanche - Animated GIF
This is how phobias begin - Shame
You just divided by zero didnt you - de-motivational
Batman - Yes? No? Mabye?
Best Example of Multi-Tasking I've Ever Seen - Biker Girl
I found a new Book - Armageddon Rip-Off
How to troll your friends with facebooks new UI - Nice
Hoodies Examined - Which one are you
Look everyone kyle has a girlfriend - Afterall what are friends for
This time its different - Cy & Happi
Freedom VS Terrorism - Sooo True
Pwned Car - He had to write something about his girlfriend didn't he
She didn't notice it until it was TOO late - Chat Fail
Secret by Spongebob - Is this like a catch 22?
A monogram of the alaphabet - Contains all Letters - ANIMATED GIF
What MOM Stands for - I always thought this too
My Mind is Drity - Get Him to the Greek Rip Off
Your Shitting Me - And his name is?!
Well She's Never Talking to Me Again - Epic iPhone Fail
I love those moments - I like to wave at them as they go by!
Awesome Facebook Profiles - Some People Are To Creative
My Sister Forwarded Me this Email - You Can't just make this up
Men are the best cooks - You know this joke is going to be dirty don't you, lol.
Man This is Awkward - Pedophile Fail
Psssh Woman! - Wouldn't be surprised
Comma Sutra! - Creativity at its Best
Cute Godzilla - Off to destroy another village
Nightmare - LolCats
Would you like some tea Edward? - Epic Twilight Ripoff
We'l Figure something Out - Cy & Happi
I Think She Knows - Busted!
Looks Like Optimus Is Having a Great Time - Masturbation -> Explained
Wikileaks - A leak within a leak hmmm
Mom you should really read your texts - Mom iPhone Text Fail
This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to this kid ever! - Nice
Sounds Delicious - Would you ever eat it
The interrupting Doctor - Hmmm
Subway Kid is a Pimp - I want this Shirt
Pregnancy Fail - Facebook Status Fail
Meanwhile in San Francisco - I worry about Americans
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Kanye West Twitter Fail
The Club Can't even Handle Me right now - Top Grand Pa
Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You - Bring It On
You Just got Served - Lol Cats
Hand Job - Hmm
Italian Police Lamborghini - All Good Things come to an End
Your husband did what on my couch? - De-Motivational
Have a merry little snoop christmas - Keeping it real as usual
Stop Chewing Fail - I'm sure this will help them sell alot
Teen Pregnancy - The reality of the situation
This Porbably Made His Day - Identified as a ......
TSA vs Santa - This is getting out of hand
Suprisingly grew upto be a serial killer - Epic
Is that axel rose?! - Kids of the 70s
Lakers Cheerleaders Then vs Now - Which ones do you prefer?
Craziest Acrobatic Basketball Dunk Ever - GIF
All valid questions for google - sometimes i worry
Why did the civil war have to happen?! - Best Facebook Fail I've Seen in Awhile
I Sure hope there isn't a fire - Then What
What?! And Chinese?!! - best autocorrect fail in awhile!
Atomic Wedgie - Ouch!
One thing you didn't know about the Home Alone Movie - Cool Facts
What other categories do you really need - Good Point
Posing with Snow Dicks - Hahaha
Santa Gets Arrested - Now was he stealing gifts or what
Best Package of 2010 - Nice!
Peoople of Wallmart - Sometimes I Worry
Family Guy = The Office - Here it is
Wikileaks - Another Good Rip Off
This is Good Acid - You wouldn't say...
Just an illusion - Awesome!
If the Internet had Always existed - 60s Twitter etc...
Sleeping in the Library - Always
LolCats Diarhhea - De-Motivational
Just Try me Bitches - LolCats
Look what my boss forgot todo! - Now that sucks
Family Portrait Turned Awkward - I Love these illusions
I think i saw mario and luigi IRL - Lol
Womens Rights - Facebook Fail
Batman Stays Here - Don't Tell the Joker
The Great Cover Up - Perfect Timing
Photo Bomb - One Little Brother at a Time
Ouch! - Nut Shot
Beautiful Road - Don't you think
A Closer Look at the Christmas Tree Industry - Infogram
The Ugliest and Scariest Fish - Gross!
Al Bundy Shuh Outlet - I'd Love to buy shoes here
Wordless Humor - No Comment
Capitalsm is Crashed - What do you think..
Worlds Strongest Man - Old Photo! Hetic!
I'm going to the store! - Autocorrect Fail!
Free Compliments - Take one
Bad Santa - And now
My Type of Ninja Turtles - Yes Please
Motorcycle is Chasing Me - De-Motivational
And now we know what happen to unicorns.. - Finally
There is so much tension on her face - Wonder why, lol.
Emergency Fail - Ice Freeze
Parkour VS Normal People - Sometimes I Worry
I Heart Cock - Epic Facebook Fail
Wikileaks Just Revealed a New Leak! - Finally We Know Who
Creative Balloon - Well for girls!
Quality Cow Milk - Tasting Good?!
Not Your Time Yet - Pic Says It All
Only In Japan - This is some really weird shit
Thats Not Me - Home Alone Ripoff
No One Is Safe Anymoe - Now That is Scary
Awkward Holiday Photos - OK Explain This Pls
Blow Dry - Take it
Gone Fishing - How to keep em busy
Haha, He Made a Joke... - For Having a Sense of Humor I'd Give This Guy $10
Life Guard - I'd Rather Drown
Piranha VS Alligator - Who is going to win
Year Book Photo of the Year - Awesome
Accidental Subway Rainbow - On Purpose?!
Young Theodore Rooselvet - Agreed
Wall Drawing - Creativity to the Max
Who's the boss?! - Stand in line
Test your self with this photo... - See something strange?!!!
That's Honest! - Shame feel sorry for this one
Beautiful Aftermath of Ice Storms - Stunning
A reason to go into the office! - I would be in early and leave late
Merry Christmas - Ahhh
One Big Tree - I didn't think they could get this big
Christams Demotivational - Lets keep up with the spirit
Cow Girls - Awkward Family Photo I Guess
Epic Snow Sculpture - Hard Work but a Great Result
Go Away Doormat - For those people that don't want visitors
The Four Stages of Life - In a christmas point of view
Got a great christmas card from my son - Oh well at least his being honest, lol.
You don't have insomnia - This explains it!
Canadian Newspaper Can Be Rough - Weird
Hard Water - Ahhh Duh!
Can i has some water pleez - LolCats
Jew Jitsu - Ok this is funny
What are friends for - Facebook Fail
Pinch Me I'm Irish - Ok i'll take one for the team
Skeletoff - Now you know
Warning, Keep Out! - Unless you have...
Are you serious?! - harry Potter Ripoff
Up High, Down Low, Too Slow.. - Unlucky
Bad Santa - Guess his not getting a present this year
Snoowwwww - Dark Vadar
I Miss the 80s - Jackson and Mr. T
It's a Miracle - For Alcohol i guess anything is possible
Lawnmower Racing - Vroom Vroom
Angry Little Boy - Chat Roulette Fail
I don't even have a title for this! - Awesome!
Biggest Sting Ray in the World - Wow Imagine running into that in the ocean
Don't act like you not impressed - His got ammo!
Explain this anyone?! - Wtf
Flexibility! - Wow
Shark Cage Diving - Wow!
So, A guy walks into a bar! - Guess it could have two meanings
Drunk Snowman - Think we should call the AA
Now this is a bit of a fail - Don't you think
If assange was in china! - Twiiter Fail
Interesting Fact About Statues - Now you Know
Is it just me or do chips always taste better like this... - Yum Yum Yum
lol dunno playing tennis.. - Sometimes I Worry
Nothing to see here! - Move on
Only in Asia - Really now what is going on that side in the east
Sumo Ouch - Ouch
Wooden Homer Simpson - Creative
Bored With a Life - Why Don't you Get a Rush
Worst out of the Decade - Now you know
Chinese Spiderman - Is he real?!
Dangerous Walk - This could hurt
Feed Me - Looks like a face doesn't it
Oh... It's so true.. - At last a sign you will wanna read
What did you do last night?! - I got a feeling they not going to wake up feeling healthy
Little Ninja - I'm sure that is a MMA move
You know your lazy when.. - Pic says its all
Coppin a Feel - Demotivational
Theory about Unicorns - Keep Dreaming
The Happy Fisherman - Lol
Mr. Martin - School Teacher Facebook Fail
Future Plumber - Gonna get my kid working from a young age!
Present From Dad - Poor Kid
Cat Making Tiger Smile - Is it a tiger?
Meanwhile in Ireland - Talk about Gingers
Unreal! - I'd be scared to drive my car here
Snowed In - Take it his not going anywhere
Happy Holiday Working Hours - Money is Money lol
Fashion is Stupid - Big Time
My Moms Idea of a New Years Party - At Least the Dogs Had Fun
Lincoln - Guess he really never got over it
Thickest Wave I Have Ever Seen - Photoshop or not?!
My Sister made this scarf - Thats a winner
My Moms fight with auto-correct - For Catan
This isn't photoshopped - Now this seems unfair
Weirdest New Years Resolutions - 3 is for the Win
Damn someone had a long night.. - How many inches is that one
The Value of a comma - Facebook Fail
My Husband Let Other Men - Lol Post Card Fail
Camel Parking Only - Ahh Cute
Just for Dogs - LolCats
Creative Vandalism Fail - Cum fits in perfectly
Die Rich Relative, Die! - Fortune Cookie
Handful Dawwww - Now thats cute
I could not agree with this more.... - For all girls
Irony + Flashing - Nice Combination
Its Gud to Be Me - Spoilt Doggie
Woman Takes Revenge - Sorry Guys
Us then VS Now - These photos are becoming highly popular
Is that your nose or are you just happy to see me? - Creative Pair of Boxers
There goes my post-holiday diet.. - 5 Minute Muffins
Kitty Wants to Come In - Lol Cats
I'm Honestly Debating How Dumb This Girl Can Be - A Cross with a T On it hmmm
Grafitti Well Said - Bit Religious
OMG! It's Justin Bieber - Animated GIF vs LolCat
I Couldn't Resist - Dad's Cell iPhone Fail
I got this OK Cupid Match the other Day - The quality of women around here is just outstanding
Are you real?! - Creative Drawing
Bike Race Fail - Animated GIF
Sometimes I throw my telescope in the air! - Ayyyooo
Got hit by a taxi and came back to work to this! - What are friends for.. hahaha
Drinking Problem.. - Next time don't ask
Toast on the Dark Side - Lol
WTF is wrong with people - Epic Demotivational about Sex
My Time Schedule - Follow it and everything will be alright!
Sirius Black and Jacob Black - Twilight Yahoo Answers Fail
The fourth panel made me cry so hard - Girls VS Ducks
I don't know if this is a pun or not - What you think
Serious Cat - No more lols
Then and Now - Looks like the future is the only way to go
I miss being a kid - Such a huge imagination
Orange on a Date - Comic Humor
Has your credit card been stolen - Did anyone fall for this scam?!
Huge Bulls - Take a closer look
America: The Beautiful - ok i would never give her a ride
Apprently it doesn't - Stupid phone
Do you want something? - LolCats
Teen Self Help FAIL - Twilight
A dishwasher in your... - Because you like to be clean
A kid i tutor wrote this poem about his grandpa - Kids write a ton of crap
Always a great text to recieve.. - iPhone Fail
FB Blackmail - Facebook Fail Try this one
Hi Hater, Bye Hater - Grandpa OG
Cut my life into pieces - Did he say pizza
Eminem Fears Chuck Norris - Does he
Every Time - Cute Baby
My mom just got new phone with a full key board - I Smell Spelling Errors
This is to close to home to be cute - LolCats
This Darn Phone - Autocorrect Fail!
TL how many feathers are in your IKEA Pillows - Good Dog
Once - Cy & Happi
Frankie muniz tell him how it is - Take notes losers
Dad at justine bieber concert - Its not that bad come on
Flexible Giraffe - Photoshop or not?!
Who needs them! - Like really
Lessons about woman learnt - Thanks Homer
This not good, world. - Faceboo Fan Page Fail
2? - Hmmm
Why do you smile like that?! - Really
Australians in Natural Disaster - Lol
TV Bomb - Read Closely
I wish i had a brother! - Teamwork is always best
So Ducking - Family Guy Strip
Superflying Dog - Its a bird its a plane its....
Only if you have a dirty mind. - I can see it
Wealthy Hippies, they don't exist. - According to Google
Message on Carpet - Get the hint
Mom Loves Twilight - Some People Really Take it to the Extreme
McSkull - Creative
Resolution - Dry Humor
DSC00001.jpg - Try It! - Some Google Fun
Intervention - Google Fail
Shooting the MGM Logo 1924 - Wow!
Pepsi walked into the wrong neighborhood - Hahaha
When the toilet paper is almost used up - Graph Jam
Broken Condom - Nice Comic
Privacy Please, I'm Looking at Porn. - That's what these banners should say
Europe Invented - I love the last one
How to score a date from 200meteres away - Demotivational
Homer Simpson VS Keanu Reeves - Just give me the donut
Taking my pet for a walk - Imagine
I Wish - Don't We All
You are unique - Aren't we all
Problem - LolCats
How hungry are you - Creative Vandalism
Perspective - Good Angle
Lightening Fail - FailBlog
Why aren't all dominoes delivery staff like this? - I'd order pizza everyday
Before and After - Blunt Cards
Handicapped Bathroom Fail - Now I've seen it all
College - Cy & Happi
Like Father Like Son - Ahhh
Sideways Gun - Ok funniest picture of the year
The Dude - Size Matters
The Overfrown - Is this considered a photobomb
You so hilarious - LolCats
Facebook Intruder - Facebook Fail
:P - Hmmm
Free Hugs - Now i know where to go when i'm lonely
It sure doesn't look like the egg in this picture. - Lol
Take it up with my butt - Family Guy
Grandma - Cy & Happi
Baby Courage Wolf - Smart Bum
The coolest paint job ever - Quite Creative
Awesome name for a band - lol
At the bar - lol comics
The joy he felt was overwhelming - Hmmm
Think Different - Haha
Labels - Typical
Poor Mans Time - Graph Jam
This is why it gets cold in my bedroom - LolCats
Soup of the Day - Where can i get some
Before and After - Ahh Cute Lol Tiger
This is going to leave a mark - Anyone beg to differ?
Forever Drinking - Sometime's it helps
Yellow Advice - Trust homer
Mike Hunt Strikes Again - Epic Chat Fail
Fans and Ugly - Family Guy I think
Mullet Car - Demotivational
Lady Cop - What to say when she catches you speeding
Connected to a Stranger - LolCats Chatroulette
Biggest Erection - Think she planned this
One High Class Kitty - LolCats
I Had it All - Alcohol I tell you
Computer Guy - Ask me again
No Valentines Day - Facebook Fail
A man for you.. - Dear Girls
Manliest Jacket Ever - Bring it
What will you look like when you turn 27 - Good Point Kenny
Waldo Missing - About time someone put these up
Lady Gaga: Her Costume Was Inspired by this Cat - Demotivational
The best skin care cream ever! - really does work magic
Cat in the Fridge - What you looking at
I wonder if i've figured out the origin of this gesture - Makes sense hey
Dear Parents - We blame you, and we have a point.
Does she get a long - The light makes it look like she has a big ... on her leg
Never Pay For Gas - Quick Fix
Nightmares - The 3rd one is pretty rough!
Promiscuity Safety Certificate 1940s - Make her sign one!
This is what really happens - IE Bug Reports
What most politicians do when shaking hands - I agree
Waddup Bro - Notice Anything
Car Pooling - Demotivational
Who wants a slice of pizza - ok now that is a strange name
Things that are impossible to say when you drunk - Really impossible
Lick your ass - Autocorrect Fail!
OMG - Scary Photobomb
Tamed Tiger - Big Lol Cats
Badass Stare Competition - Pulp Fiction Ripoff
Cutting Edge - Demotivational
What accident - Cy & Happi
The main difference between pcs and mac - Now you know
Impossible Fail - Now how do you get this right
Don't eat the gum - Now who would
He told me taking his picture made his day - Creative Homeless
My teacher believes in evolution - Facebook Fail
Fart Now Loading - Prrrrrrr
I was dwinking - Cute bear
Lock Jaw - Cy & Happy
The kid on the left is the shit - Sherlock holmes hmmm
The baby sitting dog - How cute
No one hates hula loops - Emo Kid
No I Didn't Make a Typo - Dad Autocorrect Fail
This will blow your mind - Twilight Fail
Born to create drama - It's just in some of our jeans..
Bill Murray is the Man - Read Carefully
Advanced Rules: Rock, Paper, Scissors - Now you know
Are you the detetive - Cy & Happi
How Sad - Spoilt I Guess
My Dog Turned One Today - Made him this Poem
WTF! - Vikings
Tastes Like Ass - Mind the pun
Origins - Super Creative
Haven't you humiliated me enough - Have you take a picture as well
Good Friends - After all what are friends for - Facebook Fail
Nailed It - Fail
Michael Douglas Photobomb - Now thats a man
I never run out of ways to annoy my house mates with play-doh - Like this
Robin Hood - He lost this battle
LCD TV vs LSD TV - Know the difference
Meanwhile in China - Sometimes i get worried
Waldo the egg - Found him
Road Sign Fail - Photoshop I Rate
At least you tried - Cute Wolfs
Mark Zuckerberg vs Julian Assange - Good Point!
Like / Dislike / Shut the F**k Up - take your pick
Procrastinating - Explained
A true fairy tale romance - Don't you think
The Darth Invader - Nice gift for the GF
What happened in 2006 - De-motivational
Extremely Bad Parenting - This can't be real
diarrhea facebook fail - what girl would seriously post this on her status
This one had me loling at work - inception rip off
If Gillette had invented the guillotine... - Lol
No Littering - Thanks
I'm Tired of Making Sandwhiches - Lol Females
Do Not Gossip. Let Him Drive - Are you taking notes
NO! - Exam Fail
This isn't my blanket! - What am i doing here
Long story short, my daughter won. - Look at thos evil eyes lol
Thanks Mom - Virgin Facebook Fail
F**k You Florida - Good Weather
Bus shelter ad keeping commuters warm - And making them hungry
Advice for making signs - Take note homeless people
Winking Cat - Iron Man Rip Off Kinda
Dear YouTube I made you a picture - Enjoy it
Big Beer Belly - I want one
Bacon Gun - Demotivational
Snow Plow - Plow plow plow
Not on the Table - LolCats
Like and Dislike Stamps - Who would buy a set
Obivously this person isn't a fan of the police - Nice Cake
Do you think i should loose the waist coat?! - I think you should
Stay Classy - I May not go down in history but i will go down on...
Damn Hipsters - Damn Damn Damn
Weather girl notices some arrows are pointing unfortunately - at least she gets creative
Money Can't buy Happiness - But it can...
I got access to my friends email upload link - What are friends for
Ummm I'm not comfortable telling you that - Facebook Fail Conversation With Son
This is sparta! - What is going on here...
Creative Fun - Armpit Cut
The door to the Past - My girlfriend doing what she does best
What is sputnik? - The Russian
Infinite Bacon - Who's making breakfast
Doing your job fail - Fireman please put the fire out now
Just decided being sad is a waste of time - You go girl
How a revolution starts - Kids of today, lol.
Almost got it.... - LolCats
How i use my iPhone - According to Battery Life
What's a horny pirates worst nightmare? - You gotta love Johnny Depp
Cheapskates - Cy & Happi
How to troll a babysitter - I have to try this!
How cameras are used - You gotta love the dating one
You don't go on facebook for a week - Reality VS Expectations
Boyfriend - Girls know exactly whats going on, always!
Pool Trolling - If you've ever had a pee in a pool, you will understand this one!
Shall we go for a walk - Cutest dog in the world
Let's Hope He Sealed the Deal - Why do you need enemis when you have friends like these
My Daughter trying to kiss our cat - LolCats
Dude i found a gnome in my butt - Huh
Made in Fail - Thats a real knock off
Gameboy Kneckalace - I want one
Nice Hair Cut - Only in asia I guess
Huge Snake Hides Under Huge Rock - It's got a double meaning
Did you intend to have those names owners - To perfect to believe
I have two girlfriends - Hahahahaha guys this one is for you
In a circle of friends there's always that one person everyone secretley hates. - Wait for the punch line
Prove It! - Most Common Lies
When you read it, its like FacePalm! - Epic Facebook Fail
Cat Grylls - LolCats in the Wild
Insane Hockey Fan Fight - Go Boys!
Hugh Jackman - Father of the Year - Ouch thats about to hurt
What would MacGyver Do - Hmmmmm
Proof there is always time to take a picture before helping - Shame poort dude
They Really Don't Give a F*ck - Animated GIF - LolCats
You cant get lost if you dont know where you going - Follow the directions
Just hold my hand - Some people are bored
Hidden book case cat friendly - Thoughtful for their cat
A brief timeline of rejection - Anyone want to hangout
Someones got a sense of humor - For a magazine too
Like a Boss - When you got a fancy car and no garage
Security Fail - Scissor Should Suffice
Where there is a will there is a way! - South African Soccer Supporters
Trees Gone Wild - Girls you're not alone, you now got some competition.
4 of the best Facebook Fails - I think they all great, but number one is probably the best.
What single girls and single guys do on Valentine's Day! - Sooooo True
Women are good for 70 things.. - Men, you will love the punch line!
Girl Friend Tells You She is Pregnat! - Well now you know what to do!
That was rather Delightful - Check his Face!
Sibling Rivalry - Facebook Fail - Mom VS Son
Excuse Me - You act like i never dated before.
Like a Boss - Fan Ownage
Awesome Facepalm - Demotivational
Superboy - Come to my Rescue
As Usual - Talk about being dumb..
Sex Repelant Clothing - You couldn't get laid with that
Good Advice for Valentines Day - You ladies are going to love this one.
Dog Gets Owned - LolCats
Works everytime - Cat has a good trick to get laid, lol.
Snowed In! - Take a closer look
Baby is not Pleased - They Teased her with food, not cool!
Puss OUT Boots - Looks so adorbale
Cool Face Painting - That looks super awesome!
Unicorns - They really do exist!
Spelling Fail, But Image WIN! - CNN Fail
Oh, Snack... - This makes me laugh more then i should!
Mask VS Condom - people sometimes worry me!
When your dog has this look on its face.. - Then you must be driving like shit
Yahoo Answers Trolled by The Terminator - Thanks Arnold!
Go Planet! - Captain Planet
Photoshop You Know What Todo - De-motivational
Cooking Cat - Who needs a chef when you got him as a pet!
I saw a woman breast feeding on the bus today... - Why oh why... - Facebook Fail
Animal Friends - Monkey and Tiger, ever seen anything so adorable.
Guy hits friend with Keyboard - World of Warcraft Rage!
F*ck this shit - Running Panda
Ugly B*tch Button - Lmfao!
Not to Convincing - Could we call this an epic photoshop fail?!
Warning man with umbrella - Never really thought of it this way
The internet was acting weird - So I.... Egypt
Have you seen this dog - Can't seem to find him anywhere
Epic Head Shot - Ouch! - Animated GIF
Don't hate me because i'm Gay.. - Hate me because
Hunky Cat - Ahhhhhhh
Time for Tickles - Check his little claws
F*ck it i'll just Pirate it! - Chat fail with sales lady.
BMX Fail - Ouch! - Animated GIF
So True.. - Note from teacher
This scared the absolute shit out of me the other day.. - Cowzilla
This isn't what i imagined the Tooth Fairy to look like - ok i'm gonna have nightmares now!
Jagermeister -
Smart Baby - How did they get so clever.. - GIF
Can you say luckiest man in the world.. - I think he just cheated death 3 times in a row?!
Girl Ninjas - Silently making you..... - Check the punchline Sexist De-motivational
Facebook is Like - Makes Sense don't you think...
I am Corhelio - Beavis and Butthead
The Neighbors - Sometimes it's better not knowing what they get up to.
From now on periods will be known as Shark Week - The picture explains it..
Girl's are Like - Pure Win
You deserve a handjob - Wait till you find out from who.
Pew Pew Pew - What does it look like?!
Are you flippen kidding me -
Either he has really long legs or a really long... -
Footprints -
Who should i choose out of these girls... - Valentines is approaching, help me!
Something tells me that this child is going to grow up to be FABULOUS -
Tasmanian Devil Dog - GIF Dating Site - hahahahahahaha because cat's are so popular on the net!
When Chemists Die - Don't believe they making fun of this on facebook!
For those who can't get a real girl friend... - There is always...
Apparently my Cashier is Gay... -
Maybe the greatest Dating profile ever... -
This is how I see every iPhone conversation posted here... - Love these..
Have you ever wanted freedom so bad -
She will never have a boyfriend.. - Karma!
Doorbell - Old Lady VS Old Man
Cat Googles Him Self - LolCats
Drinking Water in Zero Gravity - GIF
You freaking me out to - Crazy Dog
my c*ck is making noises - guys c*ck is making noises
His office closed due to budget cuts... - ladies get your free consultant!
Douchebag 101 -
I'v never known how to read music till now - Yes it's sexual, look closely!
Mermaid - Cy & Happi
Animal Rights are going to take a Turn -
I'm Sorry - Take me back...
Love Hate Relationship - Explained
Boob's in 5 Minute - If a guy can do this i'm sure you ladies can too.
Sometimes the only option.. -
Owned By Friend - Ouch GIF
How to have an Argument with a Woman - Explained, at last...
To all you Attention Seekers - Lol
Pure Win! - Asian Guys... Was that really necessary
You may have stripped me from my rights... - But i still get more ......... then you! Epic Sign.
This Picture speaks for It Self.. -
Universal Remote Control - Save your self a couple of bucks
Girl Break's up with Boyfriend on Facebook - Mom Come's to the rescue!
No Woman - This one is for Valentines!
McLovin... - Bet you all have watched Super Bad? I got his license!!!
I Lol'd - Did you
Anticipation - Demotivational
Meme Leo - Awesome punch line
Example of Metamorphosis... - Wow
That's the Chicago Way! -
And this is why LolSnaps daily updates are sometimes delayed... - Cats the just don't give a f*ck...
Talk the Talk - Everyday Blues
Help I farted during a kiss - And I'm a Girl
Emo Bunny -
She's actually wonder woman putting the world back into orbit... - Visualize it!
Zombie Blood Energy Drink - Must give you a kick of note!
Who wouldn't want to have some fun here... - Anyone know where it is?
Can you believe it... -
How to get a 63" TV in a lexus! - Rich People
I Beat Anorexia - What's this called again?
Life Sucks - demotivational
Outlaw dog is outlaw.. - Dog break's all the rules
Watcha thinking bout.. - Ahhh
I wonder why your single - You wonder why you have no valentine.
The Lesbians of the Cartoon World -
Era of Men -
It's good to have a sense of humor about things like this.. -
Die, Man. Die. -
My License Plate has never been so Fitting... - Owned
So what do you really think of my smart phone... -
Everytime I do this, this happens... -
Build a Snowman, Wait What... -
Kitten is Sad with new Hair-doo! -
What the hell is this guy looking at... -
Justin Bieber on MAD -
Bart to Paris - I saw you on the internet...
Well that just makes you a wh0re.... - Funniest punchline I've seen in awhile
Smoke Trick - Has anyone ever tried this?!
I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth... -
Bill Gates VS Waiter -
Dad Go Home You're Drunk - Toilet Wall
This bear has Two Dates For Valentine's - Lol...
Egypt after the Internet got Turned On - Sick, but probably true... Pervs lol
Thermal Fart - Ever wondered how it looked..
Damn, That's Cold. - Beer as cold as.....
Apparently I left my window cracked. -
Tweet of the Day: Mubarak -
Kids Face Say's It All -
I laughed so hard when i saw this - XD
Bro Fist -
Proof Times Change -
I got owned by Clever Bot -
Smack! -
Subway Running... - Hmmm
answering -
Enjoying Facebook in the Apple Store - Dad get's angry when someone starts updating sons acount..
Girl's are like Phones -
F*ck this, I'm going home. - GIF
Taking one for the Team! -
Well Maybe Not.. -
Bear got his Tube -
Thriller... -
For a minute there... -
Watcha Thinking About Part 2 -
Chat With Strangers! - Never ends well
Spot 7 Differences - Bad Kitty!
Best Wedding Cake Ever - Like a James Bond type thing
Need To Get B*tches - Jock bear
The Party - That's all i'm going say!
How to dick knob someone... - Cy & Happi
WTF! - Like seriously
Push woman eats Pavement! - Ouch - GIF!
Got Banned from Ebay - For my Creativity!
Best Valentines Day Present - Any arguments?!
New Office Chairs Arrived -
How to make an effective Homeless Guy Sign -
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. -
Mike, do you still drive that black dodge?! - Why do you enemies with friends like these
How did people find out about my illegitimate child.. - Lord Voldemort
Bus Troll - GIF
Teacher B*tch Slap - Ouch!!
Run EMC2 - Einstein before he was a scientist...
Haters Gonna Hate - Don't vomit on your class mates! hahahahaha
Photshop VS Real -
Looks like somebody has had enough - Wait is that what i think it is...
Why he or she hasn't texted you back! - Now you know...
The Female Orgasm by the number... - Infogram
So She Knows -
America Land of the Molested -
Wanting to Super Size It... - Fail
How can i tell her, I love you... -
Chuck's Beared - Beware
We Are Even - It's about your MOM!
Hey App Store You Got a Light?! -
Rich Criminals VS Poor Criminals - Soooo True!
I don't want to make the same mistake again.. - Dad
You just smile an Act Natural - Secret to Fighting
Mike Wong - Lol
Pure Fantasy - Enough Said..
Oooops - More like Oooooooooops!
Like a Boss! - GIF
Model Cat Walk Fail - GIF - Ouch
There is a handsome guy in my house! -
Where hitler got his hate! -
A Gift from a Cat -
The Truth about Tests -
Safe... - Ouch..
More proof that disney animators are lazy... -
Ladder Fail -
Sup Dog - Awesome Kangaroo
Parenting WIN! - But i'm on my period!
ATM Paranoid - Really...
The True Meaning of Life - Depicted by Pacman
I will not cut corners... - Bart's at it again!
F*ck Yeah, F*ck you! - Haha, where do babies learn this!!
Fair Enough... - Best Answer for a Test
Innovatibe Baby Products! - Advert Fail! Please tell me you joking....
Too Soon - Irish Car Bomb
99 But Problems - But a .......
Hey Reddit, Check out my new license plate! -
I think every girl in the world needs to see this... -
Basic Difference - Guy Thoughts VS Girl Thoughts
I Agree most def, I agree! - Justin Bieber Rip-Off!
Old Tart & Old Fart - Lol
Funny Faces in the Strangest Places -
Original Photo Bomber! - I say 70's or 80's
McGyver uses his special powers - Take's a girls dress off with out touching her, lol.
If you've ever had one of these, then you should know what I mean.. -
I'm Bringing Sexy back.... -
Lindsay Lohan VS Ancient Mummy - Unbelievable
I Shall Not be... - Star Wars Condoms
I Just Don't Care -
Hey Reddit, Anyone else figure this out about Cats! -
What did you expect?! - Cup of Bacon
Useful Subway Advice - Not Really is it
Dumbest Note from Teacher to Parents - wow, really..
Awareness - Yup, that's Anal Lube!
Premium Dog Treats -
Awesome men and woman restroom signs! - I want these....
Want a good quote to put on facebook! - haha
So if you cross this line for any reason..... - I'm only sleeping over cause i'm to drunk to drive..
Obviously, Bear, Obviously... - This one had me giggles for a minute!
Made in China, Find the Mistake.... - Epic Fail!
Available Update - Mac vs PC vs Linux
Polar Dance - Cutest Ever
I think you are..... -
Strange Jobs - Where can I apply?!
Atoms - Cy & Happi
Most men will agree with this... - Where social networking really started... haha
Anyone see the croc... - Wow!
Prank Went Wrong - Damn, poor girl.
He Wishes! - Sense of Humor
I drew this in a lecture when prof said "repressed button" -
Sidways Pony -
Just because you are unique! - Now this make sense
Make UP vs Beer - Play nice boy's and girls
Want to find out if you have a chance without the embarrassment - Try this on facebook, hahaha.
We all know your lying! - A status i found on a friends facebook page.
Appreciation - Good rules for life may not translate to your sex life
Whats up, Never seen a pug driver.... -
Justin Bieber is not Gay - Wait for the Punch Line!
Dear Boyfriend... - Disgruntled girlfriend draws image for boyfriend.
Smoking - Best Anti-Smoking Ad I've Seen in awhile
Look's like someone had a little accident! -
I never thought i'd see this in person... -
When men take the day off.. - Epic, sorry ladies...
CATMAN - Simple as that...
Winception - Coolest inception rip-off
Guy scars ducklings, hilarity ensues. - Ouch, GIF.
Duck Face! - Girls Stop it now Please
Splash mountain marriage proposal.. - epic!
I Whip my Hair Back and Forth - What a rip-off! GIF
I don't mind.. - On her period..
The first step is admitting it... -
Lunar Eclipse - Optical illusion
Friend VS Vag - iPhone Fail
The most accurate clock in the World. -
Fear of Clowns - Lmfao!
How funny is it when animals ride other Animals -
Random Funny Animals -
Double Nutshot! - Ouch
How can i help this libya situation?! - Really now, facebook fail..
Nom Nom Nom Evidence... - These cops are going to be mad! GIF
Questionable sized buckets! - A conversation between and girl and her ex-bf's mother, debating the size of her foo foo!
Like a Boss - Photoshop or Not
Achievement unlocked: Foursome with ex-wife, girlfriend and a porn star. - Like a Boss!
Holy Shit! - Ouch...
They said i could be anything... -
F*ck The Police - This looks like one mean guy!
Don't Doubt Man - Our Girlfriends are....
Chucknorium - Will they ever stop with Chuck Norris, haha.
Somebody really wanted you to look at this dog -
Office Ninja - I'd beat him, lol.
Just a little bun in the oven.. - Facebook Fail
Love to say, I told you so.. -
Scumbag Print Queen - Why hasn't this been fixed...
I think she meant "rapping". -
Nailed It.. - Dog Clone
Friend Zone - Girls, Boys & Alcohol...
I don't know what to call this.... - Caption/Title Contest!!
Women Englisn VS Man English - Decode all her signals!!
10 Most Bizzare Pics off John's HDD -
Could I be pregnat even if you were on top - You gotta love the dudes reply
Prison Break Puppies - GIF
Best Marketing Scheme Ever - A little unorthodox but hey
He just earned his dog-ree! - Ahhhh cutie...
Can we pretend... - Lion king rip off
Weird People - Seriously where do they come from
1989 v 2011 - Now you know
Mop Heads - Twin Puppies
How to make an angry perons even more angrier - This always happens to me!
Before and After meth mugshot.... HOLY SHIT! -
Me Want Brains - Models, I Worry bout them sometimes..
LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT - So much for lol, lmao, lmfao! Wait till you find out the description of this achronym..
Military Cat - What a clever bastard....
Do Your Job - Blade doing what he does
Happy Birthday =) - Really bright side of an 18th birthday
I'm all out of love - I'm so lost with out you..
At first i was like... - Rebels!
Like a Boss - Is that his nuts?!! Flip
How Christian Bale calls fo help.. - Batman VS iPhone Fail
Hi my name is... - Sometimes people really do take the piss out of your status, lol.
They told me no more churros... - I.......
I know a Good Shortcut -
Definition of Lazy -
Masturbation You're doing it Wrong -
Treat Your Girl Right -
Biology 101 -
I never miss the weather forecast -
Sight it got Another one -
Tiger Knee -
Men Have Simple Minds -
Doritos Prom Dress -
Yoga VS Vodka -
Memopoly -
Its not what you think it is -
Am I Doing it Right -
Divorce -
Happy 12th B-Day to Google -
Fred Flinstone Was Here -
Even without the video, I wouldn't have believed you... -
High Jump Fail (WTF) -
Deal with it.. -
Genie Lamp -
Is that your sister??!! -
I found this Gem in my Dorm Bathroom -
The Scoop on Semen -
Why you don't add your mom on Facebook... -
Blow Drying, Nailed It... -
Meanwhile in Italy -
Don't Fight at Home.. -
7 Ways to Scare your Roomate -
Bad Ass Grandpa -
Damn Turtles Forgot to Put the Cover back on -
Do you see it! -
Don't look at your Keyboard.. -
Dude your crack is showing... -
From ugly guy to a hot girl! -
How I Sleep Every Night... -
I am at loss of words about this cat. Only it brings a huge grin to my face... -
I have no Idea what I'm Doing -
If Web Browsers were Celebrities -
I'm going to post this right here. This is a perfect place for me to post this.. -
It Is... -
Know the Difference -
Me To.. -
My New Associate, Meet Moose! -
Never thought I'd see this in a Utah airport -
Ones Black and Ones white. We get it Apple.. -
Stoplight... -
Tank Catapult -
You're personality based on how you eat corn... -
Terminated for being Awesome... -
Damn it feels good to be a gangster -
Meet Monkey Boy -
Why long distance relationships don't work... -
Me, sarcastic? Never... -
Dinner Directions -
Test your curiosity -
Athletic Body -
ATTN: White girls, stop doing this.. -
Dog VS Sheep -
If facebook existed years ago... -
You always see things more clearly after a few drinks... -
Stop Showing off... -
Sometimes you just have no other option... -
Woman's Power or Photoshop Fail -
Real Six Pack -
Level of Stress -
Ex-Girlfriend... -
Oh Fuck! Run Run Run Run... -
15 of the worst mistakes women make trying to look pretty -
Ever Feel Pissed off at your Boss -
Everyone is good at something.. -
You're leaving me! -
The ugliest thing I've EVER seen... - no.. serious..
Cash Money Dog -
Dear Diary: First Boner -
Real Life Cookie Monster -
Like a Boss! -
Hoodie Dog -
So this is the power of Make-Up! -
Peeping Fail... -
Snow Explosion, WOW! -
At ball game drinking beer saving lives.. -
Why... Why, Oh Why! -
Amazing... -
You are being Monitored... -
Woman! this is the way to stay not pregnant.. -
You know what the worst part is... -
damn speeding cameras.. -
Who would want to marry Chris Brown? -
This guy's logic is Flawless -
Dress to Impress -
Haha so we meet again.. -
Thanks good game... -
Boob is the perfect word.. -
Gingers Make Everything More Interesting -
Found this little gem walking the streets of NYC -
Ok they all fucked -
Go make me a sandwhich -
Thats what friends are for -
The Charity Awaits you Majesty -
Feeling so fly like a G6 -
Obey the Rules -
Charlie sheens way to stay healthy -
Thank goodness it finally arrived -
Timing Fail -
Shit Like this, reddit.. -
Is this considered a photobomb -
Escalator handrail hanging fail -
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Looking the other way.. -
Bad Ass Watch -
Avatar Snoop -
Beach Wedding Tsunami Fail -
skills to pay the bills -
my cat "chicken" the vet says he just wasn't made right.. -
Today is my Reddit birthday, to celebrate, I give you the greatest gif I have ever seen! -
Drag Racing -
I'll be there in 5 minutes.... -
Two Trouble Makers Team Up -
How my kitty helps me with my homework -
Nobody will sleep.. -
No matter what you do you will never be as cool as this guy. -
The Perfect Boyfriend -
That Really is an Unfortunate Accident - Bums and Fingers
Beware of the dog, but becareful for.... -
Charlie Bit Me -
Horse Derp -
Hahaha... awsome Scandinavians... -
Ebert VS Sheen -
Dog Grylls -
Who wants to bet his watching porn -
putting boat in water fail -
Sweetest Zombie shirt of the day -
oh sorry i thought paper would protect you -
Nice... -
I'm Never Drinking Again -
I found a dog towing a cat, towing a rat no, really. -
Chicks todo before I Hit 50 -
My girlfriend is like... -
Bad Jokes -
Bondage with Dad -
The internet ruining your childhood one screencap at a time -
Anne Frank is getting Smart -
How to scare the shit out of the kids.. -
Wedding Fail... -
The Age-old Question -
He Must Really Love Her -
Grandpa Awesome -
Someone Just Got Owned -
I can watch this all day.. -
Found this in the bookstore, challenge accepted.. -
This is not going to end well -
Rest up little buddy -
On the Phone -
Mind Powers -
Flippen Girl Scouts -
Charlie Talks About Guys -
All employees must was genitals. -
Marriage Proposal Magic Trick -
Moves He has Them.. -
Dog Found -
Cat is Ready for Trip -
Kid vs Lion at Zoo -
These images will ruin your childhood for ever... -
No you can't be charlie sheen for halloween.. -
Panda Scared after Japan Earthquake -
Statistics Show -
Awkward.. -
16 way's to use your wrist!! -
Charlie Sheens Piss Test -
Instant abs, wouldn't that be lovely... -
That's one chick you don't wanna mess with.. -
Rabbit's Revenge -
Facebook You vs Realistic You -
Everyone's an Asshole! -
Mom VS Penis Emotion -
Body Building -
Put that stupid tongue back.. -
I saw this hilarious wheel cover and had to take a picture. -
The New KKK -
when you see it you will awww -
Stop / Start -
Catception -
How F*cking Fascinating -
What ever happened to Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll? -
I can't seem to get any likes.. so heres a f*cking puppy in a onesie -
Snooki getting punched in the face... -
Jennifer will you marry me.. -
Bong Costume -
DJ Granny -
Get Away From My Door -
For thos who fear change.. -
yes yes her soul will do -
Stupid Terrorists -
Dear Police, drug dealers have "garages" duh.. -
Want a facebook boy friend?! - First we gotta have facebook sex. Lmao!
Wanna play best out of three.. -
Hello :P -
Bad Ass Evolution -
Actually a Bit Creative -
stealing food from the freezer like a boss -
A Scary Situation -
I can't seem to get any likes.. so heres a f*cking puppy in a Hoodie! -
Sharks -
Make me a sammmich!! -
Real Life Transformer.. -
Invisible Ball -
How to say f*ck you in 100 language - Click here to See Pic
That Feeling... -
Jersey shore 20 years into the future -
I didn't see you there... -
Dude Handles Bear Like a Boss.. -
Next time bring an asian friend -
Asian Supermarkets Never Lie! -
This is one angry little boy -
Facebook Captcha Rubbing It on someone -
Laughing Hazard - Click here to See Pic
Getting Even With the Daughter -
Spectacular Ball kick To the Face -
Must Place Powerline Here -
Are you serious.. -
90s Kids -
This is how you scare your mom -
Cat got hold of my camera.. -
Garbage Ninja -
Watch with any music -
I made a porno with kid cudi after i got drunk... - Make it your status and spread!
Jock Puppy -
Thats not right at all -
Thumb Up Cat -
Wet Chick Owned -
Finally! -
When Absolutely Nothing Goes Right! -
It's a Trap -
Do a Barrel Roll -
Forever Alone.. -
Dad and I are Canoeing.. -
Dear Tooth Fairy -
E P I C -
That girl was so dumb -
Well That Backfired.. -
It happens to save money.. - Click here to See Pic
Gadhafi's Female Bodyguards - Quite talented actually.
When women fight back. -
To Much of That Will Make you Go Blind -
He called me fat - Click here to See Pic
Street Surfing from Russia - Click here to See Pic
Facekick - Click here to See Pic
Must Go Faster - Click here to See Pic
From now on I will only reply to text messages with appropriate memes - Click here to See Pic
I wonder how firefox 4 will perform after all this -
Pure Laziness -
so, my friend is pretty good with math and calculators.. -
They See me Rollin They hatin -
Truth about the hat -
They see me rollin - Click to See Pic
You've Just Been Teabagged! -
Which is better? -
They see me rolling.. - Click to See Pic
My 19 yr old girlfriends ridiculous ass -
F**k This! -
Seperated at Birth: Gaddafi and King Richard -
F*ck Helmets, I know kung fu! -
Sexual Calorie Counter -
Firemen Want Pizza -
Parenting Fail! -
Restaurant Back Kitchen Reciept -
Do Not Promote Anti-Drugs Using Pencils -
I Need That, Like I need a thumb up my..... -
Kid has a great idea... -
Somebody about to get hurt.. -
Surprise... You're Adopted!! -
I hate it when people mistake me for Megan Fox.. -
Your Job According to height of your Pants -
Smart Ass Huskey -
Girlfriend Wanted -
Bang! -
I Whip my ears back and forth! -
Get In the Car Reddit! -
Two Car Nut Shot! -
Nice way to drop a hint.. -
Pedobearzilla -
Awesome Western Tattoo -
Everything I Like... -
Soup for Sluts -
Always remember to open the door first -
Let's Talk about Sex Baby -
Guy Fails Miserably at Hammer Game -
That's what you call a player -
Ohh didn't see you there.. -
Why you should never pass out first -
The evolution of creepy stalker -
Just makes you feel good... -
Ruining a good thing... -
You little shit -
I actually think this all the time -
How to help japan -
Facebook VS Reality: Cat Edition -
Baby Doing a Spectacular Fail -
Geckoflip fail -
Damn u babies -
Things liked by babies, idiots and stoners. -
Typical Female Mentality -
I asked my brother what he wanted on his cookie cake -
Sex is no accident -
It goes both ways -
Homers Wisdom -
Vampire VS Warewolf -
hey cupid can you shoot both of us next time -
what will happen if gay marriage is leagalized -
Makeout Session -
Perception Jiggle -
Hammer Time -
When Baboons Attack -
8-Bit Human Aatomy -
3 Points -
So am i doing this right -
Look at what I saw on the I-15 Yesterday -
A message from reddit to the swine of the world -
Don't be a Negatron -
Meanwhile in Russia -
Internet tough guy -
Everyone of us would be rich if facebook would pay ! -
boys vs girls -
Real Mature -
I hope mum does not have a facebook account -
Dad I'm Coming Down! -
Is this your face.. -
Every house sould have one of these.. -
My firends dog doesn't give any sort of F*ck -
My version of the 'Voice Activated Printer' april fools prank... -
We we we so excited -
Wrong Day -
Born to Troll -
Epic Faceplant in the Sand -
I Must Go! -
This would make an awesome anti-zombie fortress -
Through the eyes of children. -
I'm Not Going There At All Mom -
Avatar's Awkward Deleted Scene -
Champagne Nut Shot -
Sexual Confessions -
I Fear Nothing -
Anyone up for a facial.. -
I can't seem to get any likes.. so heres a f*cking puppy in Sunnies! -
Get up there... -
I asked my brother what he wanted on his cookie cake -
I made a 50 micron tall reddit alien for you guys. Here it is next to one stand of my hair. -
I Think the zombies solved the fortress problem too -
I want to eat -
Road to no Regret -
We starts from A B C -
How you like the sign now dickhead -
Like a Boss -
Idiot Japanese Electronic Cautions -
I haven't gone upstairs in awhile -
Breakdancing Bear -
The More Things Change -
The herbivores are always left out -
20 things guys should never do to girls -
Bring on the Pain -
I don't think your mom will like this -
Wow those are some lucky guys -
Moustacha -
They obviously haven't seen "American Pie"... -
Forever Alone Pro-Tip -
Yankee Fan Helps Him Self -
Face-Palm of the Week -
Grandma's Revenge -
Walk on water? I Ride on Water -
Now thats teamwork -
What is that hanging from your dress -
Ninja Squirrel Takes it all -
Batman is Such a Drama Queen -
Drunk Rides a Pid Down a Road ( Holding a Beer ) -
Female Orgasm For Dummies -
Justin Beanber -
Forever April Fools -
Bathroom Secrets -
Daniel Must Be a Redditor -
Grown-Ups VS Kids -
Yep I'm Not Gonna Lie I'm A Grown Ass Man And I Still Do This -
Nietzsche vs. Frida Kahlo pun -
Subtle troll is subtle. Saw this on the black board of my Calculus class. -
Forever Alone Booth -
Forever Alone Booth -
Police Intimidation Level -
A Letter To MY Daughter -
My Favorite Shit, Yes I Am Single! -
FML! -
Why I'm looking forward to being a father -
Women are like refirgerators -
I don't mind coming to work -
Mowgli, Customer Service. -
It's Super Effective -
I'm drunk, why are you still ugly. -
Most Pointless Family Photo Ever -
My Way Of Apologizing -
Really Dude, You Almost blew my F*cking Head Off! -
This is so wrong.. -
Pool Rules! -
Buried At Sea -
Extreme Parenting!! -
Verify My Age -
I Don't Need Sex -
Cupid 2.0: Shit just got real -
You tell him, Spidey. -
Boom -
Perhaps we can cut out the middle man here... -
She Likes All Nuts -
My brothers and I made a mothers day card. -
Thanks guys -
what happens in hotel rooms -
In your face -
There are no words to describe this! -
bin Laden has no chance to escape. -
Oh.. Fuck this shit. -
Happy Mother's Day... -
Dude.. She's Your Sister! -
Don't engage in phone sex... -
WTF Happened -
It's spring time, you know what that means... -
Eat The Depression Away.. -
What does it take to make republicans happy -
It's Never Too Big! -
If You Want To Be Something, You Gotta Think Like It! -
I don’t always get my name mistaken -
My six year old daughter wrote us a note today. She loves us more than... wait...what...really -
No hover hand here -
My 12 year old's reasons he loves his mom. -
Well, that was efficient -
A cat on an underwater treadmill -
Awkward Conversation Between Father and Son -
Grandpa WTF are you doing?! -
His face says it all -
Dirty Mind -
Birth of a Ninja -
Please Sir. I'll do anything just don't SLAP me!..I mean Anything! -
William and Kate, First public... -
Disco -
Well That Was Easy -
This makes sense....wait.. -
Dad's Creepy Photobomb -
Mac VS PC - The Truth -
So I'm trying to convince my friend that she has a real life troll face. Let her know what you think! -
Men Vs Women: Faking It! -
Self Bicycle Kick -
And that was the last time she ever asked to go to the zoo. -
George Does a Pretty Great Okay Face. -
Why Would Your Dad Say Such A Thing... -
My friend does pre-release product testing for Nabisco, he just got these in today. -
Real Music -
Mike first time on LSD -
Sweet Trade -
Invisible.... -
She's a monster... -
Apparently I've been driving around with this little gem for a week now -
Challenge accepted... -
This picture has me pronouncing things in ridiculous ways now. -
Why So Serious -
Stop in the name of the law -
Great idea huh -
Don't Mind If I Do! -
Sue My Parents -
where can i find one of these toilets -
How to play chess in afghanistan if your a marine -
wanna know how i got these scars -
Your Only Chance To Get Inside Her... -
Parenting... -
Current Status -
I Love You Too..... -
Photoshop Fail -
Exam Energy Kit -
I did not see that coming. -
Ambitions of a Philosophy Major -
This is what Bank of America thinks about you -
Japan sure is weird... -
Wash Your Hands After Using The Restroom! -
How i met your mother -
Hey Guys, Need Help Naming Your Member -
British teenage life expectations -
Is it just me... -
How to Dick Knob Someone -
Good boy. You look Fabulous! -
My preferred method of trolling facebook. -
Reflections... That's What They're For! -
While at my sister's college graduation, I saw this... -
Has science gone too far -
you have what -
I hope he gets you -
McHorror -
No automatic flush -
What font is your dog -
Facebook Trolling -
Hockey vs Soccer -
Growing you hair -
Fun ways to die -
Motivation -
Go Ahead, I Dare You! -
WTF is going on with these things! -
Jk Rowling Went To Far... -
And The Baby Remains Unphased! -
My latte was tits this morning -
Life’s too short for the wrong job -
Backwards Baseball Cap = More Strength -
Al-Qaeda is a sneaky one -
It Was A Short Fight -
Dear Dad -
Guy who almost hit bella with a car - Good thing she wasn't crossing the street
My mom just showed me this picture of my parents wedding. When you see it... -
A Conversation That Shouldn't Be Shared With Anyone! -
Trolls, They're Everywhere! -
This is why you should wear your seatbelt. -
I must admit, I've thought this myself. -
Prom Picture, 1-up'd. -
I feel so terrible about this -
Now Nobody Can Steal It! -
Through the magic of Photoshop I was able to make it look like I was with my brother at his graduation... I'm the one on the right. -
Thought this was too awesome for everyone else not to see. -
Justice, READ or GTFO -
Car dealers don't need an education? - Who buys a car from somebody who can't spell?
No Freak Dancing -
Quality parenting on Facebook -
Why you do this -
Fun with drunk people -
perfect timing -
A finger exercise that eliminates almost 100% of stress. -
I Smell A Lawsuit... -
my boyfriends tight -
Photoshop Fail -
So all of a sudden I'm passing a ginger on a unicycle... -
So I tried to get some wifi the other day... -
Ultimate Telemarketer Troll -
This is how i leave work everyday -
Happy Fathers Day -
Now That Is What I Call Talking Dirty -
Forgive my lack of delicacy but why the fuck is this cool -
okcupid soulmate level -
It is Political -
I Don't Think Your Brother Will Like You Doing That To Him -
my boyfriends tight -
As a black man this is what I hate about New York City -
Fair maiden at the boardwalk -
Image Googled awkward father -
Stealing home, like a boss -
Gender Test -
The Real Power Of Makeup -
Top 5 things todo during an aexam -
Im Hilarious -
You are coming with us -
The circle of Life -
Next time start her off with Green Eggs And Ham -
Found this on facebook - need a caption - By Don: Puss-in-boots.... GET IN MY BELLY!!!!
I don't think the Japanese get racism -
Japan Being Japan -
Life is Tough -
We all do it.. deal with it -
My friend left a bowl of mashed potatoes on his kitchen table, and came back to find this. -
Now i Wait -
This Was All I Used As A Child -
Making of Rango -
Release the Kraken -
To early for a swim Fuck it -
Tested On Animals. They Didn't Fit -
Puppies -
So I tried to get some wifi the other day... -
Proof of that cats dont give a fuck -
What a fail what a fumble -
Hair colours explained -
Problem Solved -
Think Twice Before You Tell Her To Go In The Kitchen... -
Photoshop Fail -
Cat Treadmills -
If you don't like our humor... -
Epic Save -
Self-Diagnosis -
This picture has been up at my work for over a year and every time I see it it seems to scream SURPRISE BUTT SEX. -
Get it -
Not a photoshop fail -
Keep up the good work -
The cutest Letter Opener Ever -
one of the most clever tattoos i've seen -
How I think my moustache looks.. -
For the fans of optical illusions -
k ttyl -
So they were giving out free Dr. Peppers... -
What happens when you microwave vodka -
I Smell A Lawsuit... -
Nice Bike -
Nightmare -
Muh fuggin cosplay. -
Together alone -
That is a lot of awesome just for one photo -
John Lennon Snorting Coke -
The biggest fear of having a daughter. -
Thanks robocop -
Is it normal -
I can't either - -
Are you serious -
True as hell -
I would not fuck with this kangaroo -
low battery -
Fuck everyone -
Fuck everything about this -
Every single time -
Stuck on an island -
My little brother's 11th birthday is in two days -
Criminals beware -
Do people really have to ask this -
World according to woman -
Yeah thats pretty muchi t -
Fuck off -
Anyone been on this trail -
It's what we a call a snooki its very famous -
Pure Genious -
Give me your feet -
Hipster overload -
I want to post what happens when you leave -
We almost there -
I wish it was possible -
I love mirrors -
Alive -
If you cheat on me.. Oh Dear! -
They sent me to detention... -
Tennis -
Old email address -
Dumbass Pregnat Girl -
My girlfriend warned me -
True story -
Day and night at the same time -
Why's it so powerful -
Life after death -
I'm so hipster i use black designer toilet paper -
True Love -
You're like a drug -
Pretty much -
The real reason children become frustrated adults -
I prefer the handicapped stall -
Practise what you preach -
Nothing will save you -
You can stay at my house -
Kindness from a stranger -
got this slipped to me during class... -
Clever Girl -
Pretty lady -
Meanwhile in Brazil -
Loyal to the end -
Double standards WIN -
The super punch -
Together alone -
why I love my mom.. -
That is a lot of awesome just for one photo -
John Lennon Snorting Coke -
The biggest fear of having a daughter. -
My brother asked if these went together -
Thanks robocop -
My favorite gif ever -
The Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse -
Silence is Golden -
Thirsty -
Is it normal -
I can't either - -
Are you serious -
True as hell -
Relationship status -
I would not fuck with this kangaroo -
low battery -
Wow shes a -
Fuck everyone -
meanwhile in china -
Fuck everything about this -
I would have -
Every single time -
Stuck on an island -
My little brother's 11th birthday is in two days -
Poke Ahontas -
Criminals beware -
Spell Correction -
How do i tell him this is wrong -
Do people really have to ask this -
What being tall really means. -
Little things in life -
World according to woman -
Yeah thats pretty muchi t -
Simpsons Family IRL -
Slavery and Aliens -
Fuck off -
Anyone been on this trail -
It's what we a call a snooki its very famous -
Pure Genious -
Give me your feet -
Hipster overload -
I want to post what happens when you leave -
Decided to show my sister what 90% of her Facebook pictures look like to me. -
We almost there -
I wish it was possible -
15 not so important facts about sex -
3053 pieces of toast later.... -
Proper Manners -
Inspirational trolling -
Censorship tells the wrong story -
I love mirrors -
Why I love America (also why I'm glad I'm not american) -
Like a boss -
Okay... -
Alive -
we could never figure out if Anna was coming or going, even her name is a palindrome -
If you cheat on me.. Oh Dear! -
They sent me to detention... -
Tennis -
sometimes I just wonder, where's all the love gone -
Old email address -
Dumbass Pregnat Girl -
When fat people attack -
My girlfriend warned me -
True story -
Toilet Prank -
Dangers of Internet -
Day and night at the same time -
WTF Creeper -
Why's it so powerful -
Life after death -
Facebook... -
Lost -
Hitler had the right idea -
I'm so hipster i use black designer toilet paper -
True Love -
You're like a drug -
Don't be racist be like mario -
Pretty much -
So true... -
Party Hats -
Grandma fail -
The real reason children become frustrated adults -
Invisible -
I prefer the handicapped stall -
Practise what you preach -
looking down from a radio tower -
Am i DOing this right -
Eyes -
PULL OVER. No, it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! -
Nothing will save you -
It's shit like this, ocean. Foreveronland. -
You can stay at my house -
Scumbag google -
Kindness from a stranger -
got this slipped to me during class... -
Clever Girl -
I thought girls don't do that -
Troll Parents -
onwards noble steed -
First thing I do when I walk in the door from work. -
Domesticated silverback gorilla...amazing. -
Real reason not to dod rugs -
Google plus minus facebook -
the unexpected answet -
Pro Tip -
The advantages of... -
grapefruits -
are you raising a douchebag -
Like a Boss -
my frist mind blown toy as a kid -
seriously what is the little kid doing -
Spot time -
Definition laziness -
If your going to cheat hide your car -
when being conceited yes -
Bill Gates -
The most effective home security system on the market -
long distance relationship -
Google if you were a responsible friend you would not give me this information -
Believe on thing practise another -
You so silly dog -
What it really means -
I can't beleive you finally lost your virginity -
I mustache -
everyone did -
Stereo types -
Another way to call in sick -
The life of a bachelor -
OKay you got me -
Banned from penguin ville -
Forever alone guy finally finds his friends -
What not to wear when you visit your grandma -
Not a fail awesome -
Guess the number i am thinking of -
Andm a now a message from the council of unhappy boyifrien -
Steve Carell VS Zack Galifianakis -
She's seen that before -
bitches love cuteness -
You know it has happened to you -
racist cleverbot win -
True Face of McDonalds -
True story -
Barbed wire fences are maed to send a message -
Two letters -
Hoes before bros -
Rescue mission -
Two Rules -
hwo to irritate -
not possible -
Maths -
Just a small croc -
help this baby -
Whats the story behind ladies first -
This is one happy kid -
I'm pregnat -
When the boss provides the cake for the office party -
Homeless doesn't mean heartless -
Forever Virgin -
Can't argue with that -
Advanced Planking -
The best things in life are... -
Wish every cop was just like this one.. -
Cockblockers these days -
i heart u fixed -
35 Fun things todo when driving -
Ninjas -
Owling is the new planking -
Guess -
Grrr -
Emmas thoughts -
Ex Wars -
Yo mamas so fat her wands a slim jim -
Planking explained -
Truth Hurts -
I love the smell of pepperoni -
My roommate and I decided to try planking, is he doing it right -
Natural Habitat -
Dey was talking shit, so -
snapped a pic of my daughters first time on a bus.. wait where is the busy going -
Whoopi Goldberg -
Gplus VS FB -
so this explains why i do these st -
Wingman of the Year -
Indeed -
This made me feel better about being a chubby guy -
It's so horribly, horribly well done. -
Relationship -
No more explaining -
watch where you pointing that thing bro -
you know its true! -
Trolled my gf with this. She's not talking to me now. -
future of social networks -
haters gonna hate -
lets have an auction -
Roughly -
stop time -
ina thousand years -
When i read some comments on LolSnaps -
Next time your friend leaves their facebook on try this -
Womens rights -
Voldemorts and Harrys epic battly -
No one gives a.. -
Facebook and google are the same thing right -
Not Today -
Everybody chill the fuck out i got this -
If you let this happen to your kids fck you -
Spider woman -
Woman Logic -
Epic Hot Tub & Parenting Fail -
Clubs -
When your ex says you'll never find anyone like me... -
Memories -
Advanced Algebra -
After i prove someone wrong -
Woman driving -
High or Sleepy -
Goto America -
Tanning beds -
Your best friend -
Facebook Relationship status -
my friend's gf did not get the reference, she was serious -
Fair enough -
I could have been killed taking this picture -
Troll Dad -
I'll save you big guy, I promese -
Things that are stupid -
How to use the F -
Well he does make sense -
Dinner will be ready -
Troll Mom -
I have done numerous tests -
If you do this to your child, FUCK YOU! -
Fly fishing -
Submarines -
sleepwear -
So my friend works at a restaurant. Today a guy gave her this tip and then added... -
whats a horny pirates worst night mrre -
The Beach -
Best pickup line ever -
This is called Humanity -
Your majesty -
Laser Guided Kitty -
Don't tickle me -
So true -
Hi, MTV. I'm Lord Voldemort and welcome to my crib -
Dat Ass -
Speaking in public -
The Reasons i Love France -
It fcking hurts -
BEcause fuck planning -
The ultimate rock paper scissors -
I'm just trying to have a smoke.. -
Accidentally roofied his own drink. -
Is this normal -
Trying too hardrd -
Is it too early to laugh.... -
Japan -
Haha Funny Sht -
Circle of Relationship -
Holla -
This went on for about 20 minutes... -
Cleverbot for the win -
When you see it.. -
The purpose of spooning -
Baby Megatron -
On Facebook... -
Girls Are Trying To Be Ducks -
This mind fkd me for longer then it should -
Peeing like a boss -
Racist Cat -
Scracth here... -
Kids Movies -
I prefer my own piss... -
Legalize It -
True Love -
This shoe advertisement blows -
Whats wrong -
Oh. -
Great Pick Up-Line. Read from bottom up.. -
Its okay big guy -
Via gameboy color -
Sad but true -
How to spot a douchebag -
A man and a woman -
The internet -
I'm not totally useless -
oh brain brain -
this bitch just got owned -
Magic Trick -
The next big thing -
Face Fail -
A Single Male Brain -
Types of Diaper Loads -
fabulous, fabulous clothes -
No one ever wants to be friends once they discover I'm a dragon -
Found this on the work refrigerator.... -
This is your mother -
Kids today -
harry potter just got real -
Touche Son, Touche... -
Top 10 WTF US Sex Laws -
wonder why she said stop writgni -
Loose Vaginas -
man woman geek -
That's how you raise a child -
Awesome Dad -
Every single morning -
every time -
Baby are you jealous -
Best Stroy Ever -
That awkward moment -
Badass Boyfriend Really -
Bitch Please -
Bunk bed wizard -
Best Stroy Ever -
Batman -
Why obama ran for president - Obama has his reasons
how stock market works -
Meanwhile, in Pakistand -
Seafood diet -
Money can't but happiness -
Break Fast -
Dream bedrooms -
A Dwight Shrute Moment -
Let me tell if its soft -
Never worry about finding an outlet again -
fRyNU1 -
I live in florida -
Scumbag Rioters -
Dump Her -
How relationships work -
Heaven and Hell -
Black -
Lol i'm lady gaga -
Dear public transit riders -
Crazy bathroom art -
parenting 101 -
There are no words... -
Runnn -
Like a Boss -
Meanwhile in London -
Pretty much sums up 80 of relationships -
20 Years from Now -
When you're done ... -
google win -
Wait why are we doing this -
My boyfriend slapped a retard today -
A Cat in a Lettuce -
Drink -
Find Money Winning! -
Revolution -
Thats pretty awesome -
Brother Sister Roleplay Owned -
Three simple rules in life -
The key for paradise -
advertising is the key to success - -
I couldn't stop laughing when i first saw this -
Priorities You're doing it wrong. -
Every.Fking.Time -
Its in their genes.. -
Do i laugh or cry -
a text from gf nailing it -
Win so much win -
198662_460s -
How can he..! DAMN! -
Woman VS Men wearing nothing but tshirt -
Alligator lagoomn -
Life is too short -
Make your own sentence -
They real -
Women and Men Shopping -
Makes me proud to be a man -
Checkmat -
Unfair battle -
haters gonna hate -
Thumb war -
OMG! -
Wtf is this shit -
You failed as parents -
You were born too late -
push it to the limti -
didn't think of that -
Yeah i know -
I'm right where i'm supposed to be -
The Friend Comparison...FFUUUUUUU -
Woman -
This worths the read! -
A Flip book i made for my girlfriend -
I wish I could tell a joke this well -
Laziness -
setting things straight -
Playah playah -
I do believe.. -
Sure dad what do you want to know -
Guess who was the judge -
This is your mother -
Smart Tee -
Like a boss -
Just working on my thighs -
Everytime i'm around a girl -
Think out side the box -
Meanwhile in Dubai -
Perception vs Reality -
everything you need to know about boobs -
Stupid People -
herp bomb -
Advertising. -
Bullshit -
am i doing this right -
Bear Attacks Man -
First was i like -
A wise friend of mine told me why -
Admit it -
206690_460s -
Hey Mom -
Times have changed -
Dog VS Speed -
Madonnas secret -
Kant or wont -
Washing instruction -
Quick Snack -
Roses, candles, champagne, bath with suds... -
Movie watch time -
Parker -
I wish Steve would get a real Job and stop with the silly iNames -
Woman's logic -
What vegetarians really eat -
He calls him self darwin -
Smartphones -
Personality quiz -
The generation gap -
So you find yourself in this awkward situation... -
Stocking even better than planking! -
Out of ideas -
Skinny water -
Because bieber knows time travel -
I'm not a lesbian -
The lie detector robot -
I'm so glad i don't have a daughter -
Everyday I'm Shufflin -
hope -
The Origin of... -
Musical Instrument for kids -
My gf hates abbreviations -
Hey Google -
My Math Teacher -
There is something you should know... -
Its called an illusion -
Dumb girl is dumb -
And not a single fuck was given -
Unintentional Voltorb cosplay -
office special edition yo -
The duck has swagger -
why cosmo is FCKING retarded -
Ladies -
Sometimes i feel this is true -
Penis VS Brain -
why we fight -
Mindless Violence -
Imagine your Wife done this to you -
Facebook CSI Troll -
If any photo ever begged for photoshop -
Why woman why -
They told me i could be anything -
He has spoken -
Great Minds, Great People... -
How was your summer jerry -
scarfinger -
It's cool man -
You look like i could use a drink -
Reminds me of my Boss -
Why do i even bother asking -
Come one be a real man -
Auto Focus Way to make your GF angry -
Norris wants to know something -
Catzilla -
Warning -
Le Fashion Secret -
I wanted a bear so i adopted a cat -
Just cute -
So thats what i'm talking about -
Truer words have never been spoken -
Lol -
My vote for father of the year -
He could really use an ipad -
Sorry, but this will make you feel old -
In Color -
Apologizing -
how your perspective changes in 20 years -
Just 2 toothbrushes -
Hitman Monkey -
This just can't be real -
a dried leaf, a good amount of skill and time to make it happen -
Facebook in a nutshell -
I'll have to try this sometime -
Dog waiting for his owner like a boss -
Take to much off the top -
How i spend time in my shower -
Shame -
The most BADASS Helmet ever -
Looks like that one flew over her head -
Hang on Doc. -
prepar to loose your masculanity -
Cool Shark Fact -
Yeah it happens -
Owling Pioneer or Abusive Father -
Quote of the Day -
Guilty Smile -
As a black man, this is probably my life's crowning achievement -
To the window -
I said STOP -
Shit, I Don't know -
You shouldn't be sleeping when their is a camera around -
Found this on my car today -
Midnight Snack -
why does this always happen to em -
Powerful -
Wish you were here -
i have never realised how important eyebrows are -
Why I Love living in the country -
Your supply of internet is here -
Guilty -
I'll just have the soup -
The Pizza Warrior -
Meanwhile in Afghanistan -
is this a common way to get around in germany -
First World Problem -
I bwoke my ear -
best mousepad ever -
What meetings at the UN are really like -
No Wait... No NO -
happy elephant makes me happy -
What if logos told the truth - Camel -
Couldn't be truer -
What if logos told the truth - Facebook -
What if logos told the truth - Microsoft -
What if logos told the truth - Porsche -
What if logos told the truth - McDonalds -
What if logos told the truth - Apple -
Can't believe i got this wrong -
I'm galileo -
French speaking guide, well that should be handy -
Mints for Sluts -
Reality Check on Airport Securite -
This should be the dress code for everywhere -
We are going to be safe -
Shaving -
Just a handful of badgers -
Grandpa... reminiscing -
Arguing on the internet in CAPS LOCK -
this kitten will eat your soul -
Super Baby -
Onward -
Truth -
Meanwhile at the beach -
This is my romeo this is my juliet -
Gets me everytime -
successful unsubscription -
The definition of aging well -
Working at the cow wash -
Ugh, i have to use the human again -
just a bubble popping in mid air -
Please stop doing this -
There should be more of these signs -
Swish -
Cute, chubby penguin -
When i use my bathroom scale -
The difference between a msuician and a rapper -
No Shit -
Slacker -
I don't always clean my car -
how i know the coffee is working -
They are smiling -
Its a bad habbit -
Todays weather forecast -
Seems Legit -
A most interesting analogy -
Big brother to the rescue -
Dudes gotta know -
Its the truth -
This is my fort -
sexy-football-jersey-22 -
What i feel like when im drunk -
Never gets old -
Some People -
Another first world problem -
He likes revenge served extra crispy -
One at a time ladies -
How i type -
Why do they call it xbox 360 -
student wins again -
When you miss an open goal -
Can your mac do this -
For sure i'll get one of those to me -
Truly Motivational -
Is my childhood the same as yours -
And bad ones -
CSI seems legit -
Lost -
Like a BOss -
Seems Sensible to Me -
Wow. Just bring the mojitos to cabin 4, thanks mate. -
Billboard for adult store in TEXAS -
Why we have eyebrows -
They laughed at our glasses -
Finding a Pencil -
I love realism -
math problem -
Rollin -
Only in South Africa -
Happens all the time -
In, out -
Use Stairs -
They know -
Desperate Parents -
No diving -
Tastes like chicken -
Kids -
Ouch -
Girlfriend VS Boyfriend -
I just realized -
It's Just Fun To Look At Psychedelic Reindeer -
The Next Apple Blockbuster Product -
Teeth are going to fly -
This guy is a little to brave if you ask me -
success -
Awww yeah okk -
They told me no more churros -
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard -
Every cat has bear feet -
Awesome way to fuck with your drunk friends -
My teachers husband has developed Alzheimers -
its getting to that time of the year again -
I support everones troops -
Truer Words -
batmans coffee -
does anyone else see these lines sometimes from their eyes -
Moments Like thes -
This is how i feel at work sometimes -
Meanwhile in germany -
This guy is a little to brave if you ask me -
I'm the chosen one -
spongebob love -
The Jewelry Tease -
Caught by Dan's -
Doorbells in 2011 -
Amazing -
TSA Choice -
Fort -
So.. -
Wanna go out -
Suprise for the house keeper -
We complicate life -
The one true king -
Life before the computer -
This line never fails -
Want -
Super dog -
Thats why germany is superior -
Saturday mornings -
Don't rub it -
But Dad I am ashamed -
M and M's and Waterdrops -
Living the life -
Smiles -
How to stop kids wearing baggy pants -
Why are woman bad at parallel parking -
Girls -
Amazing pumpkins -
Typical Human Thinking -
Not a nerd -
Show me -
You're like an angel with no wings -
Frank wha the hell are you doing -
Very True -
That awkward moment -
Oh gosh that tickles -
Playing hard to get -
Classy motherfcka -
Douchbag Neck -
i see what u did there -
Fly little turtle -
Dear Twilight Fans -
Acid -
Earthporn is Porn -
That funny moment -
Shut upp shannon -
Sounds about right -
Being Healthy -
Rotating 360 sockets -
Better then Saying I love you -
Blueberry -
Baby trolol -
The unexpected -
Don't Cry -
America was built by men in denim -
They said -
My 9-year-old sister has cancer... -
Careful when you take dogs do to the park, people do this for no aparant reason -
Oaklands Graffiti at its finest -
An old italian gentleman -
When you have dumb friends who need help with an essay -
There are two types of people in this world -
EpicSnaps Guid to Trollin -
Got home early and caught them in the act -
Some of the freakiest shit in the world -
Demon Face -
Wrong Numba Madam -
Wrong Numba Madam -
I'm not fat.. -
This is how people think i feel when i'm unemployed -
best pick up line ever -
Poke Ahontas -
How do i tell him this is wrong -
Little things in life -
Simpsons Family IRL -
For sure i'll get one of those to me -
Slavery and Aliens -
Fuck off -
It's what we a call a snooki its very famous -
Is my childhood the same as yours -
Pure Genious -
Give me your feet -
Hipster overload -
I want to post what happens when you leave -
I wish it was possible -
Like a BOss -
Finding a Pencil -
Proper Manners -
I love realism -
math problem -
Inspirational trolling -
I love mirrors -
Rollin -
Only in South Africa -
Okay... -
Happens all the time -
If you cheat on me.. Oh Dear! -
sometimes I just wonder, where's all the love gone -
In, out -
My girlfriend warned me -
Life after death -
I'm so hipster i use black designer toilet paper -
Pretty much -
So true... -
Facebook... -
No diving -
Hitler had the right idea -
Party Hats -
Grandma fail -
Invisible -
I prefer the handicapped stall -
Practise what you preach -
looking down from a radio tower -
Iron man -
PULL OVER. No, it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! -
Nothing will save you -
It's shit like this, ocean. Foreveronland. -
Kids -
Scumbag google -
Kindness from a stranger -
got this slipped to me during class... -
I thought girls don't do that -
The Restaurant -
True story.. -
Live your life and let me live my life -
That's not a miracle -
I miss this guy -
Kiss like a boss -
The Dalai Lama on Humanity -
He chose neck -
Sweet nerd -
Sorry, That's not correct -
Kids these days... -
Save us, Jimi -
Cool -
A new notification! -
Oh Slap -
Epic Job Application -
This is America -
O NPH! -
Back in my day, rock stars died of drug overdoses. -
Who's the idiot now -
whenever I watch one of these type shows I always think -
Help to preserve this -
Good Answer -
Troll Cats -
Caps Lock -
Seriously, why is it illegal -
a patriot -
That's how it should work.. -
One of the worst feelings -
I love Microsoft Paint -
Girlfriend Troll -
Weekdays -
It's shit like this, 1%. -
Remember me -
Nobody read this.. -
Do you guys have a bathroom -
That's cold, Mom. -
Anyway Thanks dad -
He Surely Does -
Trolled -
Don't do that -
Science Quites -
Bill and Steve -
Attack -
Don't worry, I got this -
A week vs one mistake -
Cookie Monster -
If you remember this... -
I wish you didn't exist. -
Yoda -
You know he is awesome -
Not ba... wait -
The originals -
Did you know that -
Smart phone -
What are you doing right now -
rive-thru geology -
Adaption to iPhone -
shooting the MGM Logo -
Every Single Time -
It CAN be done. -
Wearing a Husky -
Bieber is going down -
College Freshman in the lecture -
I don't think so as well -
Just... act natural. -
Happy Kid -
Mindblowing Fact -
Milk Glass -
Protesting in America -
Highest Level of Troll -
Introducing friend zone phil, He just can't catch a break... -
Priceless -
Veteran -
Pet Rock -
Just for my little friend -
Selfish Cat -
Gays -
What -
McMetallica -
6 Things we say in school -
Good Point -
When you see it -
Guys are like Bras -
Insanity Puppy -
That's what you call getting SUPER-Friend ZONED! -
Totally Call Her -
Forever Alone -
Apple store hook up -
Programmers VS Users -
Not a single fuck was given.. -
Shared Closet -
Duck WTF -
A picture of Zach Braff screwing one of his fans -
Man is A Hero! -
Ability -
Smart Kid -
Fast! -
Fck -
Your mobile phone -
When your on the computer -
Meanwhile in Dubai. . . -
Legend -
FOCT on Woman's Rights -
Will we survive the Justin Bieber style -
Must have been really funny -
I want todo this to my boss when he sleeps -
Ghost Rider Race -
Memories -
It Was Huge! -
We can share it -
Perfectly open space -
Awkward -
Challenge Accepted -
Meanwhile in India -
Yeah about that Hit and Run -
I really don't feel comfortable with this picture. -
So a friend asked me to photoshop her boyfriend out of a photo... -
Bumblebee -
Everything is going according to my plan -
An Inca Girl has been perfectly mummified for 500 years. -
First thing -
Harry's Pain -
James Franco's Nose is a Ninja Turtle -
Scumbag Professor -
Jokes about female hygiene are totally inappropriate -
Haven't seen this one on here before -
Awesome Baby Animals -
Turns out there really is an I in TEAM -
Does a prositute file a pregnancy as... -
Epic Teacher is Epic -
Damn it -
Meanwhile in Sweden -
Prom Photo when your forever alone -
I see what you did there -
Edward isn't a vampire -
Pimped Pad -
Dark Lord of the Kittih! -
Poor Parker -
Our Generations Problem -
I bet you are! -
I sleep late every night -
If you did this before, your childhood was awesome -
Everyday -
This is brilliant Same Upside down -
Disney Land's Splash Mountain -
Excuse me waiter, what the hell is this... -
This Sucks -
Sometimes shooting just isn't enough -
Yet another use for boobs -
Truth -
Returded Panda -
Becareful what you feed your brain -
If only... -
HomeWorks -
illusion -
Now I can Troll my whole office -
Philosyraj -
B..tch Please -
An eye close up -
Who doesn't love this guy -
Bestfriends VS Friends -
Nice Try! -
They're everywhere! -
Educational system in one image -
Cute Baby Dolphin -
New Year's Day -
Mario! -
Not Drunk... -
Mind = Blown -
Missing Unicorn -
Latest Zombie Protection House -
What are you looking at -
I wasn't drunk -
Cap dat b...tch! -
When you pass out -
So True -
True Story -
Only one glass -
You can count on men -
6 Things we say in school FIXED -
That's the point -
Words Hurt -
Motherhood -
Some halloween themed cookies... Gross or Awesome -
Calm down John -
The truth and nothing but the truth -
Know the difference -
The Air Force -
Everyday I'm Shuffling! -
Why This Face -
The bear -
Take my picture -
Godzilla.. Which Godzilla.. -
Save us! save us! -
Alladin clothes + Patrick Star = -
This is a real sign by my house -
Does it get cuter then this -
Five pearls of scottish wisdom -
F..k -
My sister took this photo of her pets the other morning. -
Explain this. Nailed it. -
Everytime at work -
I just pooped -
Greatest Defaced dollar bill, ever -
It wasn't me -
Another awesome halloween costume -
We have a winner -
Norm Macdonald on Woman Drivers -
Saw this on the back of someones sail boat -
Magic Beer -
Halloween - Humiliate your Baby Day -
History of Earth reduced to a 24 hour clock -
OMGOMGOMG. He's real!! -
Angry Birds Logic -
Gimme Five -
Best baby Halloween Costume Ever -
I am a mini puppy -
It's Friday, Friday -
A friend of mine got ready for tonights halloween party. Nailed it -
Came across this when i was walking to class hungover -
The old prowler is at it again -
Stretch your tense neck -
There it goes -
Things that entertain me -
When I actually do the assignment the teacher doesn't collect it -
Real Life Nyan Cat -
Can I have a push up please -
Today I learned how owls sleep -
Stages of Life -
My opinion on all the recent skinny vs curvy posts -
Getting ready to go out -
Clever Girl -
Problem US Army -
Meanwhile in Brazil -
What to bang tonight -
Gillian McKeith x Nigella Lawson -
Losers look the same -
Chuck F..cking Norris -
Dogs and Cats -
His life must be beautiful -
He Doesn't -
Sorry for the Inconvenience -
Outdoor Fridge -
Pregnancy FAIL -
Touch me again I Dare you -
This line worked for me last night -
Meanwhile in America -
One of the best feelings ever -
Meanwhile in Romania -
Scumbag Woman -
Studying like a boss -
He is a Legend -
What.. It's just a house pumpkin -
Your mom -
Cups of Coffee -
Hilarious Prank -
Ladybag -
Semen Detector -
Damn ICE -
A Train -
Poor -
Reese witherspoon -
You are doing it right -
Fire Penguin Disco Panda -
C-C-C-Combo Breaker -
Math meets pizza.. makes sense -
Marble Caves in Chilli -
It's Really So -
Racist Dog -
Real LIFE -
Tea Rex -
Don't do drugs -
Wrong neighbourhood seriously -
Burn -
Don\'t F*** With Big Bird! - Lesson learned? Don\'t dress up as Rambo and make stupid Nelly remarks to Big Bird. Big Bird WILL kick your a**.
I will do as you say oh might fortune cookie -
Angry Birds not as fun in real life -
#1 Tip for Reducing Weight -
Full meaning of signs -
Good joke man -
Johnny is single -
Freedom or not -
He will never have a girlfriend - Brad Dourif -
Googled seahorse and got this.. -
So sexy -
Grandpa discovered facebook -
How I feel trying to learn an instrument -
Fuck the system -
I laughed harder than I should have.. -
President of Ireland - 71 years old -
He will never have a girlfriend - Jason Zimbler -
I want you back in my life -
Dirty mind -
Fried apple -
Me too, kid. Me too -
I did -
Nikola Tesla holding a lightbulb that is being lit with wireless electricity -
Oh-crap - You are beautiful -
And the award for the best Halloween costume goes to... -
Rescued this little family from a gassing shelter today, their time was about up -
I hate when that happens -
Lego 3D art -
This made my night -
Chuck Norris's son -
It is correct -
So I found Yao Ming's dog -
My new neighbor moved in next door. Meet Craig -
I paid off my student loans yesterday! Here I am out celebrating -
Just trying to fit in -
Probably the finest place to enjoy a beer -
Don't worry. Jason Statham's got this -
Why you should never dress as zebra -
What's your priority -
My daughter's new hobby - coloring in my tattoos -
By far the cutest post pregnancy pics I have ever seen -
Everyone's favorite thing about the iPhone -
I'm stealing this outfit for Halloween -
Come on kids, lets all stand on this rickety bridge for a nice family photo -
He will never have a girlfriend - Jonah Hill -
Sheldon start conversation -
thousands of rubber duckies into the lazy river -
Baby polar bear in the snow for the first time -
Mommy and Kitty -
Dat Ass -
The only worthy school-skipping excuse letter -
I'm taking a nap -
Neighbour's kid writes us a letter the day after a party. -
White People Problems -
Too soon -
The biggest set you've ever seen -
War Chicken -
Classic Galifinakis. -
My Favorite gif -
ran into this girl last night. you might now her as the -overly obsessed girlfriend- -
I scream -
What big brothers are for -
Forever alone... -
Nerdy wedding rings. Are we doing it right -
90's Snoop is not amused with todays snoop -
Race you to the top! -
My local firehouse's heat wave priorities -
Hiking with my 8yr old, found the most horrible thing ever -
She's an odd one. -
How my cats stand every day to watch the birds. -
Quick get away -
I really hope this doesn't catch on. -
It wasn't -
Rubik cube monument -
Every. Fucking. Time. -
US-Measurement-logics -
Will Ferrell's got the right idea -
So tasty -
5 Years Ago My Puppy Loved This... -
Bedtime for the whole family -
I'm bringing.... -
Tickling a baby otter -
At least she is frank about it -
I do this all the time -
Stupidity -
A new kind of shadow art -
Gotta love americans and there national pride -
When you see it -
Woman Logic -
Facts about you -
Caught by a sea monster -
Girls Let's be honest -
Godzilla is not bad -
The difference -
Girls with big boobs will know -
Everytime I goto the bathroom this is watching me -
Hipster Ice -
Love you DAD -
Important Days -
Epic Kid is Epic -
Epic Kid is Epic -
Epic Kid is Epic -
Epic Kid is Epic -
So HOT -
Don't wanna get fat -
I Fcking Love Leaves -
Just the truth -
Reality -
Idiot Stickers -
Forever alone... -
Why -
Cozy night in takes unexpected Turn -
He's yet to find it -
Wait.. WTF -
The most accurate weather forecast -
Indeed -
Notifications -
Seeking for attention on Facebook -
Pocket PC your doing it wrong -
Escape -
What kind of doctor can fix broken website -
If you got that -
Dexter 10 years later -
Friend Zone No More -
I'm a penguin -
Milkyway above the Himalayas -
A moment of Silence -
But everyone's going -
Run Shiny Mother Fcker -
Not Bad -
Do people judge you by how many........ -
I do this all the time -
Stupidity -
Gotta love americans and there national pride -
When you see it -
Woman Logic -
Facts about you -
Girls Let's be honest -
Godzilla is not bad -
The difference -
Everytime I goto the bathroom this is watching me -
Hipster Ice -
Love you DAD -
Important Days -
Epic Kid is Epic -
Don't wanna get fat -
OW (Boing) OW (Boing) OW (Boing) -
I Fcking Love Leaves -
Just the truth -
Reality -
So HOT -
Idiot Stickers -
The Fck.. -
Forever alone... -
Why -
Cozy night in takes unexpected Turn -
He's yet to find it -
Wait.. WTF -
The most accurate weather forecast -
Indeed -
Gotta Have These Sheets -
Including Today -
Owned -
I Said No Pictures! -
Regret -
Here's Your Sandwich! -
Children Of The 90's -
You -
Why Cats Hate Kids -
Cool Mindfck -
You're A Vegan -
The Difference Between Guys and Girls -
Epic Fail -
Just be a man -
Dyslexia -
We are best friends -
Cat Woman -
Follow -
About girls -
This is true -
You're getting old -
Back in my Day -
Nylan cat -
Apple continues to innovate -
That's my dad -
If history had facebook -
Real Men -
I got 99 cookies -
Slide to unlock -
If U.S land was divided like U.S Wealthe -
I could teach you, but I'd have to charge -
Heavy Pee -
My new favorite way to deal with texts from unknown numbers -
Failure -
Tiget fucks minds -
Dollar bill needs more monkeys -
Best line in the movie -
Useful Fact -
Friday is the beginning of my livers work week -
Father of the Year.. Umhh -
My girlfriend is like my -
Perfect Lover -
Sometimes Halloween Sucks -
Boys VS Girl - By google -
Found this in a local supermarket -
Seriously -
stephanie meyer finally got her own section -
Oh let me just high five this.... -
This is what wild boar piglets look like. That's all -
Why I hate Carving pumpkins -
Poor humanity -
The two most common first world problems -
Tell it how it is -
I wish I had friends like this -
Drunk octopuss -
This is how i feel everyfriday nigth at the bar -
Turning Around Fail -
Hispanic -
Photoshopping science projects -
oh charlie -
English German for TROUBLE -
Finally -
Prison in Norway vs House in Brazil -
My friend's kids going as Little Wayne's World for Halloween. Nailed it. -
I hate when teachers do this -
I'm hoping thats just a tree at not godzilla -
I told them it was a fire truck, damnit. -
WTF Siri -
Admit it.. -
Snack time. -
I better learn this just in case -
When you don't tip -
Rambo VS MacGyver VS Chuck -
Will Ferrels year book photo -
Hybrid -
What's jagermeister -
Ain't my baby -
If you are scared of spiders.. guess what -
Caption Contest -
Poooooooooo -
If abortion is murder.... -
How to get girls -
So long Gay boys -
Fuck you Norway -
You ever been so mad -
My brain must hate me because I get this way too often -
Absolutely Amazing -
So what's your deal... -
Japanese Eye Test -
Surprise -
Value of a college degree -
Finally we know why the chick crossed the road -
They are both billionaires -
This is your spider. This is your spider on drugs. -
How i deal with regret -
The best argument for reading -
Why don't people believe in GOD -
Friends -
Thanks, Wall! -
It's just common sense -
I love beating woman -
Scumbag Toilet -
Normal people just flush -
Bricks shall be shat -
Massive Japanese -
I must go -
Party ON -
Canadian Street Gangs -
How you know your girlfriend loves you... -
Because fuck swimming -
Guy Award Goes Too -
There has got to be an amazing story behind this -
It tastes like -
Screw you -
Flawless victory -
Do Me a Favor -
Disrespectful -
Ok what country is this in -
Like actually, the most stupid assault charge I have ever seen -
I can do anything drunker than you. -
All the Fcking time -
awkward family photo -
She put the G in Grandma -
Guys, guys, chill the fuck out -
When life gives you lemons -
Seeing each other in public -
Batman has arrived -
Dubai above the clouds -
Friend Zone -
He be styling you -
The perfect girl -
Today I was behind a beautiful young woman at the supermarket -
O Hai -
No Power for a week I've got it covered -
10 things longer then Kim Kardashians marriage -
Zero -
Meanwhile in russia -
I copied this from Facebook, I am Pissed off and Disgusted -
We are not alone -
Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle -
Does anyone else feel like this about life -
things todo when internet is down -
It hurts -
10 Points to the Gladiator -
At the supermarket -
Let the people know -
Checkmate to food stealers -
Moon phases -
How can the world possibly end in 2012 -
Am I the only one -
It's been a month now -
I bet he was -
My dog has self image issues -
Meanwhile at the US-Canada Border -
Pacman Power -
Life Truth -
Front seat and back seat -
Art Degrees -
Oh RLY -
Caption Contest -
Motherfcking cute... -
Close Enough -
Had to go to the bathroom, and walked in to find this guy just chillin like he owns the place -
Sup -
It's simple we feed the batman -
Meanwhile during a math exam -
Who likes tiny palm-sized baby pandas -
Tinkerbel cosplay -
how a cat see's it self in the mirror -
Ford Mustang Win -
You can't resist this -
Great Practise -
Good Woman -
In a parallel Universe -
Stupid jerk -
Come at me bro -
Language Barriers -
Dog's don't like the rain -
Everyone has one -
College -
Do you really want to know if you love her -
Some People... -
Very wise rule -
Tastes like me -
Oh boy -
one of my hobbies -
But she thought she could save them -
Tie my shoe -
A Comma might help -
Do Me. Now. -
Girls VS Guys -
there is at least one in every class -
Get Ready -
The cake needs more minerals -
That's not healthy -
Boyfriend -
Texting the wrong EX -
Google Secrets -
Poor Rex -
People change -
The most difficult decision of my childhood -
Amazing Planetary Discovery! -
My only ambition -
Woman are as samrt as men -
Wanna hear a joke -
Will Smith FTW -
Your belt looks like a penis -
If you don't get it shame on you -
Bottle Measure -
Pound it brah -
Pussy Destroyer -
You tell me then -
One Day... -
Dave Chappelle -
Hot shower -
Understand life -
Great Organ Donor Ad -
This is the definition of having balls -
2007-2011 -
The Average Stupid Person -
Slick Monkey -
Sad But True Fixed -
The height of Christianity -
Mexican to chinese -
How I feel when I take a piss in the morning -
Girls these days -
Cleavage -
Just Justin Bieber -
Gracias -
Jamie -
Anyone some fried chicken -
Daily Facebook Addicts Routine -
Engineer's Description of Women -
Who has worse morals -
Remember kids if a stranger offers you drugs. -
Movie Trolling -
captured falling downstairs -
if we make comparisons -
It's life shit happens -
Married Life -
Nobody likes to see public display of affection these days. -
Some stories need to be told -
epic bags are epic -
Epic -
Oh shit -
The Walking Dead Shoes -
I Missed You -
There's a dragon in my coffee -
Browsers as Guns -
Justin Bieber Oh Wait -
Big Mac -
Yeah Why -
Alcohol -
I'm Feeling Lucky -
So True.. -
Let's do this -
Fill in the blanks -
Watcha thinkin bout -
Location of your waiter -
Lynx Kid -
Vampire Trolling -
Peta Owned -
Create your very own in a few easy steps -
Yao ming, yao ming everywhere -
uncanny -
Humanity -
I wish you the best of luck -
Trust Me -
What would you do if i broke up with you -
Just a little eskimo -
Moments from Disaster -
If men are honest -
Epic Win -
Wait what -
Woman Driver -
It's been a good month -
Pick up lines -
Valid Question -
His first and his.... -
Caption Contest -
What a difference four years makes -
How to party -
Poor Galilo -
First response to my ex texting me -
Baby Chuck Norris Is Still Deadly -
Hollywood has given up on poster design -
My life as an engineering student -
Pool rules from a hostel I stayed -
The face of defacing money faces -
Problem. US Law -
How Did Mom Clog That Up! -
This is just plain embarrassing -
Kama Sutra of the 21st century -
If you say swag.. -
Fck You Reality -
I've already failed -
Cycle of my life -
It does exist -
I found your kitty -
This does not concern you close the door and walk away -
Ladies Contain Your Orgasms -
Badass Siri on Anne Frank -
More Badass Siri -
she lost her cubs and was depressed -
This makes me so proud to be Scottish -
Whoa Your Dad Gets Angry Quick! -
when i stumble upon celebrity pics like this I know its time to get off the internet. -
The water is actually on the right side -
I'm going to get me some milf -
Retro Metro -
We can no longer be friends -
Why Didn't I Ever Get To Study Things Like That In English! -
WTF! Epic Family Photo Fail -
At my university -
Alcohol - The Grand Daddy Of Regret -
Whoa! WTF! What's This Sh!t All About! -
Ah the humor -
write an example of risk -
Preparedness -
Friend Zoned -
Bad Harry' -
Chuck Norris Wins -
Rollin' -
Advanced Sex Positions -
So this guy exists -
Meanwhile on earth -
I do love beer -
Dumbest Phone Thief Ever -
Dude -
How a cat lands -
Fuck da police. -
Asian Mom is higly amused -
Damn Finals! -
Watermelon art -
Just oscar Niemeyer -
Fly robot -
My work here is done -
My Kings -
Ayo.. I'm a Flamingo.. -
U think -
I'm going to hell for this -
Cats -
Baby Owl -
That Awkward Moment -
Makes So much sense it hurts -
He's about to make his move.. -
fine... i'm quitting facebook -
A buddy is travelling in india. I think he is enjoying him self! -
Tits or.. -
I came home from school one day -
Literally the cutest thing I have ever seen -
Even 5yr olds can be poets -
Refreshing Restaurant Wouldn't you say -
Defacing US Currency -
The 90's VS Today -
Ghetto Spongebob -
Wise Words on Love and Lost -
Baby Dolphin in Womb -
Got this note today, thank you stranger.. I Think -
Best McDonalds Application Ever tihs kid Actually got Hired -
Found this in my science teachers lab -
It was bound to happen, wish it had happened a lot sooner -
it probably took 30 minutes to type that -
thaitanic -
This explains everything - the base -
Joe Adams Play Fixed -
Follow the chart -
Please -
Voldi Has a Feel -
Sooo. -
Movember is just for guys! -
Fellow Men, Take Note! -
little wayne -
Friends VS Bestfriends -
Hmm Frosty What are you doing -
Guys, Moment of Silence Please -
Look from a distance to see for your self - -
who is going to eat who???? -
Gentlemans Guide -
Dad I saved a girl from... -
Sleepovers Boys VS Girls -
Things to tell your grandchildren -
Kim Kardashian with out any make-up -
Gay Explained -
I would rather -
Below the Belt -
I make music for ears -
Minde is Blown -
And walked away like a boss. -
Spot me bro -
Mascot for the whole internet -
Don't worry big guy i'll save you -
The Procastinators Clock -
Best Revenge -
Rapin your childhood -
They see me Rollin -
Impossible challenge -
Castle illusion -
What's going on here harry -
Sexy Stare -
Statutory Rape -
Inventions -
Aha! That Explains It! -
Why Guys Are Jerks -
These Rules Sund about right -
dirty pic, not exactly what I was thinking -
Celebrity Yearbook Photos -
Just chaos -
Why.. Because Fuck you thats why -
No Invitation No Problem -
Y Helo Thar -
No Respect -
Spot the gay dude -
where we going we don't need roads the netherlands -
That's not what I Ordered -
Mt. Rushmore From the Canadian Side -
Clever mum -
Otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don't float away. -
Oops -
Top 5 lies guys and girls tell -
Motivated.. yea right -
I'm sexy and I know it.. -
Happened to me before -
it's funny because he's fat -
Captain Squirrel Army -
Victory! -
Transformers 4 The rise of Osama bin tron -
A perfectly reasonable question -
Lady Gaga and Eminem -
I think i accidentally sexually harassed a customer at work today -
Chuck Norris Origins -
Aww congrats to you guys... Wait, what -
Effects of coffee -
Fun Facts... Oh wait.. -
Awesome Answer! -
You want a Tank -
No problem -
Thank you -
Not Bad. -
Gentleman Hugh Hefner is a Gentleman -
Appropriate Attire -
Gamers Girlfriend Scale of Awesome -
Enough Said -
Serious Scam -
Call me, Batman -
Revenge for Finals -
What drugs do to -
This morning on my way to work -
Catship -
Epic Letters are Epic -
Stpudity is -
Oh my gosh... An Emotion! -
Self-Defence Steps for Woman -
post card from a not so happy wife -
Still counts -
New type of art -
872816_700b -
First you're plankin -
When you see it -
elvis lives!!!! -
He missed 3rd grade english too -
Decoding your teens text messages -
Angry Birds -
To Infinity and Beyond -
I'm not shy, you're just not interesting.. -
BatCat and JokerCat -
Friends Forever -
Only guys will get this -
A Christman Wish.. -
True Street art is true -
Pig or Cat.. For surrrrree Cute -
Just Bush -
Hey you guys, look at this. -
Fake Nails, Fake Hair.... -
Awesome College Way of Life -
Fat Guys Make Your Self Useful -
Just Sayin... a Message from the Mayans -
I am a cat, I haz to sleep here -
Must be monday -
Approval from Dad -
Yao Ming Family -
I'm bursting with Joy -
That Really Awkward Moment -
A lifetime to forget someone -
Everytime I take in the Groceries -
Buyin Alcohol -
Dogs VS Cats -
I love youtube -
Stay clear this is Douche Bag Zone.. -
When I'm Down, I think of This. Only a man's best friend -
When Life Gives you Snow -
I had a wet dream -
Difficulty Level... ASIAN -
How Chuck Norris Uses a Computer -
Gues who -
Where is the sense of humor -
Happy Festivus To All Our Fans! -
Wanted -
It Happened again -
Surpise hug -
Solution -
Internet Self Portrait -
break-in-case-of-zombies -
Damn Right I'm Free -
Feel the Difference -
clever-facebook-boy-is-clever -
Global warming -
Special Kind of Stupid -
How to make money -
Go on Without me -
So how was your day! -
epic-win2 -
Saw this on the back of someones sail boat -
Orange -
is he dead -
I don't think my girlfriend is going to be happy about this christmas present -
Life Sucks -
cute-girl -
boys vs girls -
dad -
Wait for it.. -
Come over -
Telepathic -
Forest -
Finish him ! -
facebook-password-owned -
Its better.. -
trust -
His making that face again isn't he -
Can you spot the Ninja Cat -
Breakup -
Coolest Dog in the World! -
So close -
Misdemeanor.. -
privilege -
i will not be naughty -
Dont read it -
Close enough. -
Old But Ouch -
Dont follow -
Winner of the International Movember Competition. -
Hmm wonder where it is. -
correct-answer -
Pretty accurate height chart. -
I Realized -
What a Tease -
The difference! -
Love -
A+B -
When you parent accuse you -
Fuck Yea! -
True warning -
Dear God -
Downloading.... For Blondes -
Do I look like -
Erection Pills -
sonic solved it -
-social-facepalm-1303492554 -
Every damn time -
No Muscles Required -
A proper haircut... -
is it -
you cant judge -
blinks -
how it is at the workplace -
WTF Mom! - We are definitely not talking about the same thing!
Time changes.. -
Advantages of being a Women! -
Chuck Norris - Read Label Closely -
Testing - Testing
Not PMS -
You look tasty -
When kareoke happens! -
The way it is. -
cat seeds -
Sup Guys -
Cutest fart -
I hate all you People! -
My Balls -
Butt wiggle -
they hatin -
im the boss -
Hands up -
dog_with_lips-14085 -
Holiday hot tub -
Breaks -
Go on.. -
do-you-like-me -
Cute! -
Mother -
Without men.. -
can you find it -
pirate version -
Fuck it I'm young. -
Retards -
No way! -
top 10 reasons -
How to do it.. -
Double standards WIN! -
COD 1 -
It's Friday,Friday -
The truth and nothing but the truth 2 -
Duct_Tape -
Five jewels of scottish wisdom -
Does a prositute file pregnancy as... -
Magical Beer -
I can't either -
Oh shit! -
Calm down John -
Truth is -
Gay Test -
brain freeze -
Buy one get one free -
When You See it -
Break Dancing Kitty -
Cat driver -
Cant explain -
Bruce Waynes Golf Cart -
cat troll -
so true -
When you see it......... -
Bong Costume -
Cat at Work -
Cat Norris -
McStupid -
is this photoshop? -
never argue with the stupid -
How desparate are you? -
yeah, fuck it -
Snooki…. the only explination - Big Hair, Small Brain
Problem With Attractive Girls -
Funny Graphs - My Murder Record -
would you dare? -
When Will You Notice -
Nature Is Beautiful -
Hunting Went Wrong -
The Power Of a CTRL + V -
Sexy Facebook Picture vs. Reality -
The Future Of Social Networks -
Checkmate By BMW -
You're Doing It Wrong -
There Is Anything Wrong With That Bus, But What It Is -
How To Say Your Mom That You Are Pregnant -
My Room Is A Mess, But... -
Well, he is right... -
Prison Break Epic Fail -
When you see it… lol -
Better Than Nothin -
Equality -
Hip Hop Just Went Full Retard -
I guess dogs are too mainstream…. -
Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns -
Do They Really Sell Them -
please explain this... -
Obviously, He Can't Read -
gOOgle!!! -
Don't Worry Kitty, I'm Here -
Listen To Your Parents -
Mmmmm... The Breast Is So Tasty -
Tower of Pissa "photo op" FAIL - Trying to be slick, but you just look like a dumb tourist.
Girls and Technology in the 21th Century -
Berlusconi Affairs -
Tits You Don't Want To See -
Look For 6 Differences -
Life Cycle -
in n out - just another awesome tattoo
King of photo bombs -
How to Catch a Mermaid -
Mom, I'm not an addict -
I paid -
It's Hard To Be a Policeman -
The Evolution of Cars -
The Best Present For Every Man -
What Men Are Dreaming About -
What a Lucky Guy -
It's on the page 429136 -
Toilet For Exhibitionist -
T-Shirt You Never Want To See On Your Girlfriend -
Men In Black... and LOL Troll -
He pooped - Was there a smear?
He pooped... - Was there a smear?
Very Bad Idea -
Silicones Or Not -
Size Matters -
would-you-like-dinner -
worlds-most-expensive-mouse-pad -
trick-wife-into-sex -
Everyone Can Go Wrong -
Small Cars Have Their Advantages -
The Most Amazing Street Art -
Peeeee -
Optical Illusion With A Coffee Cup -
I Have Finally Found My Lost Ball -
Let's Have Another Shot -
Sex On Motorcycle -
American Idol Is A Cat -
Excellent Parking -
Pole Vault Rape -
Appetizer -
10-dollar Computer -
Mesh Your Cables -
Funny Beer Opener -
Funny Towel Designs -
Your Car Is Going To Hell -
Boat Launch FAIL -
Adhesive Tape Can Do Everything -
Praised With A New Car -
and the winner is….. -
Kittens Know What Is The Best Place To Fall Asleep -
And What, I like Coke -
What is the Coke bottle doing in her... -
Error 404 - Road Not Found -
Catch Me If You Can -
Happy Birthday Darling -
Blonde Driving -
Squirrel Is The Real Superman -
Professional Mechanic -
How To NOT Use You Hard-Drive -
He's Not An Addict -
She Has A New Toy -
Pigeon B52 Bomber -
Cat vs Dog 1-0 -
He Always Dreamed About The Cabrio Ferrari -
How Do They Produce A Peanut Butter -
funny chat from the hangover -
scary water balloon toss -
The Power of Education -
Children's Tuning -
Rubber Toys For Children -
Troll Face Winner! - someone finally did it right
Ive got something on my chest -
Where NOT to park... - These workmen are installing bollards to stop cars parking on the pavement outside an Irish sports bar. They are cleaning up at the end of the day. How long do you think it will be before they realize?
Good Night -
Children Playing On The Beach -
Love At First Sight -
Parking At Hydrant -
New Coca-Cola Ad - Squirrel -
Wait, is she a Chuck Norris's wife -
Run... -
Luck In Disguise -
Too Much Sunbathing -
Just a Little Bit Of -
Dammit -
Simply - China -
Alcohol Or Joga -
Pussy Titanic -
How to Lose Your Weight -
Whats Your Problem -
Are You Kidding Me -
Good morning Charlie -
Duck Face -
Even Not for Free -
Surprised Hedgehog -
I Really Hate Ice-cream -
This Should Clean Some Male-cleaner -
Love Is Blind -
Fashion Snailouse -
Blue Water -
Only 1 of 25 People Can Do This -
Never Want to Try It -
Prototype of Bats House for 21st Century -
Russian Plasma TV -
One Reason Why You Never Should Date With Internet-man -
New male Toilet -
Feed me -
I rememer The firs time I masturbated -
Like as Boss -
Dont sit on the Keyboard -
Adrenaline -
Angry birds Africa style -
Google -
Soooo Lame -
Do Not Play -
Buiding Forts -
Photoshopers -
Are you my Mother -
Team Work -
Hose it -
Keyboard not found -
New 100 dolar -
Today we are going to learn how to kill a walrus -
Pokemon Fans -
3d Advertising -
Russian Car -
Eye Contact -
Excuse me while I walk my fucking TV -
I`m in your kitchen fuckin yo mind -
Banana Gun -
Camcorder does not turn me -
Unhappy Grandmother -
Stereotypes are bad -
Happy Cat -
IMMATURITY, Some people never grow up -
Strength is not everything -
Study level - Asian -
I, Robot -
Awesome Fountain -
Russian Car trainer -
to relieve boredom in Hospital -
Crib -
My PC Freezes Sometimes -
Perfect Wife -
Put a Laptop to Water, Smile -
Golf Ball -
You didn't notice the Godzilla -
Like & Dislike Stamps -
Gymnast -
How to get rich quick courtesy of troll physics big join our -
Man Hungry -
stojka2-1325858615 -
Modern Handbag -
Dont wory, I saved the cat -
Children's Gym -
Oh Children -
Fred Flinstone was here -
Dark Humor -
Duck who can not swim -
Battleshots -
Come on Baby don`t be like that -
Man Yoga -
Inverse Dog -
Hand Job -
If not Garage -
Hey, why do you stop and stare -
Celebrate Win -
Before the lock was invented -
What's Happening on the Next Toilet -
Pac-Man City -
Cool iPad app -
Thand you for ordering the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit -
Standard or HI-DEF -
Young Blood -
Opera -
Chinese Shooting Range -
Oh Hai -
No Standing -
Ikea interview found on internet -
Must Save Porn -
Jerome Simpson Acrobatic Flip Touchdown -
Male or Female Dream -
Trying to lick the floor - LOL FAIL
Pool Fun -
Street Art -
Little Guidance -
Russian Vodka -
Professional Baseball -
Im a Lion -
Beware of Dog to swim -
Should I tell him -
Scared the Beaver -
Paradise for Cats -
Girls' vs Boys' Prayers -
CEO of Anonymous Hackers -
Trying To Lick The Floor... With No Success - FAIL
Sexy Teeth Smile -
ok honey, I promise -
Invisible Bicycle -
No matter what the age we have .... -
I_m doginizer -
Complaints, Press Button -
I said SIT -
My new Girlfriend -
Definitely Gay -
You sad Im looser -
Soft soap as Security Cameras -
I no speak american -
Melting -
I get you Jimmy Hoffa -
too late -
cannon ball -
Boss -
Help me, I do everything you want -
Peniskop -
What do you see on my ears -
Goooooooogle Air -
double joy and speechless -
New method of rectal examination -
training of ballet -
Miau, I_m Pikachu -
Chess has never Won -
I see you -
which one I spit in -
game over -
Like a Boss -
The biggist line -
car position number 14 -
Excuse Me -
great balls of fire -
nobody is soo good -
Please, please - NO -
Evolution of the Cow -
Stunt parking -
Do you already see -
You are plastic too -
Getting to know Gay -
What the Photo does not belong -
Hej soldier, your mother is bi.. -
break -
Sport Fishing -
ugly girl -
Death in 4,3,2,1... -
news - pigeons fly too low today -
hej, are we all -
dirty girl on rollercoaster -
New gymnastic arrangement -
how long to mcdrive -
Find three People -
Here is free parking place -
3,2,1 - I go -
I would be Towel -
Cerveza y pizza alguien? -
My owner is reterded -
Kill yourself -
natural airbags -
Hungry bus -
My head is full of s... -
Oh, those Women -
Mr. Balloon -
Epic Boobs -
my best part -
welcome, come in through windows -
O my god, I forget a nut -
I get you -
Doesn`t Matter had Sex -
Wouldnt be his dog -
Smart Boy -
you are better than my man, yeah -
water tester -
Oh NO - my mother in law -
Joey lives here -
where is the beer -
Family Album -
There is no pool -
He does it again - ooh s.. -
Playstation instructor -
New attraction in our park -
No, Last time you got hurt -
Homo -
no more break necks -
Stupid -
Don pray on knees -
So be careful, even a blow below the belt and you'll take points -
And I love you -
Smelling Sneakers -
Who has nicer teeth -
If you seer it .... -
Can you cut my hair please -
NO, I dont give you my payday -
My fault, fix it -
Winter Fun -
Domino Effect -
New Roundabout -
Always Coca Cola -
I hit a Dog with my Car -
Smile -
No Entry -
better than coffe -
Come on, get out my marriage ring -
How to prevent someone to eat a Snack -
I said - GO AWAY -
Advanced Mathematics -
You are not soo hard -
Exterier, NO INTERIER -
OOOOOh, my mother -
Instead of Aftershave -
today is cold -
Photomontage without Photoshop -
Kiss my Nose -
How People View Me - Australian -
Nymphomaniac -
What A Cute Faces -
Chuckmate -
Simple Logic -
WTF Diagram -
What I Really Do - Partying -
Come To Bad -
Kick Your Own Face -
The Biggest Enemy Of Men -
When Did You Really Noticed -
How People See Me - Unemployed -
Alcohol Is Killer -
Is That You - Eminem -
Women Body Language -
You Must Be On A Diet -
Can I Keep Him -
Baby Godfather -
Your Mom Is That Fat... -
Angry Birds Got Really Angry -
Ninjas Walking On The Fence -
Awkward Cat Moment -
Find Differences -
Rest Area... But For What -
Women Logic -
We Have Cold Beer -
Best Pub In The Town -
She Is Not Horny -
Yeah He Finally Did It -
Sure Mum -
I Am Not A Freak -
Cure Of Depression -
Swich -
Mona Lisa After 10 Days on Facebook -
Best Mornings Always Start Like This -
It's Awesome -
Story Of My Life -
Shakesbear -
How Many WTFs Can You Count -
Consequences Of Breaking Up -
Sweet Harmony -
Facebook vs Reallity -
Justin Bieber Has a Problem -
Am I Pretty Yet -
Finally I Can Get Fat -
Angry Pussy -
Ninja Dog -
Duckface -
What I Really Do - Hacking -
Dump On A Police Car -
I Know This Face -
How People See Me - German -
Pen is Broken - Use Fingers -
If It's Written There It Must Be True -
Dirty Doesn't Always Mean Dirty -
Have You Ever Liked Your Own Status -
When Jokes Get Too Good -
It Could Be Worse Mum -
Do You Love Me -
You Have To Do It Yourself -
We're Atheists -
This is Facebook Generation -
Just An Accident -
What I Really Do - Stock Broker -
Life Expectancy -
Open wide.... - Bet he wasn't expecting THAT when he opened the lid
Does Marker Come Off A Laptop Screen? - Google Search
"Twins" - if twins were when one was pretty and the other failed
Water for Water ha! - Water for Water
Patient Bear -
What do you see on my ear? -
no more neck breaks -
Do you get it -
What?????? -
Doesn't Matter - Had Sex -
What doesn't belong? -
Hey! i see you have beats by dre.. - I see you have beats by dre...
Rap -
Its For you! -
Creepy Seal -
Merrage - The best way to convince people is to wow them with your intelligence and prove just how adult you are
No Earthquake Please -
Safety First, Also For Rastas -
Revenge Of Parents -
Hey Harry, This Is New port -
My God - I Will Die Till Summer -
Whith Letter Is Missing -
Heartkitty -
The Strongest Survive -
Yoga Master -
Well Penetrated -
And King Was Born -
Artist Expert -
Carefull Mom -
Makes You Want To Grab A Joy Stick And Make Little Squishing Sounds -
Door To Another Dimension -
Lot Of Women See Us Men This Way -
Mt. Assmore -
Army Application -
Fight For Life -
Homeworks First -
Like In Zoo -
Exercise Or Not -
Eco Cutting -
New Lady Gaga's Dress -
New Arabic Fasion -
And The Winner Is - DOGGY -
Who's Next, Old MACdonald -
Keyne West Is A Double Agent -
Water Message -
Pencil's Wonders -
Cops In Berlin Don't Have A Balls -
Welcome Home -
Moving Service In Pakistan -
Whichone Is Target -
Chicken Life -
Honey, You Did It Again -
Bottle Levels -
It's Chess Not Fair -
What I Have To Do -
Famous Faces -
Segway Beta -
Body Painting -
IE Shit -
Cook Some Music -
Obama Ruls -
One Moment Please, I Will Open In A Several Hours -
Frosty Is Dead -
Gay Terrorist -
Math And Health -
New Mark At Motor Show -
Pimp My Ride -
The Beast Survived -
Dog On It -
Who Is The Best Dad -
Indian Cooker -
Occupy Google+ -
Zebra Scarf Is The Most Trendy -
Spiderman's Student -
House Soon Will She Go -
Ok Coach, Now I'm Ready -
Who Go First -
Underside Of A Glacier -
Meanwhile Somewhere In The Space -
Rich Dentists -
It's So Difficult To Talk To Parents -
Never Give Up -
More Effective Face -
This is Last Time That She Sees On Her Right Eye -
Proud Mom -
It's Never Too Late -
Lady Gaga Helps Homeless -
This Reminds Me Windows -
Fresh Food -
It Takes A Several Minutes -
Cheaper Than Plastic Surgery -
McDuck -
Sport Is Painful -
Justice -
Social Media Explained -
Reese Witherspoon -
Horrible Thumb -
Manicure Set -
The Way How To Destroy ... -
O God, I Want Bigger Bone Please -
Angry Wolf -
Wookie Dog -
Nice Parking Place But Very Impractical - She Can't Get Out -
Nonalcohol Republic -
Voldemort This Is Your End -
When You Brake Front Wheel -
New Actress To FA Commercial -
Kids Are Often Unintentionally hilarious -
She Will Be Mine -
What The Hell -
Totally Worth It -
Oh Kids -
I'm Affraid of Water -
Not Bad, Sarkozy, Not Bad -
Cat's Biggest Mystery -
Cute Socks -
Soulmates -
Woman Is Problem -
You Don't Have To Learn Everything -
Wall-E, Y U No Speak English -
Dark Room -
What Men - Women Like -
Great First Date -
Wild GF -
Maybe If I Turn the Flash On -
It Was My Autocorrect, I Swear -
Peeing In Public Toilet -
We Got a Man Over Here -
Prison Break -
Warning On Toilets -
Pillow Fight -
Earth Peg -
Talking Fish Are A-Okay -
Welcome In My Crib -
How Could I Refuse -
Duck Call Still Working -
New Hair Style -
Every Morning -
Bananas -
No Work in Sunday -
We Love It -
Arrested In Bus -
Hit Fullscreen or I Hit Your Face -
You Lazy -
The Last Change -
No Way Back -
Wanted to Leave You a Present for the Morning -
You Are In Trap -
Ups, it's an Accident -
One Day I Will -
And Yes, You Do -
Golden Rain -
So Much Fun -
Visible Dream -
I'm In Charge, Bitch -
Triple Duckface -
Lucky Parents -
I am the Cupcake Boss -
Harry Raper -
Importance of Mom vs Dad -
Uganda Needs Help -
Sex Is Like Pizza -
Fanatic Fisherman -
We All Have One -
Legend About MTV -
Career In Organised Crime -
Well Fuck Me -
Use A Useless Man -
Why Parents?... Why? -
Real Game -
Buying A Dog -
Expectations In Zoo -
Safe Condom -
Driver's Licence -
Woman Logic Again -
New Shoes -
Shake Your Head -
Mini Consoles -
watch your step.. -
The Brain -
Are You Sure? -
Fun With Cucumbers -
Now In Color! -
Magic Make-up -
WC -
She's a badass -
I Always Wanted An iPad... -
I Sent You A Smiley -
Screw Art -
Perfect From Beginning -
Dishwashing In Family -
Atkinson is Boss -
Wrong -
Creative -
As soon as you leave the room... -
Oh YEA -
Male and Female -
Rake Axe -
Me Neither -
Why snowmen shouldn't do cartwheels... -
Store closing... -
Ready For Circumcision -
What Is He Looking For -
One Drunk Night -
How Electricity Works -
Student of Chuck Norris -
Yes Mom -
Dog Logic -
Right Position At Work -
Only One Toilet -
Miracle -
Hunting -
True Kitchen Story -
Progress -
Special Exit -
Men vs Women Goodbye -
Warm Waterfall -
What Happens At School -
Kwik E Mart -
What It Could Be -
I Don't Want To Marry You -
Show It, You Get Piece Of Cat In Mouth -
Chick Can Wear What They Want -
Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Laughing -
Don't Work Hard -
Asking For Nude Pics -
Jobs In Three Countries -
Dad = Giant -
Someone wants a grandchild... -
I'm done trimming.. now what? -
Don't Fall Down To Gotham City -
Who's Better -
HypnoFrog -
Swiss Army Hand -
Scumbag Pigeon -
It's Huming -
Live Goes On -
How Peanut Butter Is Made -
For better floor cleaning -
Good Password -
No To Drugs -
Not for E mail -
Pussy Like Pussy -
Just IKEA -
Too Much Goin On In Her Life -
I don't know what i want... -
He kicked! -
Three things that don't freeze during winter. -
God Creates Nerd -
Arnold Vision -
In My Love Life -
Ice Cream Illusion -
When You Find The Right Man -
What For Are You Thinging -
Med School -
Interested Audience -
Everyone Can Find Love -
Watching MTV -
Sir Textalot -
I Hate Everyone -
GTA Cops Logic -
Hi vs Bye -
Wise snapple -
Another Epic Win - Somebody is about to get PWNED nuff said
Brandon Labrecque = Buffest MMA Fighter -
Who Let The Dogs Out.... -
Daddy's Boy -
Happy Thanksgiving and Whatnot -
Girls Nowadays -
Try Religion -
Fights -
Wet Women -
Scumbag Test -
I Am Monkey -
Doesn't Matter, Played Video Games -
Truth About Men -
Level of Compatibility with Macbooks -
How To Get A Girl -
Kids These Days -
They Trying To Quit -
Cold Cold World -
In Four Places At One Time -
Cure For AIDS -
Earn Gas -
Calm Your Bits -
It's Worse Than Before -
Bear Without Fur -
Shopping -
Flush Before Drinking -
Russian Problem -
Hairball -
Why Are They Scared -
Nothing Happened -
Messy Girl -
Ninja Turtles -
No Nothingness -
My Love Life -
Main Use Of iPad -
You're Not Welcome -
I Will Kill You If You Don't Kill Me First -
Musical Reflection -
Extra Vitamins -
No Swimming In Swimming Pool -
Getting Closer -
Snoop Dogg's Schedule -
Weird Restaurant -
Now I Know Where I Get It -
Derek Zoolander Center -
What a Page-Turner -
Parking Lesson -
Rubik's Cube -
Freezing Ice -
Seeking -
Mommy Help Me -
So How Do I Get In -
Why We Pirate -
Curved Yellow Fruit -
November Shaving -
No Escape From Reality -
Too Much Love -
Killing Two Birds With One Sign -
Switching Teams -
Shark Brain -
Safety Shop -
They Really Mean It -
Be Prepared -
Disney Logic -
Make Copies -
Family Planning Advice -
I Thought She Went to Sleep -
Legendary -
Nailed It, Little Mermaid -
Angry Bird -
Like Tiny Bullets -
Meme vs Wild -
Life Is Like A Math -
Business Hours -
Don't You Squirt at Me, Orange -
Rejected Reactions -
Bike Lanes -
Underwater Ink -
Free Internet -
Puppies are pretty much... -
Pencil vs Camera -
How to get rid of them -
Cool Street Art -
How I Read Mooks -
Perfect Timing -
Coming Out With Truth -
Coke And Mentos Prank -
Try This -
Cool MacBooks -
Badass in Cinema -
Awesome Food Stuff -
Worth It Egypt Style -
Walking Dead -
Bus to Dubai -
Banana -
FB vs Reality -
Gaga -
50 percent -
You Want Bag -
Can You Sea -
Fake Bomb -
Diet AND Silence -
Robo Mom -
Red and Blue -
Cool Random Art -
Baby Hippo -
Freezer Love Story -
Just Take One Picture For Grandma And Then We Can Burn It -
Stages Of Christmas -
What Did I Miss -
Serving Beans In The Cafeteria -
Absolute new hair cure from Paris -
Quick Road Fix Fail -
What is considered success at various age -
Analphabet Driver -
Perpetuum Mobile -
Cliffbonger -
Brainwash -
Every Meme character found in REAL - Now U know them all -
Best Italian Bikers -
The World Needs More Honest Slides -
10 years Ago -
Light Rail - Level Russia -
Before And After Exam -
Next To A Car Wash -
GO! or... -
Laws of physics -
Life Is Too Short -
Wash Your Hands -
Cool TV Remote Control -
Banana Looks Like Kiwi -
Sweet Relax -
Love In TV -
VW Tent -
Can't Be Unseen -
Fixed It -
Beginning Of Skype -
Art Graduates -
Anti-Zombie -
103th Birthday Memento -
This is how I write papers for school -
This is your new office -
Bunny Heaven -
Better Buckle Up -
Pool climbing wall -
So does this make Siri an accomplice? -
Guess what it is... - People really get pissed on this game =)
Of course I'm an Angry Bird -
Wait a second... - Took me a while to understand
Zombie Apocalypse -
She wants it -
Mother and Son -
Guess what i'm thinking -
Did it happened to you too? - Hit like if it ever happened to you too or if you know some troll
Yeah, tell me more! -
Problems With Joints -
Cool Cat Logos - Slazenger, Jaguar, Puma and... -
Air Academy -
Easy Entrance -
The Lord of the Rings Book -
Michael Bay is going to ruin another beloved property - The beloved game from Milton Bradley is finally coming to the big screen, re imagined by Michael Bay
E=MC Wash Your Damn Hair -
Upgrading Mac - Six easy steps to upgrading your Mac
Forever Alone ...on vacation -
Any Chemistry Students -
Bird Shit -
Best Dishwasher -
Best Friend -
Get Out Of Here -
Yeah, Heavily Patrolled By NERDS -
Cat vs Mom -
Better then the old one -
Lost Weight -
Best valentine ! -
Free Blow Job -
Great Cinema Scene In Real -
House Stark -
Can You Hold It, Honey -
Cookie Monster T-Shirt -
Guetta's Piano -
Very Useful -
Studying With Friends -
No Comment -
Full Pepsi Logo -
Loading -
Jackass -
Attention - Boys vs Girls -
And Now, You Don't Sleep -
Thanks, But My Kid Makes His Own -
Forever Alone Level 99 -
Learned From Tetris -
Troll Poking - I found this post on 9gag: . You can download the Auto-poker as a Google Chrome extension here:
First Class Traveling - Level India -
Upgrading Mac - six easy steps
ABS- On-Off -
Fake Dunk Fail - 7th graders act drunk fail
Pie Chart -
Endless Cycle - If I click, "next" I'm bound to see something funny...
No Stress -
Mispelled Sign at Wendy's - I was at a Wendy's in AustinTexas and say that they had mispelled "premium" on sign. A
Cool Pool, Do You Know Where Is It -
Noun - Tomorrow -
We be trollin - Mock facebook photo.
You're Right. Teens Can Sleep Through Anything -
Friends Logo -
Jewel Bike -
Safety Fail -
White Power -
Coincidence -
How Many Famous People Do You Recognize - min 25 -
Dad Says He Wishes He Was Going -
Six Flags employee or pedophile -
Self-Portrait -
Depilators -
Light Bulb -
I Need A Doctor -
Part 1 of 4 -
Homer Is The Best -
Being In A Band -
You know this joke... a guy walks into a bar... -
Syrian Embassy in Prague -
Cooking - Level IT guy -
Acrobat Reader -
Old Memory But Good -
Oh, Empty Beach -
McCafe Street Lamp -
Map Of Ikea -
Happy Father's Day -
Antarctica Hooligans -
Hell Is Comming -
Why God Never Received A PhD -
How I Look -
True Gamer -
Carrot or Live -
But I love my dad -
Texting In Class -
Floating Or Flying -
Geek Mythology -
Do Like Flying, try our Business Class -
da faq -
12 Mega Pixels -
Boss -
Griffin Exist -
Family Questions -
Angelina Jolie's kid -
Electric Wave Hair -
I Don't Understand How That Answer Is Wrong Either -
Christmas Tree -
busy -
Zen GPS -
What You Really Really Want -
Best one out there -
Instruction Manual -
This is so sad -
Trees having sex -
You have two hands -
Mafia is everywhere -
Read this and see -
Seniors For Bieber -
When you get out, you'll be this happy -
Can you please take a photo of us -
In my room - day vs night -
Morning Without A New Firefox Version -
Public Toilet Checkmate -
Safety First -
Forest - Women vs Men -
This is my gun -
Hard to scare -
Says Sorry -
Your favourite meme faces in real life -
Out Of Service, but -
Forever Alone - Level Facebook -
I don't wanna live on this planet anymore -
Favourite Positions Of Your Cat -
Ad Fail - Texting Kills -
My New Girlfriend -
When the class begins -
Girl Blows A Penis Bubble -
37 socks -
Sexual Nightmare -
Alarm clock fail -
First Foto With My New Pet -
Blanket fail -
Sideshow Plant -
Math exam - Close enough -
Sweeping Horse -
Ice Cream Fail -
No Sex -
Not bed -
History Exam Fail -
No App For That -
Exams are really hard for me -
Let's Browse The Outernets -
Eminem and 50 Cent conversion rate -
Computer volume -
Self-Checkout -
Dream Girlfriend -
Hit like if it ever happened to you -
Slide Fail -
Just Some Easter Eggs -
Loser Win -
Ninja Cats -
3D Puzzle -
New Rap Lyrics -
Ruined Motivationals -
He Can't Clean His Ass -
Disney Stained Glass -
Instructional Foto -
Sparta Spa -
Respect Your Parents -
Problem With Facebook -
New Toilette -
Superheroes Reality -
Poor People -
No Man, This Is FIFA -
Flash Me -
Gmail Account -
Gotcha -
From Eden To Paradise -
Tall Man In Costume -
Prehistoric Artifact -
Fake and Real -
Curve Of Bullshit Needed -
Chocolate Bed -
Art Exhibition -
Cats Are Liquids -
Exams FUUUU -
Army Logic -
I'am Sexy And I Know It -
Take A Smile -
Boyfriends Doing Make-Up -
Ideal -
Street Art 02 -
Fake Friends -
Nice Ads -
Mc Milf -
Search Results for Asain -
Nice Shop -
Anti-Dust Team -
3D For Animals -
Biology Class Reality -
Side Effects -
All in one Office -
Tetris Building -
Being a Czech -
Kitten's Dream -
Where's The Waiter -
Just Dalai -
Yo! Respect -
Awesome Sandwiches -
Promo photo vs real size -
Evolution of Wives -
Awesome Business Card -
Neverending Pages -
Personal Trainer -
Damn -
Arrested During Haircut -
In House Of Bill Gates -
More Street Art -
Monday Morning -
Hey, Can You Help Me -
Angels -
Yes, This Is my Size -
Somewhere In Parallel Universe -
Madonna Mia -
He Knows -
He used a helmet -
Just Eggs -
Gas prices will blow your ming -
Mattresses Celebrities -
Duck-Face Mona Lisa -
Single vs Married -
Best Friends -
Spinning Class -
Always find someone who will appreciate your skills -
Capitalism -
Big Surprise -
Waiting For Call Back -
Acrobatic Sumo -
Neverending Story -
Magic Of Photoshop -
Tap a Song -
New war is coming -
Messi's Big Secret -
New Computer -
Test's Reality -
Please, Don't Do That -
Studying -
And Now I -
Friend With Glasses -
Evolution -
Timeline Trolling -
Anybody Remember What You Did When The World Ended -
Bro Bird -
Your Own Zombie -
Oh God Why -
Not Today -
Zombie can't drink a beer -
What Time Is It -
Tools For Heroes -
Mini Restaurant -
Thai girl, Or -
The Last Lake In The Town -
Your bad Day -
Ugly wife - nothing help -
When Anthem Is Playing -
Viagra -
This Is Boy -
Spiderman Is Real -
What does WTF mean -
Please wait -
Way How To Clean It -
Good luck -
Going Retro -
Suicide tool -
Volcanos -
This Is Sparta -
Who Want To Go First -
Diplomacy -
Who Can Explain This -
Don't do a silly decision -
Teacher's Job -
First Time On Snow -
Child and dad -
The Date Is Over -
Nationalities -
When You Don't have A Toilet Paper -
Did you understand -
The Difference -
The Fastest Dentist Ever -
Used accessories -
With Love Anything Is Possible -
Baby Doll -
When The Texas Ranger Was Born -
Surprise -
Tech support -
Totally Worth It -
Like A Sir -
Where Goes the World -
Taxi -
True Story -
Soo Early -
Why Short Arms -
Dog is a person -
Tomorrow -
When You Are In Stress At Work -
He failed -
Mega stress -
Windows is dead -
True gentlemen -
Open The DOOOOOR!!! -
Sonogram -
Evolution -
Zuckerberg's Idea of Facebook -
Everybody get out of pool -
You Can Pose Everywhere -
How I Look -
Who Is Prisoner -
Really nice girl -
Sad Sponge Bob -
When Lord just don't give a f@$% -
Disapproving Glasses -
Awesome Tree House -
Where are claims -
Forever Attractive -
Hippies Complain -
Anti-Joke Chicken (Part 2) -
New theme park -
Stair Design -
When we fight -
Sweat -
I want to look like zebra -
Door Warning -
Going For A Ride Today -
3 in 1 -
Schizophrenic -
Bed and Breakfast -
How I Feel -
You better love bacon -
That's Why -
Successful Night Out -
Is that for me -
My Childhood Is Now Complete -
We need a background -
Earth Fact -
Good Idea -
Suuuure -
Life Game -
Surprised Coffee -
Emergency toilet paper -
100 years -
Female Werewolves -
Fuck you -
Bitche Please -
Best Achievement -
Steve wonder's fun zone -
Paper Hand -
Both smiling -
My Belt -
Viagra on the floor -
You Get It -
Thanks for that -
Trith Hurts -
Lego Ad -
Your soul -
Freestyle pee -
Bubble Room -
Watch out for people walking upside down -
Poor Sims -
Fry - can't tell if hungry -
School Bus Driver Perks -
Hold me, Hold me PLEASE -
E-mail Accounts -
Your jelous is so cute -
Marc Jacobs -
Little Beetlejuice -
Always wash your butt -
Straps -
Never Learn -
Teamwork -
Morning Energy -
Groceries -
So Tired -
Kinder surprise -
Call For Models -
Single Women -
Savage revenge -
Criminal -
I hate this game -
The Worst Kind of Friend -
Relationships issues -
Waiting -
Creative heart -
Crow Saving The World -
Justin Bieber's bike -
Hey Arnold -
Wrong Map -
When people love an animals, everything is possible -
Cut and Paste Win -
Post It Ninja -
How do I use keyboard -
Get A Girlfriend -
Don't eat my heart -
Gun Hand Tattoo -
Sims Marriages -
Try it all together -
Summer vs School Time -
Great Idea -
Burger Lies -
Where is mom -
Med Student -
24-Hour Photo -
The Smart Car -
Modern Art -
Airplane security -
Let's Dream -
No Homework -
Calculation of real life -
Oh Monopoly -
WTF ass -
Like a Don -
Job Paradox -
Cutest dog ever -
Put That Keyboard Back -
Warning -
Baby Pandas -
How to make an applesauce -
Life Is Like a Wheel -
Thanks Pepsi for fixing it -
NBA Like A Sir -
Fucking Alzheimer -
Copied Test -
Sunday Morning -
Ball n All -
No date -
UPSide Down -
Free Shrimp -
Another Brick In The Wall -
Anti-Joke Chicken (Part 4) -
Diaper ninja -
Just a Dream -
Nascar big fan -
Book Igloo -
Gentleman -
Snowball Throw -
Key and hole -
Kraken -
Siblings love -
Anti-Joke Chicken (Part 3) -
Dog Love -
Throne -
My Childhood -
I'm King of balls -
Vertical Garden -
Chocolate blond -
Barbie Girl -
Thats It -
Truth In Ad -
Hungarian Harry Potter -
Magical Moment -
Can I Sleep -
Speed Limits -
My Dream House -
Real Photoshop -
Can I Have a Moment of Your Time -
He watched too many movies with flying cars -
Mass Thinking Weapon -
Anti-Joke Chicken (Part 1) -
Funny kid -
Adjusting Win -
What is love -
Penguin Cat -
Dangers of masturbation -
Lego Decoration Win -
Timmy -
Love Story -
X ray pants -
Homeworks -
My Girlfriend Checked My E-Mails -
Rainbow twirling -
Doctors -
No Minifridge -
Electricity is a King -
Impress Me -
Faster Faster Faster -
Water Slide -
Not what she expected - Girl kisses a frog and gets a prince
Fire Placement -
3 Year Old Mcdonalds Fries -
Gold Diggers -
It's Not Trust -
Kids Trading Candy -
Sup -
Turn Around -
Why religion exists -
Math Is Fun -
Say cheese -
Like a CJ -
Centaur -
Grandma on Computer -
Harry is out, Now I have a chance -
Better Love Story -
Just a nap -
I need one for mine -
Epic Dental Clinic -
Your GPS is WRONG -
Fixing It -
Gangster Style LED lights - Level Russia -
This guy has some really strong teeth -
More bacon roses -
Paris Hilton's bouquet -
Lake Kucherla - Kazakhstan -
Where is my nuts -
Volcano -
Next generation -
Nice sleep -
Silver Surfer -
Today Menu -
Drugs are bad -
Hammock dog bed -
Why wife makes my sad -
First Foto Of Spongebob -
QR code car sponsored by mom & dad -
Anarchy In The UK -
If I don't move he might walk away -
No Love -
Facebook reality -
Cannibal barbecue -
First kissr -
All Eyes On You -
Who else wanna ride this? -
Upside down girl -
Biking - a true story - I went biking the other day and I felt just like that.
Sweet dreams -
Seriously? - I guess they need a little body work :)
Ultimate door cat stand - specially designed for LOL cats -
Lipizzaner Stallions - Vienna -
Heaven? - What a place for a men's bathroom.
Driving like an animal -
Casual Friday - everything else was dirty so he had to wear bathrobe
Make a wish -
Fast & Furious -
Come at me bro - Silly dog
Vocal trio -
Sounds about right - Facebook ads fail :)
Bruce Willis only -
Half horse... - There are some strange people on omegle but never this strange...
Motorbike fanatic -
I miss you - like and share if you miss anyone badly!
Safety first -
Our new neighbours -
Shepherd dog -
You like Haribo gummybears? You will love world's largest gummy worm - Like Haribo? You gonna love world's largest gummy worm!
Only in Russia -
Maldives apartment -
Sad b day -
That awkward moment when... - Sometimes fishnets aren't the best choice.
Easy Ways to Lower Your Lifespan -
I love dogs -
Marines hard at work! - my friend is in the marines and they found this Gheko on their base
Cinulang waterfall - Indonesia -
Tiny Origami -
I have to puke -
Cool Bookstores -
My boss in an idiot -
Early Sketches -
Don't tell about your secrets -
Kit-Kat in Japan -
Hotdog vs Colddog -
Priorities in order -
Like Button -
Smoking kills you -
Old People -
Game with lives -
Universe in One Picture -
iPhone PRO -
Cheat Techniques -
Situ Gunung - Indonesia -
Faces -
Bear message -
Randy -
No brain, no problem -
Snacks Past vs. Now -
Waikiki beach -
Bodyguard -
Love and Hate -
Ta Prohm Temple - Cambodia -
View to paradise -
Even More Street Art -
Expelliarmus - And I'm President Again -
Some Epic Pics -
She has to have his attention -
Like an Asian -
Forever alone -
Mat For Dummies -
Wait a second -
Why Girls Cry -
S O S -
Like if You Love This cat -
Just Shoot Them -
Psssss -
Christmas tree -
What Do We Wear -
Cat Lovers House -
Never Satisfied -
Voodoo football player -
My Life -
Are You My Mom -
Portal Bear -
Expectation and reality -
M&M Champion -
Looking at the Stars -
My Hairdresser -
Horse Surfing -
Winter is Coming -
What are they doing -
Eggception -
New toys -
Facts About Cats -
Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons is real -
Poland The Land Of Po -
Night fishing -
Facebook, Y U No built pool like this for $1bn instead of buying Instagram -
Sunset Wave -
Miami underwater hotel -
Status chart of rich -
Top of Singapore -
Movie People -
New style of helmet -
15 Ridiculous Laws -
Working for free just because it's called freelancer.image -
Mykonos - Greece -
Kitties -
Striptease Level African Safari -
Zombi -
Nice boots -
Cart -
My first drawing -
Facebook access at work -
Remember diet -
A Roller Coaster of Feels -
Electronic makes you alone -
Not a doll - it's real woman -
Scumbag Lays -
Sims Naked Real Life -
Travelling... -
Evil Cows -
Life Is Funny -
How & Why -
Real Life -
Childhood -
How Women Flirt -
I'm too big -
People I Want to Marry -
Movie Heroes -
Life Purpose -
I don't remember that guy -
My Typical Work Day -
Real Fairy Tale -
Use Any Font, They Say -
This is your life -
Mother Nature -
Frying Nemo -
Where is my lunch, mmh -
Fuck you too, mom -
If you want, you have to do it yourself -
Can't touch this -
Internet Deleted -
In school they told him he could be anything. He chose to be a basketball -
Then and now -
I don't like it but I have to -
Women on the Internet -
Hey mom, wash your teeth -
Wait in the Car -
Get in the car -
Where’s a Dislike Button When You Need It -
All Fixed -
Math -
Top Books -
Petronas towers luxus view -
He Cured Her -
Poop factory -
It’s the Only State They Know -
Stupid date -
Inventing a job is more fun than finding a job -
I Want Fish Not Granulas -
Story of My Life -
I Have To Be Fit -
Birth Dates -
Speed limiters -
Pinky and Brain -
Not real love -
Tom, Y U No Age -
Lacoste -
Text All The Ex's -
Puma -
Dragon's B-day -
World War II plane wreck -
Alone at home -
Maldives -
Free day -
Heavy-load trailer -
Will he skip the loo -
Moonwalk -
The anatomy of a cigarette.image -
Ice canyon -
And now, I'm cool -
So cute -
Hi, I'm Simon -
I want be a german cop -
Even he has the monday blues -
Loud, I don't hear you -
Homer 4EVER -
Etretat - France -
NO, I'm Catwoman -
Let Me Play You -
His last ride -
Mario On The Run -
Four analphabets died yesterday -
the sweetest dreams -
Polar bear hot air balloon -
Bad air condition -
Little backyard -
Meaning of YOLO -
Slide They Said -
The first sounds of spring -
Santorini -
Superwomen -
Pool pool -
Our new twins -
It’s Never Lupus -
Another parenting win -
Sock with eyes -
Ultimate lazy -
VIP transport -
This seems like a job for dad -
Politicans -
Ice-boat -
Living in Slovakia -
You have to do that -
FAP FAP FAP Fapper -
Guitars -
TV zombi -
Stop sugar -
Where is my kitty -
I hate mornings -
Hey fly-away -
Gym Body Wooden Body -
Forever together -
Ok, I try it -
Your's travel agency -
Privat island -
When it's snowing -
Llama Haircuts -
One thing I hate about my generation -
Radio Stations -
Kangaroo 69 -
Everybody has the same exam -
Ternative -
Toilet mummy -
Women know best -
Sooooo Bored -
Leobrador -
Wedding photo -
Hey, I'm blind -
Sam L Jackson -
Home exercises -
Pimp my ride -
Capitalism -
Absolut greenpeace -
Not a Bear -
You're next -
Diablo 3 Conspiracy -
Seems Legit -
Milkshake is not enough -
People and clouds -
Hallo, Can you tell my forecast please -
I'm the best -
Iron man -
New collection of Nike -
Have nothing to wrap -
Which way -
Dads -
Portion Sizes Have Grown -
Our imagination -
Every Monday Morning -
Cat-shake -
Nice Purse -
Bill Cosby Math Equation -
Old Facebook Stuff -
Faminism -
Ironic truth of Pepsi logo -
Family photo -
Life of a Professional Photographer -
Why I Am Gay -
The Worst Office Ever -
It Suits You -
I'm a Mac -
TV Shows You What They Want -
Coke Cake -
Who's the best -
College move-in day -
Every Song Lyrics -
Pub Sign -
Poor T-Rex -
Scumbag Jesus -
Lion king -
Sitcom's Character Friends -
Truth Behind Video Games -
Too tired to brush my teeth -
Everything for kids -
Another Great Meeting -
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Gum Deal -
Not lovin it -
Laurel and Hardy -
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These people need to get a life -
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Ways to impress a girl - method no.228 - Vehicular ego
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We are pregnant -
Who says minivans aren't cool? -
Only 3 possible answers -
She loves her toy -
Kamasutra upgrade - Diablo position -
Christiano Ronaldo on EURO 2012 -
Busted -
How men's pee comes out of a penis -
Domino's Pizza FAIL -
Their senior prank was epic -
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Shut Up And Pay -
Mr. Wiggles Deserved Better Than This! -
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He’s an Expert on Humans! -
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So Awesome, It’s Not Even a Gif -
The Japanese Flag -
No, Lady… I AM Your Koala -
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Accordian Skills -
They’re Quite Supple -
Sherlock's Death -
Summer -
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Love to Death -
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This Is Our Place -
Best Three Months of My Year -
Tree Is Cold Too -
You Don’t Have to Outrun a Bear -
When Posting Stupid Statuses, Never Check Your Grammar -
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Ladder -
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European Sushi -
I’m Not Breaking Any Promises, Either -
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Now in America -
Wrong Neighborhood -
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Oversize Transport -
Slip n Slide, They Said -
Dog Student -
But It Sure Can Run -
With Pleasure -
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I Promise to Give Them Due Consideration -
Bike Parking -
Notify Him of This, Too! -
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Do as I Say, Not as I Steer -
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What Now, Cookie Thieving Scum -
Sorry, Samsungs are the Only Ones That Get Me Going -
Truth About Leash -
And Here I Thought You Were Gonna Say Parents -
Hasn’t Stopped Tupac -
Scarier than Zombies -
Chemist! -
Silence is Golden -
Too Many Windows -
Toothbrush - LIKE and SHARE if you do this with your toothbrush
Everyone Loved Raymond - When The Love is Gone.
He'll Never Get a Ring! - Cereal Guy on Lebron James.
RIP - A tragic death
Funeral Jokes -
Death mt?!?!?! - Saw the top picture on epicsnaps a few minutes ago, instantly reminded me of Zelda
Why I always talk to you self? -
dumb young me - Hit SHARE if it happened to you :)
Grown Ups -
Sad Bacon -
SHUTUP! - omg one direction is great! SHUTUP.
Games now and then -
Offside Rule -
A Weekend Story -
Low-fat meal -
I'm Bi -
Pickup line in Greece -
Catholic -
Plesiosaur -
Ordered a drink from the Chinese restaurant, got this on top -
Girls Always Together -
Loves me or not -
Do YOU Want -
Yeah baby -
Germans -
All the big sales going on on this floor -
Pearl Shoal Waterfall, China -
Slow game installation -
Do Not Disturb -
The 6th sense! -
Best Security -
Family memories -
Desktop Mindfuck -
Goodnight -
College life -
Come Swim -
Youtube is troll -
Tree Is Our Goalkeeper -
Grannies and food -
Flinstones -
Cooling system -
Red Hills -
I'm sexy and I know it -
Meme Politicians -
Hedgeh -
Best woman for nerd -
No Coat Hanger -
Close enough -
Cool Ride -
Bad luck Brian - compilation -
We Are Famous -
All the reason needed to justify gay marriage -
Only To Borrow -
How to draw an owl -
I Trust You Can Get Your Own Ice for That Burn -
Are you cheating on me? -
What a Dork -
Memes and their jobs -
Or Like for Being a Danger in Traffic -
How to wash a cat -
He is a genius! oh wait... -
Fiona Rae Jepsen -
Heavy price for marriage -
Robot Voice Activated -
Imaginary girlfriend -
Free diving -
Just Mark What’s Important, They Said -
Russia -
Forever engineer -
I Don’t Know Why She Swallowed That Fly -
Multi faces -
Rambo apple -
Famously Bad -
Forever alone tooth -
QQ, Loser -
Roman porn -
Troll mom -
The Crying of Sphinx 49 -
Sand faces -
Long summer nights -
What the Hell is Wrong With You -
Speed ranking - And the winner is ... -
I Bet You Never Noticed This -
I walked past him twice before I realized it wasn't my cat -
Troll teacher -
All My Family Dismembers -
Middle school, High school and College -
The other side of our military's badassness -
Multi faces -
Just Don’t Trip Like a Boss -
I couldn't think of what to make my wallpaper, so I did this -
Jackpot -
Read and agreed -
Now Stop Asking -
NPH speaks the truth -
I Mean Look at Her, She’s Totally Stroking Out -
Don't set your feet in a bar -
My sister's facebook picture -
Take a Hint, Crocs -
The Artist Formerly Known As -
McDonald stuff inteligence -
Wake Up! -
12 Mpx - Simpsons -
Starting With the Man in the Mirror -
No place to stop me -
Wtf -
Men Aren’t Hard to Please -
Jesus's dog -
Can I Get a Krabby Patty -
Retard of first class -
Death to the Facebook Cancer -
Minesweeper Brian -
Developers -
Forever engineer -
That’s so Sweet! -
Robben -
How You Like That Atmosphere -
Men vs women -
Lucky That My Moves are Small and Humble -
Mr. Retard -
Welcome to World One -
Take the trash out -
Buy 4 Get One Free, Please -
Horny Harry -
It’s a Hand Wash, Essentially -
69 the other way -
You Mean She’s an Earth Bender -
wtf is wrong with you -
Stop Exaggerating, Zach -
Imaginary girlfriend -
Probably Both -
About Tree Fiddy -
All you need -
Please Do Not Tap on the Bowl -
She's 16 yrs old and is always cold. So we got her a sweater. Senior kittizen -
But What Does It Mean! -
No pokemon knowledge -
My Eyes -
Women questions -
Go on ALL the Walks -
Roman porn -
Like My Vote Counts for Anything -
Angry students -
Uncel Dolan, is Yu -
True story about eggshells -
It Was Delicious -
Forever alone tooth -
Troll mom -
Fair Trade -
Dad's day -
The Biblical Wars -
Totally worth it -
Sand faces -
Freak Out and Pee Everywhere -
Grandma knows what's up -
Long summer nights -
Pfft! Kids! -
Aport -
Oh, Ryan Stiles... -
Can I Interest You in Some Warmer Rain -
Stupid teacher -
But the Pixels Are So Crisp -
Free diving -
Rambo apple -
Annoying Banners Everywhere -
Where are my glasses -
Portal trolling -
Gotta Slow It Down, Baby -
Monkey memes -
Wife exchange -
Russia -
And Your Name is Stupid -
Jerk student and Hardcore proffesor -
I don't remember that part of sleeping beauty -
Upgrade for Practically No Cost -
I feel like i know you -
Do you like drugs -
No fun -
I Look Like I’m in Pain -
Unaware Vin -
Email a finger!?! - Reminds me of dial-a-date...
Bath Salts - Bad Luck Brian
Zombie Elephants 2 -
Am I cool yet? -
It’s My Pallet and I’ll Fork If I Want To -
Seems Legit -
Pitbull - Pitbull animorphs
In Soviet Russia, Cold War Explains You -
Call It a Going Away Present -
Found this in the library, seems thrilling -
The Doctors Were Relieved -
It's just like that -
My Hopes and Dreams, Dashed -
Beta version,T=iPAD,children,generation -
Microsoft -
You Should Really Proofread Before You Like -
How he disapeard -
What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Absent Father -
Suspicious -
How to help the homeless -
And Why Do You Say You Love Her -
Nice mask -
Hallo there -
You Must Be This Tall to Leer -
Leave a message -
Microsoft Pls -
Santa in summer -
You’re Miscarrying -
Do you want be a guitarist -
I Can’t Even Turn It Off -
Who thing I am beautiful -
Coin Stacking, How Do You Work -
She never smiles for the camera -
Challenge Accepted -
Just two Norwegian guys rescuing a baby lamb drowning in the ocean -
We Want Prenup -
Happy Fathers Day! -
You Might Want to Wear Protective Gear -
My friend has convinced me that drawing eyebrows on your dog makes everything is does funny -
Just Ask Michael Jackson -
3 Minutes in Heaven -
Art dust -
All the Better to Conceal My Wrongdoings -
Parenting -
Part 3 is Not Available in Yr Country -
What I've noticed growing up. It's all about perspective -
Can’t Argue With That Kind of Endorsement -
This is the first ad for an Anti-Yolo campaign a friend of mine is trying to start -
You Had Over Nine Thousand Messages -
Ok, where is problem -
Are You Really Surprised -
Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee -
Exercise My Stomach Muscles -
Personal taxi -
Rover’s Got a Gun -
Don't let me home -
Do you want lose your weight -
You Deserve a Drink! -
Gift for dad -
Pizza fail -
Every time my wife sees a spider -
Hide and seek master -
Badstuber -
My bin -
Fucking situation -
Balotelli -
An honest father on Father's Day -
Mesked bandit -
All pirates know that feel -
Antigravity yoga -
Just love -
Dilema -
Can you hear me now? -
Finally in a relationship -
Sweet -
New gift -
How I see darkness -
Do you know his name -
Social shower curtain -
Who's this? -
Videogames! -
Lucky -
Little story about doggy -
When i want to sleep -
I have to grow up -
From friday to monday -
This still makes me laugh every time -
Calculator... -
The difference 4 months can make, I miss my lil fluff ball -
Dream come true -
Don't freeze -
Test your stupidity -
Girlfriend -
Non IT mom -
Vet told me to put a long sleeve shirt on my dog to prevent him from licking his wound. I give you Farmer Chewbacca -
Dance moves -
Troll dad strikes again -
Forgotten phone -
Colorado Springs, CO is on fire. 65mph winds blew it into the city today. Looked like Armageddon -
Attention -
Women Who Don't... -
After cosmetics -
Wow, tail -
Rap evolution -
Tattoos fail -
Korn-flakes -
She got what she wanted -
FINE, Fine, I Guess It's Time To Clean The Car -
Hey, open up -
At the swimming pool -
What Do You Mean -
Meat again -
Pacman on twitter -
Whatcha thinking about -
First online problems -
I'll Just Rest My Face On This Forcefield -
Assassins Creed logic -
OMG, what to do -
Forever alone -
Forever alone -
When i start to learn -
American beer -
Alone Brofist -
And That's How We Ended Up With Your Sister -
Naptimes now and then -
She is cute - Amy Winehouse -
Friends... -
How to sit -
Philosoraptor strikes again -
Exam fail -
Hey I Used That Huge Jar Of Cinnamon On My OH GOD NO -
Feel like Jedi -
Kids Wearing Way Too Much Sunblock -
Barber logic -
Hey, Mr DJ -
Troll mom -
My attempt at babysitting -
Close Enough -
Poker face -
Meme clock -
Hi, this is my crib -
Foul bachelor frog strikes again -
Tai-chi foto shooting -
Troll colleagues -
head stylist -
Silly baby, those aren't for you -
Release the Kraken! -
Well, this is my sister -
Happens all the time -
Ozzy Osbourne before all the drugs -
Sleeping with open windows -
You're Not Fooling Anyone -
My girlfriend randomly took a couple pictures of me at the grocery store. Only later did we notice... -
Darth Čech -
Bowling faces -
Somebody that you used to know -
Forever alone and Valentines day -
He will never have a girlfriend - The Beast -
Gay friend -
My girlfriend sent me this picture while I was at work today -
Magic of the forest -
Bad luck Greg -
Follow me. I know what I'm doing -
Clean commando -
Made in USA -
Originality Fail - Hit SHARE if you have friends who do the same
Makes sense -
Don't you like it? -
99.9% of Lols -
Hillside, Hokkaido, Japan -
Ever since his girlfriend left him... -
Avril Meme -
It's a fact -
Story of my life -
Wife is out, packing my own lunch this week -
Apple troll -
Rules for the cat -
This is the dumb look my husky gives me whenever she's guilty of something -
Just saw this driving through town -
With and without teacher -
Disney Names Explained -
Johny Der(r)p -
He will never have a girlfriend - Nicole Richie -
How they work -
Behind blue eyes.. -
i 1 2 4 Q -
My gf had to wear this to work today. Never wanted her more -
Sensei rabbit -
Darg -
Just my dad enjoying this tropical storm -
There's really nothing more attractive than an athletic man -
He will never have a girlfriend - Jackson Rathbone -
Me too, Snoopy. Me too... -
Nudity -
That's friendship -
Every Little Meme She Does Is Magic -
Guess who turned 21 today -
Missing Cat - I've lost my cat, please help
Have you -
How to make YouTube better -
I feel like a pedophile now -
Green Lake in Austria that is a hiking trail for half the year, and a diving destination for the other -
Drinking makes you dance better -
I'm going to hell -
Just the GOD particle -
New season of Futurama -
These seem legit -
Men's Opinion -
Salad Dressing - Gateway to the Mind -
Bentley in his towel -
Letter W -
Saw this on facebook -
Higgs Boson Understanding -
100 years of evolution -
I love you man -
what goes through my dog's head after I yell at him for barking at another dog -
Repeat after me -
Saw this is a restaurant. Best sign ever -
The Best of Paranoid Parrot -
Mumbai Skateboards -
It always happens -
Dream Fishing Car -
5 little puppies belonging to my friend -
What will happen when Brian meets Rick Astley -
Brainfreeze -
Awesome Bras -
Yet Another Motivation Quote -
Homer Simpson on a snake -
Just random people... I mean... Aliens -
Just spongebob and patrick in cinema -
Reunited -
Crap vs Smart Car -
Stop -
Mother of transportation -
Phone Evolution -
Best moment on this show ever -
How a programmer feels -
Koala getting water during firefighting in Australia -
Differences - Speed Limit -
I am much more dangerous than this lion in the exact same situation -
Let's try this when I'm drunk -
Nice groomsman photo, here's my sister in law and her bridesmaids -
You are not like the others -
What I woke up to this morning, camping in Japan -
Looks Like We're Moving, Guys -
Can someone explain how this always happens -
Seat belt Logic -
Holy Water -
Play a Zebra they say -
Every time we make plans -
Woman behind every man -
I can rest in peace -
Gun In The Pants -
You Did That Too -
Vote me -
Two Noise Makers Compete for Musical Supremacy -
Omg true, gold -
What Your Hot Dog Toppings Say About You -
As a vegetarian, I wouldn't know how to respond -
In case of fire -
Being Sick -
My kind of sea... -
Mortal Kombat - Balotelli Style -
The End Is Near -
Crappy Candy For America -
The Rubber Band Solar System -
Happy 21 -
On the way -
Idiots on Facebook -
When you miss -
Waterproof headphones -
What you can get done in 30 mins without your kids -
Open this when you are drunk -
Ultra super mega annoying moment -
Can I borrow the car -
Suuure Yeah -
5 Second Rule -
David the NOM -
Do you know how to make these -
I love when she asks me this question -
You know it -
Congratulations for the drunk owner -
Origami Dragon -
Shit just got serious -
I'm a Sociopath -
How long does your excitement last -
On Facebook Likes -
Men will know that feeling -
Matchsticks -
Our Past -
Philosoraptor - Fuck The Police -
Only Reason I Clean My Room -
Poor Beckham -
The Level of Sassiness Cannot Be Quantified -
I Got A Girl Pregnant -
True story is true -
Did you know -
Goth kids are goth -
Omg! I'm crying I must post it on Facebook -
People these days -
Justin Please -
Double standard -
Siri and Rain -
Fork you! -
Things You’ll Never Have to Worry About -
The older the better -
When someone I don't know knows my name -
Meanwhile, in a parallel universe -
Laziness lvl - human -
Let's think twice -
Curse You, Pigs! -
Engie's new robot legs -
Kitchen Gun -
Dad -
Best party... EVER -
Future psychiatrist patient -
Ultra gay seal strikes again! -
Literally -
My NVIDIA graphics card -
5-day Girlfriend Forecast -
The solution is finally here -
Coke Price -
Just an epic photo -
Excuse me sir -
Some of us are loved more than others -
Should I Eat That -
And this is my story -
Who Wears the Pants Around Here -
Totally Worth the Mess -
My Friends' Walk -
America’s Obesity Problem Can be Linked to Their Laziness -
Radar Gun Is Broken -
Red bull vs. alcohol -
Hippies are Disgusting -
What if -
Eye contact with a woman -
Zombie Love Story -
Now THIS is a strong liquor -
Homophobic Seal and Friend -
I’m Just That Manly -
Gym News -
Not sure if really hungry or just bored -
At the teachers' room -
Now I know meaning of life -
Could it be -
It’s All About Motivation -
Beer anywhere -
Sweet Dreams -
Teacher was not very impressed -
Well, Shit -
Nose to Nose -
18th Birthday -
The dumbest football fans ever -
Only Men Know How It Feels -
Chicken omelette -
Third World Says -
Effective alarm clock -
Man chest hair united -
Just Philosophical Velociraptor -
Show some respect -
Bill Murray Trolling -
Oh He Does, Does He -
Bro Tip #161023 -
Rule of Laziness -
Look At This Guy -
POWned!! -
Crazy Lady Starter Kit -
It’s the Closest I’m Going to Get to Being Cultured -
Meanwhile in European Parliament -
Breaking news in Phoenix -
Dangerous Drug -
Kablammo -
Not The Same Thing -
You Guys Are the Best -
Ozphobia -
Gamers Will Know -
Gamer's Dream Machine -
Fashion - Sunglasses -
All students know -
Hey Billy, want a balloon -
How tough are you -
World’s Most Reliable Machine -
Haircut -
What Do You Think About Our Love -
Politicians are like sperm -
Learning english like a boss -
This Is Going to Be Hilarious -
An appropriate advertising -
I Must Make the Top Comment! -
Meanwhile in Polish parliament -
And you thought they couldn't get uglier -
Netflix -
Meanwhile in Croatia -
How Desperate Are You -
Awesome fan -
Best teacher EVER -
I know too many girls like this -
GTFO, stupid mouse -
Good News -
They should have more of these -
Alcohol doesn't solve any problems -
I’m Watching You -
Halo sniper rifle built with LEGO -
Run for your Life -
It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White… or Red -
Hipster Ross -
Hot Dog Hot Dogs -
If you're happy and you know it -
Drunk Baby -
Meanwhile in the stands of Italy -
Always give 100% -
Melting Dog -
Cool Jesus -
Ronald Lee Ermey at its best -
Dear mother -
The last one standing -
Giant bunny -
How About Remind Me Never -
Expert Mode -
How I Drive -
Pi-Car-chu -
Drunk Baby -
Omnomnomnivore -
Hedgehog's new haircut -
Omg Stay in There! -
I'll try this technique -
Made in China -
I can change -
Nature's Greatest Machine -
Maybe You’ll Make Friends in My Belly! -
Come on guys, what does it say -
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates -
Sad but true -
Judge the character -
Plsss don't hurt me -
Truth lvl - Scientists -
X-Ray of Kermit the Frog -
Zucchini Bigote -
That Would Be Embarassing -
Where is your god now -
Meanwhile in Indonesia -
It Makes Taking Notes Interesting -
Birthday Happy! -
A moment from the future -
Keep it real -
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Independence Day -
We Don’t Know What You’re Saying -
Rock Candy Jello Shots -
Freddie Mercury -
What a disaster -
How Long Have I Been in Here -
This is you when the phone rings -
So Much Fun -
If you can read this -
How to Fix Anything -
Monk sharing food with a tiger -
Alien Logic -
Hip Grandpa -
My life -
Why did you order food -
Shake It -
BBQ Cookies -
Medical students can relate -
Have a Seat, Have a Snack -
Book Vs TV -
The Oracle of Death -
Japan -
Life Lesson -
Even in Soviet Russia - caption contest
Seriously? A black baby - epic face palm
Olympic SHHH! -
Coolest thing in Israel -
HTML Basics - Seems Legit -
Going and retu -
Brian finally hits puberty -
This is not how to protect your sandwich -
Douches throw Deuces - i see you eyeing me
Meanwhile in Montenegro -
Your Argument Is Invalid -
But teacher... NO! -
KFC Full Logo -
Seriously... I Will -
Changing diapers is disgusting -
Not sure if better life -
How is this even possible -
3rd World Skeptical Child on pot -
Internet = Ancient Egypt -
Left the window open for a few days -
Drinking Vodka -
He Dies at the End -
Swag Graph -
I think.. I'm the only one -
I know who you are -
Short Arms -
He was so dissapointed -
Human logic -
The reason why you've to share your car -
Life is hard -
Because Hot Dog is too mainstream -
Local Newspaper -
Brick laying machine -
My life everyday -
Yes. Yes it is... -
My Clone -
Japanese invention -
Moms vs Dads With Kid -
Troll ice cream vendor -
My bad, guys -
I think I'll go now -
First World TV Problems -
Justin Bieber is saving lifes -
Meanwhile in Brazil -
Girls having period then and now -
Why I don't have any friends -
Youtube problems -
Mirror -
How to use the Portal gun -
The cutest thing I've ever seen -
I'm too lazy -
Every morning... -
House of cards rage -
Alcohols -
LP cover -
Story of my life -
It's him! -
Who Ya Gonna Call -
Kids Logic -
If ducks took photos -
LOTR wait for it -
Henk Saves The Fish -
I can almost taste it -
LEGO Sandals -
Payday - Hit LIKE if you agree :D
How celebrities laugh -
My ceiling fan's speed settings -
It's what inside that counts - SHARE if you agree
Love it when this happens -
Mirror Fence -
WTF Disney Channel -
Is that you, Mr. Tesla -
History became legend -
Annoyed Gandalf -
Me playing with LEGO -
When I arrive at work in the morning -
Long time ago -
Like a Sir Fence -
Being a student nowadays is really hard -
I want this for my birthday -
Choose One -
Electrical tower -
Meanwhile in the Olympics -
Immaturity at it's finest -
I am a terrible son -
Yes or No -
Google Chrome at its best -
LEGO Curiosity -
Yo Kangsta -
Meanwhile in the Olympics -
How to use the Portal gun -
He Dies at the End -
Women -
Me playing with LEGO -
My bad, guys -
Human logic -
A rest room in New Delhi -
I want this for my birthday -
Awsome cake -
Dog photobomb -
How is this even possible -
Do you like my desktop -
Fonts problems -
Ecce Homo restored by Mr. Bean -
As a gay man -
Batman Bin Suparman -
Bach off -
Viva La Restauracion -
Changing diapers is disgusting -
Drunk vs. normal men -
comments on The Dark Knight Rises -
Yea this happend to me -
At 4th grade lunch -
Follow your dream -
Every time I shop -
CCleaner -
Brilliant Pumpkin Carving -
Y U NO want my cookies! -
Don't do drugs -
Bag of Chips -
Close enough -
5,5 Terapixels Camera -
Seems like a good book -
Good Guy Mars Rover -
She was... we swear -
Good Guy Curiosity Self Shot -
Pedobear Foiled Again -
Because Normal Jenga is too Mainstream -
Photographer Genius Self Portrait -
Canada vs. USA -
The inevitable trap -
Boy, that escalated quickly -
Facebook needs this -
Emergency exit fail -
Racists -
Real badass over here -
Well If St. Patrick Said It -
Alphabet Song -
This actually saved someone's life in Syria -
Punishment Will Be Severe -
The Power of the Badge -
Public Shaming -
Orbiting Icons -
School two easy for kids -
The truth about weekends -
Well it is sad but true -
You've Been Restored! -
Speech Therapy -
Usain Bolt Comics -
What a very interesting job -
War Beetle -
Really wonder what this book's about -
Time to Take Some Responsibility -
Washing dishes rage -
This Was A Mistake -
Spongebob tampons -
Perfectionism -
Why I am so rich -
Watching my new TV -
Shufflin' Slender Man -
Third World Countries -
This glass is full -
Rolling Stone vs. The Beetles -
Poopsketball -
The Power of the Badge -
Orbiting Icons -
Simple trick to teach my mom how to use wifi -
Racists -
She was... we swear -
On a car outside the grocery store -
What a very interesting job -
This actually saved someone's life in Syria -
Or Worse, Memory Loss -
The truth about weekends -
Rolling Stone vs. The Beetles -
The saddest doodle I have ever seen -
Why I am so rich -
Usain Bolt Comics -
This Was A Mistake -
Truth about mullets -
You've Been Restored! -
Seems like a good book -
The inevitable trap -
Sharks are not dangerous -
Well If St. Patrick Said It -
Socks & Sandals -
Young moms on facebook -
Photographer Genius Self Portrait -
This dog has seen too much -
This happened last night -
Perfectionism -
Scumbag Driver -
Pedobear Foiled Again -
Sonic Balloon -
Washing dishes rage -
Really wonder what this book's about -
Punishment Will Be Severe -
Third World Countries -
Sonic Balloon -
Shufflin' Slender Man -
Alphabet Song -
Lovestory -
Driving car -
Time to Take Some Responsibility -
Days of the week -
Spongebob tampons -
Friends -
Socks & Sandals -
Happens all the time -
Sharks are not dangerous -
Small plant -
Simple trick to teach my mom how to use wifi -
Russians -
This glass is full -
Nutella -
Young moms on facebook -
All hail -
School two easy for kids -
Car driver,T= car driver, tube, playing tube while driving -
Well it is sad but true -
On a car outside the grocery store -
Watching weight -
Truth about mullets -
Writing notes -
The saddest doodle I have ever seen -
Forever alone -
This dog has seen too much -
Splash mountain -
Or Worse, Memory Loss -
Owl rage -
Scumbag Driver -
Anatomy -
This happened last night -
Time machine -
Real badass over here -
Texting -
Elmo & Baby -
War Beetle -
Just Bear Grylls -
Watching my new TV -
No gold for you -
Funny rage comics -
Poopsketball -
Piracy in the past -
Pen -
Public Shaming -
Genius -
Just Cola -
Speech Therapy -
How country works -
Washing dishes -
Strict father -
Eye -
Human imagination -
Beer app -
Keys -
Rainbow -
Car driver,T= car driver, tube, playing tube while driving -
All hail -
Photobomb face swap - Did you just see what I saw? -
Mystery -
Ths iz mah pilow ^_^ -
Photobomb face swap - Friends -
Lamborghini -
When first and last name doesn't go together -
Dog costume -
1 dollar bill - forever alone -
Argument -
Most interesting nerd -
10 cents a minute -
Photobomb face swap - Wu-Tang Photobomb -
Stranger -
Dog -
Cars -
Google glasses -
Did You Know? -
Present -
Telling story -
Photobomb face swap - Creepy gingerboy -
Thaitanic -
Unimpressed Crocodile Guy -
Just college -
Lady Gaga - Poker Face -
How to troll successfully your friend -
Simple mistake -
Latest Apple MacBook Pro -
Put on Your Papal Vestments and Dance With Me -
Hairstyle -
Super cool milk glasses -
Are you from Paris? -
Soon,T=soon, scary bottle -
How I cheat at school -
He really loves masturbating -
Argument -
Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet -
His parents must have hate him -
Dat Pear -
Usain Bolt in Bold and Italics -
Every time I see a horror movie poster -
Work - Well paid & legal = LIKE Interesting & Well paid = COMMENT Interesting & Well paid = SHARE
Olympic games facepalm -
Secret stairs -
Banana Patrol -
Ryan Gossling calling - What would you do? Hit LIKE & SHARE to answer him
Best name in a yearbook -
Names speak for themselves -
Therapist Frog -
Eminem's daughter Hailie -
Braun vs. Apple -
Apple's Blackmail -
Unimpressed Husky -
Best Soup EVER -
Cool tattoo -
They Should Make Handcuffs Out of These -
New meme face? -
Occasionally -
Application for Avengers has been denied -
True Story About Girls -
LOL cats smiley - Which smiley do you use most often?
No...No... -
How to explain sex to children -
Non-smokers will know -
Alcohol vs marijuana - Alcohol = LIKE Marijuana = SHARE both or none = COMMENT
Feline Aid FAIL -
Apple Blue Steel -
Spell It -
Just Kevin -
Cheesy Killer -
Eating Popsicle -
Daddy Saddle -
Equality Above All -
I Feel Bad for the Guy -
Sorry Hipsters -
Dumb Food -
I am going to touch you -
It's hot out there -
Om nom nom nom -
Determining Your Feelings -
Subway line in NYC -
Job Application - You are doing it wrong -
Angry Snack -
Just Can -
College -
Apple 1st world problems -
69 -
Kiss Cam -
This is why I don't write my work on my paper -
Lazy and Thirsty -
Poor Bassist -
Just Bus -
Such a badass -
At the shop -
Doctor -
Best way to milk a sheep -
Hey girls -
Mint -
Coffe -
Bloody hell -
Friendzone level unlimited -
Awesome App -
Nightmares -
This is one smart cow -
Finally in bed -
No One Likes It -
Is that hair -
Windows Volume -
How to pick up chicks -
Best iPhone -
New Iphone -
The Spice of Life -
Smart opening -
CS players will know -
Crush -
Shower -
Easy Advice -
Epic Design -
Awesome street art -
Dafuq -
Volume -
Badass High Five -
As a kid -
I am stuck -
Nice man -
Weeds -
Just CD -
Chinese new year -
Epic block -
Overatached girlfriend strikes again -
Great Idea -
Writing to crush -
Vacuuming -
Distraction -
Draw me! -
Itch -
Morning -
Butt to butt song -
Alarm -
Have a ride! -
Answers -
Brothers -
Sorcery -
I sit how I want -
Coffe -
Lottery -
New FB account -
Shut down -
Chuck Norris in 3D -
Keep running -
Tetris -
Productive Cat -
Ideas -
Women -
Worth it! -
Evian -
Gay! -
The guy who takes pictures of other planes -
Expectations... -
Cleaning room -
Official story -
Internet speed -
Correct answer -
Just Firewall -
Water at the bar -
Troll dad -
Lazy student -
SMS reply -
Mad parents -
Just windows -
Troll dad -
Moon -
100 years later -
After movie -
Murphy Law -
Chat with hearts -
Good news -
Online games -
Your name -
Random test -
Now kiss -
Password -
Just Axe -
Face palm -
Youtube -
On the wax -
Epic photo -
Repair shop -
Lyrics -
Poor finger -
Made in china -
Lays -
Exams -
Make it stop -
Tape -
Chuck Norris -
Just little fish -
Gamer -
Firefox -
Pizza box -
Losing memory -
Crush -
Seahorse -
Trolled -
Trust me -
Dissapointing,T= baby, mother, kids, toys -
Human brain -
Shower -
Fact -
Memories -
Handwriting -
Camera mystery -
Horror story -
Dog -
Forever alone level dancefloor -
Serious cat -
Student discount -
1 hour -
That ankward moment -
Credit card -
Math test -
That moment... -
Invicible -
Awesome feeling -
McDrive -
Cooking -
Telling Stories -
Diet water -
Just women -
Pen -
Autocorrect -
Off-beat -
Long story in short -
Bluetooth -
Internet connection -
Little help please -
Muffin -
Scanned my face -
Childhood -
Study time -
Fuck logic thats why -
T-rex -
Dual-core -
Photobomb face swap - The Derpy Neville Photobomb -
Apple -
Will Metamorphisize -
Moment of panic -
Washing dishes -
Just Russia -
Kid forever -
Cleaning -
Scary movie -
Taking picture -
Lies -
free Wifi -
Old status -
No gangnamstyle -
Perfect song -
Guess why Robert have never been married -
Awesome moment -
Basketball -
Teeth brush -
Not sure... -
Samsung and Apple -
iHad -
Exam -
Video capturing -
Car driving -
Drawing -
Speechless -
First camera -
Hell -
Parallel universe -
Being sickT= sickness, school, holiday -
Plastic case -
headphones -
New Apple -
Games -
Just Facebook -
No one -
Trolled -
Art -
Gas Station -
Virginity -
Angry birds -
911 -
Money -
raining -
Just Google -
Mission -
It is mine! -
Obama -
Glasses -
Infinite love -
Oh shit -
Biggest lie -
Japan -
Relax -
Mosquitoes -
Clock check -
Cut -
Insulting -
Colorblind -
phototomb -
Love -
Music -
Chat -
Same T-shirt -
Stopping leak -
Baby -
Switch Off -
I lied -
Toilet paper -
Call me maybe -
Pizza -
Motivation -
Unimpressed Tower -
Forever Friendzoned -
Eraser -
Google -
Who be messin with ma watermelon -
Old Comments -
Unimpressed Astronaut -
Holywood logic -
Lazy student strikes again -
Stupidity -
Goal! -
Photos -
Knife -
Loading -
Group photo -
Modern Art -
Long Showers -
Butstache -
Being an ugly girl is like being a man -
Scumbag Internet -
Disney logic -
Photobomb face swap - Creeper -
Poor astronaut, T= astronaut, nose itch, fail, space, moon -
Surprising call -
Glass -
Genius idea -
Interview with a Hooker -
Angry birds -
At school -
Just Apple -
Getting younger -
Angry Birds visiting Kosovo -
Spelling fail -
Ordinary life -
Math Lessons -
A little birdie told me... -
Truck fail -
Fitness dog -
Anime fail -
I'm lovin' it -
Love -
A pervert asks a question and gets burned on Meet Me -
Genius Architect -
Sick days -
Extra sleep -
Answer -
Browser -
First USB ever -
Free! -
Robbers -
Inheriting -
Women -
Music -
Phototomb -
Money -
Troll son -
Fireworks -
Bathroom -
AA meeting -
Windows shut down -
Bad dream -
Chillin -
Genius photographer -
Just adobe -
Sleeping -
Water in ear -
Shit -
Challenge accepted -
Folders names -
Coffee temperature -
Iphone 999 -
Crunchy food -
Sure -
Graph -
Scumbag batman -
Punk rock fairy tale -
Advice -
Aliens -
Just melon -
Slut alert -
Do not make them sick -
Army knife -
Just 5 minutes -
The truth -
Repair -
Google again -
Afraid of -
Happy dog -
Epic fish -
Parallel universe -
Toilet -
Our generation -
Just cat -
Romney Interrupted -
Wise wife -
Blend in -
Fire inventor -
Very bad idea -
FB status -
Just Aladin -
Text message -
Song -
That ankward moment -
Lovestory -
Companies -
Controller -
Kiss -
Volume up -
Pokemon -
Birds -
Roller coaster -
Webcam -
Welcome -
On the way -
Ipad -
Justin Bieber again -
Iphone -
Epic Photobomb -
Grylls is at it Again -
Gold diggers -
College Degree -
Getting tired of lacing your shoes -
He's a Human Being -
Mindreaders -
I shouldn't be alive -
All my life same attitude -
Insomnia -
First World Toddler Problem -
How to turn this on -
Accepting FB Friend Requests -
Anonimity -
Lab safety week -
Bambi in real life -
Impossibru! -
Phone vibration -
And time goes by -
Living -
Another wild hipster appears -
Teamwork -
I'm fat... so what -
New brand -
Hipster dog being hipster -
Bike -
Don't open the Pandora Box, guys -
Grandma's home -
Gaming Revolution -
Hey...psst -
Bad parking spot -
A friend forgot his Facebook open... and became a llama -
He Earned Every Penny -
It starts early -
Is there a problem officer -
Good Job -
Ah them cats -
Just my dog -
I See What You're Doing, Can -
Elevator and Stairs -
99 Problems but she ain't 1 -
Female Empowerment FAIL -
Dat ass -
First day on the internet kid -
In winter time -
Fall sidewalk chalk art -
At the builders market -
Heard a kid saying this today -
I like my friend -
In case you don't have insurance -
How Google is helping Apple -
IRON BOX 360 -
Children. Children Everywhere. -
Just One More Game -
And Families -
For the Classy Beer Drinker -
Find Me -
I saw this tree -
Food for Thought -
Just a morning roller coaster photo -
Here son... is your burger -
Great Idea, Bro -
I've Only Had One Beer, Officer -
It's revolutionary -
John Waters relationship advice -
Grandma Plays For Keeps -
Faith in humanity - still the same -
Happened to me today -
Hold On, I've Almost Got It... -
Just Think About It -
Good Guy Gmail -
It's so fluffy... -
iPhone 5 club -
Not sure... -
Tennis -
Good guy Robert Cornelius -
Enviroment -
Two types -
Idiots -
Tricky question -
Acute Angle -
Meanwhile -
Car download -
Laser Accuracy -
Badass Kelvin -
Mines -
Dollar -
IT Crowd -
Photobomb face swap - Dog -
Exams -
I'd Like to Cash This Check, Please -
All of us do this -
Going to school -
Cut Your Hair -
Air conditioner -
3 Apples -
Going to bed -
Grocery day -
Ankward -
Koalas -
Coke -
Forever Together -
Chatroulette -
I Know What I'll Be Building This Weekend... -
Best friends -
Running -
Photobomb face swap - The Ministry of Magic -
Before and after -
Justin Bieber again -
High security -
RIP English -
Memories -
Checking girls -
Heaters -
Car stereo -
Bored -
Batman -
Break up -
Ideas! -
PC freeze -
Wrong person -
Read what is on my ass -
Badass -
Genius -
Friends -
Gentlemen -
Moon -
People nowadays -
When the music is good -
Duckface everywhere -
Kids nowaday -
Lyrics -
We all know this -
Cat -
Math exam -
Math -
Makeup -
Money -
Computer class -
Fire! -
Fan -
Getting your own GF -
Fat Hitler -
Just Harry and Ginny -
Contacts -
Annoying -
Faceswap -
Touch it gently, put 2 fingers inside -
Checking out -
Loughing -
Exam -
Just Australia -
Sandbox -
Forever alone -
RedBull fuel -
Epic comment -
Decoration -
Just Felix -
Still not worth it -
Macauly Culkin -
Oreo -
Whenever you are sad -
Wet floor -
Expert -
Earphones -
Unimpressed Gorilla - Give LIKE for sad gorilla, 500 SHARES for freedom
Panda -
Math -
Hey girls -
Watching movie -
Hhh logic -
Mcdonalds -
Cinema -
English fail -
Yoga, yoga everywhere -
Skin color -
Equation -
Engineering class -
Every single time -
When life gives you lemons -
Shark -
Portal Bookends -
Yoga Pants -
Shade of grey -
I live in YOLO, California -
A Spoonful of Regret -
That is completely irrelevant -
In Romania, you shall pass -
Are You From Paris -
So I ordered a tablet in China -
Circle -
Youtube and Asians -
Answer -
Quizzes in college -
Teacher -
She likes to get wet -
Art of trolling -
The World Today -
Windy in Scotland -
Just USA -
She found me -
Toothpaste -
What a disrespectful thing to do! -
The Hummingbird -
Street art in Germany -
Well played -
Alcohol vs marijuana - Alcohol = LIKE Marijuana = SHARE both or none = COMMENT
What's Your Point -
Just wifi -
That is the Question -
You won't need a lawyer -
That happened to a friend -
Shoes are socks -
Why men learn how to paint -
Yo dawg -
The Delectable Screams -
So close... -
The Manliest Wedding Cake -
Red wine = immortality -
The economy is hitting hard -
Saw Jesus playing in the pool today -
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Romney. - I'm not the only one that thinks this, right...?
Scumbag TV chef -
The Satan Car -
Riding this horse at Halloween would be awesome -
Where is the bus going -
Why are they so cute -
Someone should get fired -
Scumbag America -
Summarizing before exam -
School in Mexico -
Someone's backyard -
What a Story -
Truth about being white -
Swag problems -
Scumbag Parents -
Why fridge why -
Seems about right -
Something is wrong here -
To all the girls on Facebook -
Windows -
We're close friends -
This annoys me a lot more than it should -
Who says cat can't swim -
This Is Why We Can't Take Nice Pics -
Sir, hey sir -
Tissue paper -
Sticky stickers -
This is how it feels home without internet -
Real World Truth -
So high -
Warning! Made in China! -
Stupid Rain -
A sign in dog park -
Troll teacher -
Flower Dresses -
Thanx for fixing it -
Parents Logic -
Police prank -
Kaboom! -
Truth about police -
All white puzzle -
Rice on Weddings -
Whenever I run a full scan -
Legit sticker -
You only had one job -
This TV is Expensive -
Dual monitor productivity -
Monopoly Street -
Dat costume -
Who threw that! -
Let's play dead -
Typical Printer Experience -
The lesser of two evils -
Mega Gusta -
So Much Wisdom -
Never get any work done -
Volkswagen Pikachu -
Laughter house -
Nice try, USA -
What's up -
Bike officer -
My professor knows -
The Bong -
Space Energy -
Now I can rest in peace -
Nice Health Advice -
Office Wars 101 -
Never piss off an elephant -
Oh, Mommy -
It's not worth it, Roy -
Honest mistake -
New iOS 6 Maps -
Beat the Heat -
Last revenge of trees -
Everytime I see a release date -
Men are men -
Living alone -
Plunger -
Manly man on shower -
At school -
It makes so much sense -
Meanwhile in Chile -
No one can with bolt -
Grocery shopping fun -
It's physically impossible -
Meanwhile in Africa -
Genius Power Rangers -
Lavender Fields -
And Not A Single Chair Was Given That Day -
Pokemon, it won't leave you, even at university -
On a door in the Health Sciences building at school -
Banana suit -
Nokia armor -
Engineers in their natural habitat -
Be careful, get in! -
My 30 something circle of friends -
Mindblown -
My brain hurts -
How I feel whenever I have any snack -
Hipster's Keyboard -
Don't play with your food -
My printer knows how she likes it -
Heard this on the bus today -
Pac Man eats a ghost -
May I use your phone to call my mother -
Mummy Use -
Ommmmm Youuuuu -
Last night's debate -
New icy haircut -
Pimped my ride -
No smoking, drinking and skateboarding dog please -
I listened to my Mom once -
Mummu Toilet Problems -
For all the hipsters -
Invitation not required -
Not actual size -
Update for Angry Birds -
Laser Screen -
My headphones -
My ears are still bleeding -
Miami Marlins -
Walter's big screw you. - Made this while watching Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special.
Imma let you finish -
I've got ambition -
Trolled -
Logic -
Much much better -
Games -
Staring baby -
Just amazing -
Ehm ehm -
Study -
Money! -
Age Verification Win -
Old men's secret -
Telling joke -
Meanwhile in Russia -
Oh... -
I am going to hell -
Piracy -
Part of my life -
Wolverine -
The Little Mermaid -
Ehm -
Bit of a mistake -
Eff the police -
Last photo -
Men vs Women -
Another Felix Baumgartner fact -
Workout -
Let Me Sleep -
Pick up line -
Xbox -
Traumatized Kid -
Living -
Most searched -
Hairstyle -
Like a boss -
This is my chair -
Time -
Pet store -
Samsung -
Phone ring -
Going out -
Just mom -
Dinner -
Ooops -
Joke -
Petrol -
Memes rule to world -
Pretty -
Scumbag shower -
Tools -
Justin again -
Challenge -
Fix -
Pronounce -
You know who -
Problem -
Bitch please -
Panic -
LoL -
Democracy -
Sword -
Worth it -
Sport -
Rollercoaster -
Gay -
Teens -
Forget -
Traffic jam -
Friendzoned -
Man -
Saturday morning -
The difference -
Laziness -
Bee -
Books -
Pirate -
Crush -
Donation -
Drivers -
Ankward moment -
Pigeons -
Photographer -
Google again -
Bitch please -
Calculator -
Lets have fun -
Neighbor -
Friend request -
Almost -
Trolled -
Women -
Forever alone -
Windows -
CPU usage -
Phototomb -
Exams -
Like a boss -
Break -
Man -
Shirt -
Coincidence -
Hair -
Childhood -
Installation -
New law -
Voldemort -
Genius -
Home alone -
Gonna hurt -
Women magazines -
500GB HDD -
Chocolate -
Mr.bean -
Homemade cinema -
Download -
White -
Pacman -
Loosing teeth -
Troll -
I lied -
Close enough -
Oh why -
Popcorn -
Chuck Norris -
Oh -
New phone! -
Thief -
Earthquake -
Hehe -
iPhone -
Angry birds -
Wedding -
Watching you -
Remember me -
Notes -
Einstein -
Why -
Britney -
Oh god -
That was fast -
Forever -
Big bang -
Welcome -
Sparta -
Batman -
Student -
Justin -
Genius dad -
Work -
Just Obama -
Piracy -
Modern song -
Scumbag -
Please mom -
Story -
Ex -
Christmas music -
Epic prank -
Snow -
Sunday -
Scary guy -
Blondes -
Epic day -
Meanwhile -
Christmas present -
Unemployment -
Genius -
Hero -
Amazing concert -
Fail -
Argument -
Just keys -
College -
Internet Explorer -
Christmas tree -
Always -
TV show -
How -
Bond please -
Oh -
Storage -
Epic video -
Pizza -
Pidgeon -
Batman -
Good story -
Lags -
Spider -
Toilet paper -
New PC -
Price -
Confession Bear on lady first -
Shanghai's Circular Walkway -
Print job -
Who's Sandy -
Folding Laundry -
Damn cookie -
I am retarded -
That moment -
WordArt -
This soldier has a pretty bad fart -
Double money -
Beautiful Sandwhiches -
If voting changed anything -
These Are the Absolute Worst -
The tuning pegs are lights and the keys are solar panels -
Optical illusion with balls - LIKE if you see it moving
She Likes Me -
Why!!! -
Size does matter -
The original Portal -
Pedobear Costume -
Came home and found this -
DON'T GROW UP, it's a trap! -
50 Shades if it -
What texture pack are you using -
I'd Really Like to Log In -
Peeeanuuuuuts! -
Successfully Alone -
YouTube Buffer -
Bacon for President -
It is My Ultimate Plan... -
I'm a server and I was paid with this today -
Getting in car -
15,9 GP Image -
You can never be too safe -
How Does That Even Work -
Italians Pls -
Men Logic -
Some Assembly Required -
Watching porn without headphones -
Photobomb face swap - Mustache Man -
Looks legit -
I hate my 6 year old self -
Nice advertising -
I woke up in the middle of the night thinking this -
Computer Room at the School -
Bat cave -
Stay Relevant, Trump -
Abraham -
I Dare You -
Some wise instruction -
If Apple made cars -
Cause I Can -
My Question is -
Always Happens to Me -
Angry hamster -
Time for a Change, Bro -
Ninjas Do It With Stealth -
Just happened to me -
I will take control -
Those Wheelcaps -
Love Hurts -
Today's Special -
Happy cat is happy -
Invisible basketballs -
Saw this while I was driving -
Captured at the right time -
Every Time I Stand Up Too Quickly -
The Original Homophobic Seal -
We will see if its true one day -
It's a Vicious Cycle -
Facebook = Jail -
I love men in uniform -
Prehistoric man like -
This Isn't My Newspaper -
Maybe I did -
Sharing is against the law -
Why fly -
Scumbag Lips -
Horrible Combination -
I don't always clear my calculator -
Who's trolling who -
Nice try -
Poker Face -
But why! -
Programmers problem -
May be this is a new fashion -
A sign outside a local bar -
It looks like fun -
And No One Needs One of Those -
Cat Not Included - What a Rip-Off -
Pirates knocked up Shrek -
Breaking Dawn -
Happens all the time -
Playing pool with friends - Thanks Mario for uploading
Flip 4 Me -
Tulip farms in the Netherlands -
I Got This Covered -
F this shit, it's Friday -
This is Me -
School project -
Fancy and Fresh -
Explanation Required -
Confession Bear and Cat -
Every Black Friday Ever -
So I was Job Hunting The Other Day -
Walking in the pool -
All The Men And Women Love 'Em -
Oooops -
Someone said this to me recently -
You should think about that.. -
Scumbag Car Radio -
You shall not pass - Family guy edition -
Don't You Dare Clog That Thing -
In the Event of a Fire, Please Panic and Burn -
Decorating Beirut -
I Would Never Buy My Own Food, Slave -
This Line Takes Forever -
I'm Gonna Go Build My Own Cell Phone -
My dog always do the same -
Yo Rufus, You're Now Rufus6178 -
Get Some New Material, Bro -
It is like Siberia -
Office Annoyance -
Too much swag -
Can't Tell if Trolling or Inspiring -
Oh Death, You so Silly -
You Know That'll be Part of the Investigation -
Study Penguins, They Said -
That's SIR Patrick Ball Pit to You -
Licking the Bowl Is the Best Part -
Uneasy Disposal -
Online, No One Knows You're a Huge Loser -
Dali Decorations -
Windows Evolution -
Frosty the Loneman -
Photobomb face swap – Creeper -
Xmass dummies -
Wow, Is That Really It -
Now It's a Real Mystery -
She Was on My Naughty List Though -
Horses Have Morals Too -
I Gave that Cat Smooth Legs -
The End is Nigh -
Feel like einstein -
Ridiculously Miserable Snowman -
Sign Me Up -
She has a moustache -
Convenient Shrubs -
New Coke -
Bzz Bzz Mofo! -
Now More Creepy -
The Only True Romantics are Already Dead -
Done and Done -
Do I Need to Step on the Keyboard -
Tis the Season to be Grumpy -
Jinxed It -
My naive sister -
Germans -
Best picture of the internet -
Let's Not -
Brace Yourselves, Winter is Here -
Just Wi-Fi -
An Hero -
Friendly Neighbors Below -
No One Will Know I Made It All Up! -
I Don't Want You to Live on This Planet Anymore -
You Can't Build Snowmen Out of Sand -
How did she start the car -
We Wish You a Merry Nyanmas -
Paint Skill Level - Asian -
Take Us to Your Leader -
My Wife And I Every Night! -
Currency Art -
Photographer With a Penchant for Punny Posed Pictures -
A Look Inside -
Rest in Pieces -
Life Difficulties -
Lie detector -
Rudolph has fun -
Hmm, What Insult Rhymes With Your Name -
No seriously, where did it go -
Market Strategy -
True friends -
They Fit Perfectly on the Tree Shaped Christmas Tree -
Humble Eyelash -
Trimming Up -
Make Me -
Hand Crafted by Elves, They Said -
Level Up -
Nothing Better. Absolutely Nothing. -
Some Teacher is Having a Bad Monday -
How my mom sees it -
Toilets at my school -
Trolling Level - Advanced -
Gotta Keep My Frown Muscles Strong -
Truth and lies -
The Stupidity Test -
It's Mini -
Jingle Bell Time is a Swell Time to Lock Yourself Away -
The council has spoken -
Oh. Snap. -
Life is not fair -
Yes -
I Don't Even Work for Tips -
It's About Time -
If I Were Neil Armstrong -
Nailed It -
Throw Me at a Warthog Again, I Dare You -
But Can It Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street -
Filthy Hipster Pagans -
Born on Leap Day -
We all know this girl -
The Things They've Put In Me -
This is a cool car -
Not Even Do You Even Drift -
That's Where We Put the Handmade Ornaments -
Mother of Graffiti -
Can't Tell if Trolling or Deja Vu -
Assemble Your Own -
Too weak for this shit -
At Least The Technique Doesn't Fails -
The Rome Statute Will Protect Me -
This Is Why We're Short on Money -
Routine Cleanup -
My signature is always simple! -
An Ideal Christmas Gift -
90s kids, year 2057 -
Movie Theater Derp -
I Went to Make an Omlette This Morning -
Just a Little Skin -
Creeper Date -
Rudolph Plays Only the Deadliest of Reindeer Games -
Am I too paranoid -
Like Father Like Son -
I Wish It Didn't Have to Come to This -
I'll Take All of Your Money If You Even Look at Me Funny -
Noted -
Pissed Off Angel -
Crunch Stealer -
An Ice Bath is the Ultimate Bloodbath -
Complain About the Complainers -
Hopeful Message -
Arithmetic -
I Can't Procrastinate to This -
Just to be Clear -
Totally Unhinged -
Yes Squidward, Play With Us -
Happens Way Too Often -
Rock Decorations -
But I Never Learned My Times Table -
Portalone 2 -
Destroy ALL Traces -
Scumbag Edward -
It Really Does Suck Though -
Ugh so Forced -
Long Snow Cat -
Maybe Really Tiny Horses -
Facebook Prison -
How To Scare The Crap Out Of Your Neighbors -
I Would So Watch This -
It Was Only a Matter of Time -
When Steam Sales Go Wrong -
He Has a Serious Case of D-Cap -
Hunting Watermelons Is Tough -
Just in case -
Music Stars, Now & Then -
Some Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored -
Let Me Check -
Bathroom Graffiti -
The Complex Life of a student -
Street Art -
Tacos, Like Twinkies, Never Expire -
Cold and Slippery Creatures -
Watevr Ur Not My Mom -
Temporary Success -
Wait a Second -
Oh, and It's MY Fault I Failed All My Finals -
Then Again, I Can't Take Them With Me -
Female Fantasy III -
What Your Hot Sauce Says About You -
How's your day sweet bot -
What Do You Even Need the Gloves For -
Stop Trying to Make Myspace Happen -
Eminem's daughter HILARIOUS tweets to Taylor Swift -
Always Wrap It Before You Stuff It -
Romney Looks Mad... -
The Clouds Have Eyes -
Every epicsnaps post -
Environmentally Conscious Bachelor Frog -
Rebels Without a Clue -
Watch Your Delicate Toesies -
How I imagine the 5 second rule -
Self Control Expert -
Dem Priorities -
I Have to See Your Picture With Your Comments -
Please Don't be a Repost -
At Least There Were Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti -
Casual Exit -
Less Than a Month to Go -
Where is mom -
I Told You It Was Magic Juice -
My Favorite Coloring Book -
Now the World Knows -
One Small Step in Snow -
Now With Extra Kick -
Zoidbergsta -
His career began to pick up speed -
Santa Doesn't Bring More Presents to Suck-ups -
I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. -
That Moment -
Swing and a Miss -
I'm the Sweetest -
A Thoroughbred Indeed -
I Can Buy Actual Food Today -
Cut It Out -
Fabulously Frightening -
I'm Riding Dirty Alright -
Fun Activity -
You Still Gave it Two Stars -
Boromir Was Right -
It's not over yet - Tetris wants me to lose.
Damn Girl! -
Monogamy -
Why? -
Which one turns me into a superhero? -
Vote With Your Gum -
Seems legit -
Vegetable Soup for Vegetarians -
Now I know she really missed our dog -
It Doesn't Get Me Into the Spirit -
I invited a girl I like to study with me for the finals -
Good guy -
Story telling -
At Least I Can Buy Whatever Games I Want as an Adult -
Frosty the FUUUUman -
Banana Art -
Did it again -
Halloween Decorations -
Baggage Claim -
LEGO battle plan -
That's Why the Dog Jumps! -
Monday -
Good Guy Volkswagen -
She's my girlfriend -
Bullshit -
Maybe You Should Pay Attention More -
How You Gonna Make Me Clean Up Now -
New tattoo before leg amputation -
I Like Those Chances -
Hairstyle -
Bitches -
Hell no -
Ponies, Always Ponies -
Crushing Power -
Best soccer players typical shots -
I Know Calculus -
Share on Facebook -
Meme cat -
Zombies -
iCried -
Everytime -
I'm Catching a Cold Here -
Warm Feet -
Took Me Years To Figure This Out -
Seems legit -
Justin Bieber got arrested -
Don't Become a Statistic -
No Exceptions! -
Well played -
Romantic fail -
Final battles -
Santa doesn’t exist -
And When Will I Become a Rock Star -
you cannot be in a relationship -
The awkward moment... -
Bean 'Vs' Bieb -
Panic dog -
Mind reader -
Let Me Melt -
Busted -
Ghost rider -
Future of selfshots -
So Many Questions -
Take the horse they said... -
Caution -
Bathroom Response -
Selfshot -
My Idol -
Physics WIN -
Gay -
Always -
Bathroom Graffiti -
9 days a week -
How to get a Wife -
Grumpybot is Grumpy -
Rebecca Black on apocalypse -
Bachelor Pad -
Magic Trick -
Stress Reliever -
I'm cheetah -
Beating the Cold -
Update or GTFO -
Driftwood -
All Is Fair in Love and Impossible Games -
Snow Bunny -
Close enought -
Still better -
Snow-Dog -
It's complicated -
Being food -
Homework -
Balancing WIN -
I Know I Was -
Justin Bieber motivates for fundraising -
All Good Guesses -
Hobbit Home -
Apple -
How I feel vs Reality -
Best Present Ever -
How I met your mother -
And They Call Us Heifers -
No -
Status fail -
Minecraft Torch -
Google vs Microsoft -
AT-AT Cloud -
Cars WIN -
Bieber again -
Futurama Cakes -
The Santa does not exist -
Game over -
A Gamer's Hand -
Obama and Barney -
Throne WIN -
The Chair of Shame -
I Imagine They'd be Quite Sour if They Found Out -
Cats then and now -
Do you understand? -
Lost Monkey Art -
Helping with Like -
Me doing the laundry -
Ahem, A Little Privacy Please -
I Bet He's a Dublé Bublé Guy -
YouTube Racist -
She Really Doesn't -
There is hope for everyone -
Tell It Again, Sweetie -
Facebook -
At Least He Warned Them -
If only people knew -
All You'll Ever Need -
Foot Art -
Mutant Berry -
Lilliputian -
iOnly Read on the Toilet -
Being a bitch -
Mystery Solved -
Screaming Good Sushi -
Car -
Snow Sculpture -
Colorful, They Said -
After Eight -
That Would Be Uncomfortable For Both of You -
Facebook money -
Waiter, There Were Too Many Flies in My Soup -
Why -
Speak English -
News Feed -
Dead -
Typing -
Blending In -
Sled-Thru -
Forever alone -
Ice Ice Baby -
Hey Hitler -
Nap -
Offensive -
He Literally Follows You Everywhere -
They Legitimately Expected Me to Study -
Conversation -
What the hell -
I Have to Tell You We Talk Less Than the Other Guys -
Close enough -
Dangerously Close -
I Just Want Something to Complain About -
I lied -
Justin again -
I Believed In You, Apocalypse! -
Does That Make His Manager Sallie Mae -
Stating the Obvious -
Bench Design -
Thug -
How to be black -
Class in The Trunk -
Soviet Russia -
That's More Like It -
That's Gonna Be One Uncomfortable Flight -
Never used -
Door Repair -
One Teacher -
Get Rich or Die Without Vanity Plates -
Wind-Up Car -
F it -
But I Thought Everyone Was Born on January First -
Special eat -
Car radio -
They Tasted Awful -
Lookalike -
You Mean Until Your Child's Birthday -
Grass cutter -
It Wasn't -
The Chemistree -
Tortoise -
Let's Hope It's a Good One -
Steal a car -
He's Casual About It -
Options -
It's a Couple of Dates -
Look at All My Holiday Spirit -
What Do You Seek -
Tragedy -
Fiber Optic Bed -
Toilet paper -
The Rest of This is Garbage -
Facebook status -
Designer -
The_Fatty_Theme -
That's Five Marx for you -
Towel -
I Guess This Makes it Easier to Return to the Store -
Single Player Champ -
Great idea -
Shattering your Heart -
Father -
Thanks for That, Facebook -
Overly Smothered Girlfriend -
Samsung -
Justice Has Been Served -
We All Know -
Swimming -
Wall Decals -
Fat kid -
Genius -
Tardar, Shmarder -
Strong tree -
Glad to See You Survived the Lawnmower Incident -
They Took Our Jobs -
Start windows -
Exam -
Trolling the Painter -
Camera -
And It's Cold Too -
Haircut -
No -
President Lookalike -
Willing to Risk It -
I Can't Believe You're That Cool -
Everyone -
I told you I was sick -
I'm sick of being a veggie -
Your country -
Can't Tell if Secret Society or Just Strange Dudes -
The Revenge of Moth -
Did You Even Go To School -
Eating coffe -
Time for Your Shot! -
It begins -
Damn -
Ugly girls -
Friends -
Keep Your Paws Off Our Academy Awards, You Damn Dirty Apes -
The Fluffiest Affirmation of Your Manliness -
Piano -
Give My Video a Try -
Street Mural -
Somewhere -
So high -
Photos -
You Sit on a Throne of Lies -
Got You for Eighteen Years -
Fridge Delivery -
Yearbook Quoting Like a Boos -
During haircut -
Physics -
Isn't that true -
Merry Portatree -
Poor Harry -
Popcorn -
Just Come to My Party, You Jerk -
Parents -
Did I Win -
Lied -
Land of the Free, Home of the Least Fashionable -
Troll face -
Let's be Honest, You're Not Going to Eat Them -
Why not Airsoft -
You Kids and Your Regular Show -
Understand -
Just Nokia -
Oh Really -
Wow -
Might Not Want to Use That One -
There Were LETTERS -
New Year -
Double-Take Double Car -
Leg opener -
Earth -
Reading Nook -
Who Wore It Better -
Siblings, Eh -
Seat -
Can't Believe It -
Christmas is a Big Priority in Our Family -
Hollow Chair -
Tree House Getaway -
Love story -
Getting Served -
Everyone got off -
That Moment -
Memes girlfriends -
So THAT's What Happened -
Idiots -
The Most Overladen Student in the World -
Suspended Christmas Tree -
Soccer -
Yeah sure -
Happy Birthday, Loser -
There Has Never Been a Better Day, end, world, jersey shore -
Just Cat -
Well Played Huffington Post -
Do the Math -
Is That a Facebook Share -
Butter -
Take Your Kids to Work Day Is the Worst -
Logic -
Camper -
Trap music - The drop turns everyone into professionals... for maybe 15 seconds.
Scrabble -
Where was your auto correct? -
Scratching eye -
Magic Static -
Study!! -
Bad luck penguin - This poor penguin has bad luck!
Come In -
Biggest Gay Picture Ever Seen -
Social life -
Forever alone on Valentine's Day -
Walking -
Hogwarts Letters -
Scary girl -
10 Reasons why you should grow a Giant Beard -
Month -
Men Are Like Coke. -
I finally figured out why -
So cold -
Owners love sticks -
Large printer -
That TERRIBLE moment -
Didn’t have Internet on my phone for a few hours -
Safety -
It’s just right…. -
They didn’t pick on me for a while… -
Kids today -
Game logic -
Hey, I Just Met You -
I hate winter -
Nudist beach -
P0rn Logic -
I was at the hospital -
Scumbag -
Tips for success with women -
Did You Ever Wear Jeans Like This -
Funny now -
Inspirational Quote -
Spaghetti -
Well that escalated quickly! -
Gamer Moods -
Can your Mac do this -
The sad lonely truth. -
Think I might need to have some words with my brother… -
Good guy Vikings -
Evil Kid -
Works All the Time -
Hush , this is called buffering -
Whenever I can’t fall asleep -
I had no idea how to respond…. -
That Scary Moment When… -
How’d you do on your final -
Every time I see a 10 year old with Makeup -
Rubik’s cube rage -
It’s true right -
Camera Phones FTW -
It’s Just Not the Same.. -
Fifa players will know -
I certainly did not. -
If you never jumped -
Who wants to play Hide and Seek -
WTF Fun Fact -
PhotoBombed by Jesus -
Best Cup Ever -
The Weather is pretty good in Mexico -
Few really know what you really are -
Think I might need to have some words with my brother… -
Sometimes you need an UNSEE button -
Lord of the Rings Chess Set -
Not Green for our Earth, But our Universe -
Putin and Mafia Wars -
Yeah….. IE -
Duckface Shooter -
Take One -
Evolution at School -
I’m sorry bro , I had to do it … -
Nailed It -
Worst Gynecologist Ever! -
What if I got a boy friend -
This happened to my friend -
Imma Let You Finish -
le me turning on PC -
Newton’s Third Law of Emotion -
I was gonna break up with her anyway -
So Annoying Indeed -
Common unsolved mystery. -
Fanta -
And they say we are the bad guys -
Thanks Google! -
And I was so damn hungry! -
Don't Worry, I Got Him to Bed On Time -
Best Song Ever -
It's Coming From Inside the Printer -
Why my little brother got an F on his exams -
Every single time -
It's Not the Printer. It's You -
He chose right -
Thanks a Lot, Grumpy Cat -
Waiting for a miracle that is never going to happen -
Me gusta flashlight -
Honest Fortune Cookie -
Street football rules -
My father was a beast -
The Secret Ingredient Is Hypocrisy -
Every damn time after watching a scary move alone at night -
This One Specifically -
How it feels when my foot is asleep -
The God of All Hard Games -
I've Never Seen so Much Snow -
Advertised vs. Reality -
Balotelli rape -
If Only There Was a Fire To Warm Your Frozen Loins -
That post gave me a cancer -
I am going to school -
Good Guy VHS -
If a 747 can carry a space shuttle … -
Panda Librarian -
No Russian -
Politeness has become so rare -
A Roach in Japan -
How I feel driving automatic -
The Sign Bandit Strikes Again -
Dear Diary -
Playing football with friends -
Obviously That's Exactly What I Meant -
Not sure if I love sleeping or …. -
True Story -
Insanity Ape -
Fixed My Bosses Zen Garden -
I spent a day on it…. -
Story of my life -
How Dare You -
You came to the wrong neighborhood -
Run Dude!!! -
Rebel -
Good Guy Pitbull -
Do Not Pass Go -
Checking for solutions -
Now versus then -
I Can Bring Knitting Needles -
Sudden Realization -
The Rabbit Hole -
What Are Shin Pads Made From -
Barbeque rage -
Cleverbot Is so Smart -
When I am flirting -
Have you ever thought... -
Her New Boyfriend Is Uglier -
I hate winter -
P0rn Logic -
Yes, But You Go to Canadian Heaven -
Don't Fail Me Now -
Which underwear? -
TVs -
I'll Just Drive Around the Block a Few times -
This will hurt -
Best Day of My Life -
Timmy Didn't Really Need That Toy -
Men followed by goose -
Well, You Can't Say They're wrong -
Everyone Must Suffer -
Doesn't Matter, Still Comfy -
Hard drive problems -
iBroke -
Four Brontosaurus Burgers Please -
This Show's Pacing is Terrible -
Feed Me Your Passengers -
So Underground -
Are You Even Listening to Yourself -
Classic Keyboard Troll -
At Least She's Not Quoting Kim -
I Still Don't See It -
Mind Your Own Business -
Now and past -
Is That What Stephenie Meyer Thinks a Werewolf Should Look Like -
You Mean That Wasn't Vegemite -
Because I'm black -
My Life Is a Lie -
Clock damaged by fire -
Watch Your Step -
Photo with cute llama -
Anti-Social Homebody Problems -
You Know, You Should Really Learn to Use the Meme First -
Volunteer -
So That’s Why the Wildebeests Didn’t Get Out of the Way -
Shh, It's Almost Over -
Anything is Possible When You Believe in Yourself -
You Snobby Pony Girls Got Nothing on My Heifer -
No Pls, Stahp. The Dumb... It Burns... -
Good old man -
Perfect Portraiture -
Problem solved -
It's Just That Powerful -
Tell an Adult, Bro -
More than thousands -
Jump over... -
My lovely goat -
The Truth -
Birds with arms -
Diet plan -
Camping -
Like a Snowsir -
Baseball Cap Nowhere to Find -
Wait Until You See My Swords -
Be Careful What You Wish For -
Don't lost your pen... EVER! -
He's Only the Champion of Cheating -
This is Discrimination -
We're done! -
That's Awful Nice of You -
Farting at work -
I've Soiled My Armor -
Meanwhile, in Canada -
Call of Doody -
So You're Jealous -
Hurry, Before You Get Fined -
No Escape -
Tastes Funny -
Come on Guys, You Should Have Learned This Last Year -
Blind date -
Never -
Pinanas -
He's Family to Me -
CollegeHumor Troll -
Ain't Nobody Gonna be Able to Finish That Masterpiece -
Nice dad -
Grumpy Kisses, Words that Burn Me -
Note From Teacher -
Surprise Rainbow -
The Gift of Embarrassment -
Smurf Job -
Every time at street -
Letters, Y U No Words -
I Feel Like Someone's Watching Me -
Don't Touch -
I'm Thinking Something More Badass -
Jimmy McMillan Cares Not for Your Bieber Fever -
Really Cold Too -
So Shiny -
Dentist -
Just Chuck It in the Machine, Basically -
Don't Move -
I Won't Call You Back, Maybe -
I Say Let Them Do It -
With Completion Comes Cake -
Exams Suck -
Honey, Make Room for the Dog on Your Side -
Mrs. screwdriver -
Especially on Days That End in Y -
How to Make Money From Facebook -
Father's advice -
Babies, Babies Everywhere -
Like You Were Going to Read Any of Them Anyway -
I'll Try Again in a Month or So -
At a Huge Disadvantage -
A Brilliant Idea -
TGIS - Thank God It's Science -
Sharpens It First -
Get It Done! -
Am I Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution -
Some diffenrence -
Parental control level 5000000 -
Daddy-Daughter Date -
iDon't -
What A Find -
I Could Have Watched a Movie -
Our childhood -
Magical birthday -
Jump! -
Super Secret Box Part -
Grandparental Assistance -
Does Nana Have a Last Name -
We Have to Stick Together -
A Cause We Can Believe In -
Maybe If There Is an Agent 48 -
T-Rex Didn't Even Have These Ears -
Whisk generation -
Fish Bait -
Goodbye Radio -
What do I wear? -
You Can Do It, Whitney! -
General Consensus -
Terrible Invention or Scumbag-Friend Detector -
Father of the Year -
Don't Make Me Ask You Again -
He understand it -
Please Stop -
Quality Over Quantity, Except With Beer -
Wise Beyond His Years -
How's it Feel to Be Screwed by Something So Small -
Dem Eyebrows -
The First Family is Just Like Us -
Cats love it! -
That's Just Good Customer Service -
I Would Download a Real One if I Could -
But Will I -
I Don't Think That's Rain -
Not Bad -
Eating for Three -
That wasn't nice -
Smile please -
Financial Advice Dog is Just Looking Out for You -
Mystery Solved -
Castle occupation -
Shine bright -
Put Me Out Of My Misery -
Too True -
I have been Chosen -
Dat Popcorn -
Arrested during haircut -
Hey China, can I borrow some gas money? -
It happens sometimes -
No Real Life Applications, You Said -
Beach - True or what?
Square dish -
Gets girl pregnant -
Too Damn Many Monkeys, Too -
Zelda Elbow -
Land of the Focus, Home of the Vain -
Go Ahead Girl! -
The Most Legit Lifter in the World -
That’s how you sell -
You Wont Do It -
Hi derp, did you want to talk with me -
I Guess Someone's Not Passing -
I couldn’t agree more! -
Forever alone -
This Crib Isn't Big Enough for the Both of Us -
Cop FAIL -
Better Hope Nobody Likes the Thing You Hate -
shut up you impatient skanks! -
Sometimes my laziness gets the best of me -
You Have Your Mission -
Teenage Vs Adulthood -
The future! -
Bright Idea -
Mand-aid. -
I'm Actually Drunk -
Horrifying gamble… -
Give Me A Glass Of Beer -
Maybe in April -
Awesome Bra Prank -
Bob, You’re Doing It Right! -
Chronic Blocks -
The Best a Man can get -
My friends name is Jay -
We stick together -
How Not To Greet An Police Officer -
Scumbag Printer -
Sometimes I get desperate. -
I Heard You Like Pool -
Just look at that smile. -
2 Girls 1 Cup -
They are twins -
I love science -
Every damn night! -
Content in women’s magazines -
Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’d ride that -
Cooking rage -
This is pretty brutal -
Even with no hands -
TAG! -
My Desktop -
Reading old status on facebook. -
Seems Legit -
Making A Difference. -
Campaign Slogan FAIL -
In my defense he DID look pregnant -
The kid watches too much Harry Potter -
Mad with your wife -
The ultimate not-sure-if-gusta. -
Real Fact -
Every Time I See a Tape Measure -
That’s my son -
My confession.. -
A sad dog -
Jeans -
Dear porn sites -
The joy of having a comb. -
And that’s how women see it -
It tastes yummy -
Friendzoned before it was cool -
What Women do in Shower -
Strangely satisfying -
Monster Win -
Literally freaked the fk out of me… -
Most AWESOME Angry Birds Cake Ever! -
Besties Forever -
So romantic -
I have an idea… -
I’m sorry, your argument is invalid. -
Only in America -
Oh Sh!t -
Cold as balls -
Villain’s accuracy against the hero in a movie -
I was mad when I broke it but after I found it quite ironic. -
Friends are like… -
Dirty mind -
You’d better not park across the path -
Wow a meteor -
Dude, saw your mom at the grocery store -
My wife was so sick… -
So glad that this fashion magazines celebrate ALL body types -
Caution -
I would like to apologize to anyone I have not offended… -
Rule of Maths -
Turn off the lights -
Interest at its finest… -
I had a wet dream -
Things To Do Before You Die -
Why Mommy -
Fly on the wall -
OMG! -
Parts Of A Car -
Pain was not consistent for me as a child -
Happens all the time -
Relationships -
Sticker Fail -
Oh God Why -
Pokemon and Digimon -
I always try to count the shots while I’m watching -
According to music…. -
I’ve had enough of your sarcasm, piglet. -
Mother of Awkwardness -
You know you are fat when… -
Ever thought about that -
New car door -
I hate it when… -
The Thinker! -
Parents call it “Talking Back” -
Adam Sandler gets it right -
I guess I can relate -
salt on snails. -
Forever awkward -
OMG a friend! -
I had never thought of their relationship like this -
Deal with it -
Mirror lake -
I have no life -
3 am phone call… -
Someone get a grammar zombie on this… -
Best baby outfit ever! -
Epic Win -
Unless you are in prison -
Jenn is gonna be an uncle! -
Scumbag Advertisement -
True Gamers will never die! -
Being sick sucks -
Transportation FAIL -
Only in Russia -
New Laptop VS Old Laptop -
You add me and ask me who I am -
Hush, this is called buffering -
Don’t you just hate it when you open a fridge -
Sounds about right -
Childhood fear -
Coat rage -
Forever alone -
No longer in contact -
There’s always one in family -
I had no idea…. -
Yawning Rage -
When the teacher cancels the test -
Cake, Please -
You never know what you have -
Was not expecting that flavor… -
Badass Derpway employee -
And this is how I lost my keys… -
How to make a ‘Good Sandwich’ -
Why grandma’s knit -
Hitting puberty at 13 -
Cock-block Level Harry Potter -
Texting Paranoia. -
Clipping the claws -
Facebook Notifcation -
Can I be a cat -
I regret nothing… -
When ever I tell someone I’m from Holland -
Best Breakup Ever! -
This always bothered me in The Dark Knight… -
Where’s my cupcake -
Mum, I am going out tonight. -
Easy, right -
Women before marriage and after marriage -
The 3 stages of life. -
Power outage reaction -
True story so much -
When WiFi does not work -
Chill chill, he ain’t worth it. -
I am smooth with girls -
Free water. -
Mother of Cake! -
Who’s the most hated man ever -
I just love it! -
Blondes Will Rule The World! -
He thinks he’s so clever… -
How did I never notice this before -
Magical Toilet Paper -
Why I love Southpark -
Women will know -
Earth.. -
Yogi Bear FAIL -
Dad, we had a surprise test today -
The Weather is pretty good in Mexico -